Playing First Eating Second-9(UNEDITED DRAFT)



Vivica sighed when he slid inside her. She leaned back against him when his hand slipped around her body and cupped her breast. She gasped as her body adjusted to his intrusive member. She could feel herself close tight around him as he continued to impale her. Even as her groggy mind tried to make sense of anything besides the delightful feel of him in her.

He flexed his hips grinding into her filling her with a rush of tingling little lightening bugs inside her body.

He pulled her leg over his to get a deeper angle. She reached around them and grabbed his ass wanting him deeper, closer. She wasn’t sure exactly how that desire could be met but she didn’t really care about sense and practicality.

Her mouth fell open when he hit the perfect rhythm to his thrusts and his hand migrated to the yearning between her legs. She gripped the sheets because there was nothing else for her to do but grip and whine. Pant, plead and whine some more. A zing of pleasure sizzled up her spine and wrapped her mind in a bursting haze of stardust.

She was out there, floating. Resting in the darkness but floating there too. Up, high in a spinning, dazzling void. Eventually she could feel her body again, tingling. She felt him grazing his fingers up and down her hip and thigh. She could feel heat seeping from his body to hers. Hear his light breathing.

“What you doing?” She turned to look at him. Most of his face was in shadow some of it the moon was casting a hazy blue glow on.

“Just thinking.”

“About what?” He took a deep breath his eyes examining her face before he brushed a few wild strands behind her ear.


she frowned. “What about me?”

He stroked his thumb over her furrowed brows and the corner of his mouth lifted for a moment before his eyebrows quirked. “Just wanted--” He cleared his throat. “Just wondering why this? You’re a beautiful, educated woman. Why aren’t you married with babies?”

“Could ask you the same thing.” She giggled and faced away from him again wiggling closer to him. There was a long bout of silence. “That was my dream a long time ago.” She turned around to face him letting the silence settle there between them for a long moment. She smoothed out is furrowed brows. “You feel a lot don’t you? You know what people feel and think and want before they do.”

He looked away from her his face cast in the moon’s shadow. “It’s why I’m successful.”

“And alone?”

He shrugged. “You saw tonight. I’m not the most sociable. I just run out of things to say.”

She wrapped her top leg over his and pulled herself closer to him. Her fingers explored his chest, shoulders, neck. “You seem to hold your own when you’re talking about something that interests you.”

“When I’m talking to you, I don’t know, stuff to say just comes.”

She held his cheek and he leaned into her palm. She brushed over his bottom lip with her thumb. “Why am I not married with babies? Well, I haven’t found someone that I wanted to take that leap with and who wanted to take it with me. Until them, I’m living my life, seeing the world, and teaching.”

He nodded his fingers getting lost in her hair. She couldn’t see his face but she thought his eyes were closed.

She cupped his face and stroked his jaw.

She smirked gazing on his masculine beauty. “Kiss me, David.”


“Would you like a drink?” She asked.

David finished rubbing the morning out his eye and plopped on a stool at the bar overlooking the kitchen. “Coffee would be nice, please.”

She slid to the counter next to the stove, grabbed the kettle and poured the black life essence into a mug.

She pulled out a container which had tea, fruit teas, coffee and sugar in it.

“Sugar?” She sang.

“No, thank you.” He said uncertain how she was so bright and chipper.

She put the mug in front of him and he scooped it up and started sipping. He closed his eyes and the liquid burned down the walls of his throat and settled in his stomach. She scraped scrambled eggs onto two plates, added toast and put one in front of him with a fork the other at a spot next to him.

“I almost made bacon, but I didn’t want to wake you up.” She smirked as she made her way over to his side of the island counter and perched on the stool. He kept his eyes on her as his insides did as they pleased for an extended period of time.

They ate in silence the entire time his mind was rattling with the events that took place over the past twelve hours. He wasn’t sure given how things started out how they were meant to end, so he ate his delicious eggs in silence.


He started out of his thoughts and found her pretty brown eyes. “Uh yeah, but--” before he could get the words out she’d taken his plate and was at the sink rinsing and staking them in the dishwasher. “I would have got that.”

She shrugged, facing him and she dried her hands on the kitchen rag. “No worries.” She grabbed her cup off the island and held her hand out to him. “Let’s sit in the sun room.”

His insides lifted. She wanted to spend more time with him? He wasn’t expecting that. He slid out of the bar stool, grabbed his mug and her hand then let her lead him through his house. How was she so familiar with the space? How long had she been up?

“Watched the sunrise this morning.” She wandered over to the window while he lounged on the sofa. “This view is incredible! How the sun slips up over the mountains and just shines right into this room: little piece of heaven.”

He smiled watching her move her weight to one leg and she gazed out over the landscape. He admired her silhouette a shadow beneath his silken dress shirt. He swallowed recalling their time the previous night.

She turned to face, her coffee cup pressed to her smirking lips. She took a sip then placed her glass on the table in front of the couch before sauntering over to him. She nudged his knees apart and took a stance between them. His entire being was cued into her, watching, waiting to see what she would do next.

She grabbed his drink and set it on the side table adjacent.

He reached out and touched her waist, and she lifted her right foot so that it was beside him on the sofa. His blood heated to boiling in an instant. He leaned forward still looking up at her. He eyes were low, lips slightly parted. Was she thinking about their time last night? He slid his hands up under the shirt and gasped at the feel of her smooth bare skin tingling the tips of his fingers.

He let his gaze fall and he leaned his forehead against her stomach. She tangled her fingers through his hair and down his neck.

“Vivica?” He looked up at her again.


He swallowed trying to maintain his thoughts but uncertain what he was thinking about, then the thought would return.

“What is it David?”

Her soothing voice brought him back to his question. “I-I--” He stammered.

She pulled away a little bit so their eyes met again. Her eyebrows her pulled together in an empathetic expression. She stroked his jaw and his eyes closed from the sensation. “What?” She whispered pushing him to lean back on the couch. She brought her other leg on the other side of him and rested on his lap.

“Uh.” His brain had momentarily short circuited. All he could think about was her warm on his cock that missed the feel of her around it. “Um, I--uh--” He closed his eyes to formulate thought and thoughts into words. “See you. I want to see you again. I mean, uh-- I-it doesn’t have to be anything sexu--” he gasped when she leaned down and gently pressed their lips against each other. Their mouths partially opened so that their tongues could touch.

They playfully twisted the tips of their tongues. The crisp sound of their lips detaching filled the silent morning air. “I’d like that.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and adjusted herself on his lap. “In the meantime I would like to do a lot more things that are sexual.”

He smiled when the mischief in her eyes pulled up the corner of her pretty lips.

His hands stroked her back and hers began to unbutton his shirt that she was wearing.

She gently pulled his boxers down to reveal his intention of giving her exactly what she so politely asked for. She lowered her head to tease him with her tongue.

Her cradled her ass in his palms and leaned back to watch push the silken cloth over her shoulders and slid off her perfection and onto the floor.

His breathing deepened and his eyes scanned her body bronzed and toned, soft and firm. He reached out and cupped her breast enjoying the weight of one before exploring the other. She moaned and started grinding her sex over his.

He hadn’t given much thought to what Lex said back at the bar the first night he met Vivica. It never failed him that when he was feeling good about life self doubt whispered in his head. She was too pretty, felt too good. She even was too into him. He knew they weren’t even close to equal in the looks department but she didn’t have any epic flaws that he could--

She cupped his face and forced his eyes to meet his. “You can be in your head later. Right now I’m here and I want you.”




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  • I love the story. It’s refreshing and at the same time as hot as I liked it.

  • I absolutely enjoy this story. I can’t wait to read more of their journey!


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