A satisfied smile spread across her lips, her dark lashes still rested on her checks. He picked her up and her shaky arms held on around his neck. He carried her up the wide winding stairs and laid her on his bed. He took a step back and gazed down at her as she adjusted to the new surroundings. Her eyes peaked open to look around the room then landed on him and she smiled and closed them again.

She turned to face his direction and extended her arms out toward him. “Come to me.” Her voice was cracked and raspy. It made him smile recalling the noises she made.

He crawled on the bed, rested between her legs and used his arms to keep his upper body propped up over her. He pulled the covers over them, then leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. A shiver vibrated up his spine when he felt her fingers playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck. It was his turn to moan.

She giggled. “Do you like that?”

“Mhm.” He wanted to purr. It was a strange thing to want, but he did.

He opened his eyes when she huffed.

“What is it?”

“It’s not fair.”

He frowned bringing his attention to her face. “What’s not fair?”

“That I’m naked and you’re still fully clothed damned near.”

He smiled and closed his eyes enjoying the tingling sensation from her dainty digits playing at the base of his skull. “I like you this way.” He found a supple breast and sucked the nipple in his mouth.

She squealed and giggled.

“Why this?”

She sobered up quickly finding his eyes. “Why what?”

“Escorting? Is it the money? I mean you’re a professor so you have a career.”

“Are you trying to get inside my head?”

He nodded. “I stay in mine too much. I think it’s time for a change.” He kissed her. “Tell me. Is it for the money? Or do you just like taunting us mortals with your ethereal beauty.”

She laughed. “It’s not as complicated as that, or self-righteous.”

He smiled. “Then what?” He grazed a thumb across her jaw and she closed her eyes.

“Do you seriously want to hear me talk while I’m lying naked in your bed?” She wrapped her legs around his waist making him think twice about her question.

He placed a quick kiss on her lips, pulled away and stared at her mouth. Her lip’s outline was defined making her mouth pronounced. It wasn’t makeup. He’d long kissed that off. He rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip.

So soft.

He kissed her again, that time he took his time massaging her mouth, inhaling the moan she releasing into him fueling him, driving him to angle his face and take in more of her. She pushed his shirt over his shoulders. He didn’t even feel her undo the remaining buttons. She pulled the undershirt over his head and her fingers explored his chest while her tongue lavished his mouth with playful laps.

He pulled away allowing their unsteady breaths to fill a small gap of silence. “Yes, I seriously want to hear you talk.”

She smirked the twinkle in her eyes recognizing his torturous little game. He loved seeing her want him, distraught with desire. It wasn’t something a guy like him got to see too often. It was thrilling.

“You’re a tease.” She cooed.

“I don’t have any clue what you’re talking about.” He suckled her nipple eliciting a moan from her. “I’m listening.” He added.

She cleared her throat. “It started off for money. I was in college, met some girls that escorted and had s-sugar daddies,” she moaned the words before continuing. “That helped them pay for school.”

He pushed her breasts together and examined her dark areolas. “And.” He glanced up at her from under his lashes.  

She sighed with a frustrated frown. “Now, I do it because it’s a break from my real life. Grading papers, lecturing in dusty old lecture halls.”

“An escape.”

She shrugged. “In a way, I suppose.”

“A chance to be who you want to be? To get what you want?”

“Mmm,” she thought. “Honestly, not usually. It’s usually about being what someone else wants you to be.” The other two men I was with wanted me to submit, wanted to take care of me, wanted to always be in control of the situation, of our play, of me.”

He held her eyes his attention no longer on her body. At the mention of the others, he was at full attention. He knew the twinge of jealousy was stupid. He’d been with other girls before as well, but there was something about these others that got to him. “What do you want?”

She smirked and cocked her head to the side. “They want to control and all I really want is,” she pushed him off her and onto his back  where she straddled him. “To take care of you.” She raked her fingers over his chest then pressed her palms solidly there before guiding her hands over his torso. “To touch you.” She grazed the tips of her fingers from his lower abdomen up his abs, to his chest, and neck then back down. He shivered at the sensation. “To kiss you.” She leaned down and kisses his lips first, then his jaw, neck, down his chest, and abs while he deft little hands make quick history of his belted and buttoned dress pants and boxer briefs. She pulled them over his hips kissing  his lower abs, thighs basically anywhere but where he wanted her lips.

She ran her finger from his knees up his thighs then back down again. He flexed his hips. His cock strained against his skin wanting her touch, wanting those beautiful lips to--

He moaned when she licked the tip gently. He relaxed for the first time it felt like all evening. He looked down at her. Damn she was the most beautiful woman he’d seen in a long while and she was naked in his bed, touching him.

She grabbed him bringing his mind back to their current now. “To taste him at my will at my own command, for my own satiation.” He grimaced when she consumed the head of his cock. He gasped and let his head fall back. The sight of her tongue tickling his tip turned him on even more. He wasn’t sure how, but he became even harder as her mouth wrapped around him.

Her hand moved up and down his length twisting along the way as her mouth worked him. She slapped the head on her tongue with a sinister smirk that made his blood heat. He wanted her. Wanted to slide into her wet pussy. He wanted to taste her again. He opened his eyes watched her stroke, suck, lick up from his balls up to his tip. She was having fun playing with him. He noticed her other hand had disappeared somewhere between her legs.

Did his enjoyment bring her pleasure? That thought alone brought that familiar tickle to the back of his head.

He grabbed her and pulled her up to straddle him again. He licked her nipples and squeezed her buttocks as she started to gently grind against him.

He reached between her legs and moaned as he found her slick moisture.

“Oh shit. You’re ready for me,” he said, and she groaned with desire. She gnawed on her lower lip and grabbed a breast while she slid along his cock leaving a trail of liquid in her wake.

He started to gently rub at her swollen clitoris and to tease around her vagina with his fingers.

She whined and began grinding against his hand, grabbing for his dick again.

She braced herself on his chest and leaned down to kiss him with deep, almost desperate passion and urgency.

“David, please.”

There was no need for her to even say that. He reached to the night side table and retrieved a condom. He was beyond ready to finally claim her.



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