One of Two Things - 1 (UNEDITED DRAFT)


David swirled the dark liquid around in the glass before bringing it to his lips. Before he took a sip he looked over his shoulder when a crescendo of cheers filtered through the bustling lounge. It was happy hour, and everyone seemed to get the memo accept for him. In truth, his friend dragged him out. He looked to the back of the space again and to the source of all the excitement: Lexington Law, handsome, outgoing, the life of the party.

He faced forward and sipped his drink of choice. Lex was everything David wasn’t which was why he liked the man. If it weren’t for Lex, David would never get out the house. Unless there was some sort of charity event which was a weakness for him especially since it was a charity that invested in him as a young boy.

His mind stopped processing for a short moment when he met sensual caramel-colored eyes across the bar. The pretty woman smiled and looked down at her phone resting on the bar counter top. He frowned taking in more of her appearance. Her hair was like midnight. Part was up in a bun the back was down laying on her back in blue-black curls. A few stray curls were framing her heart-shaped face set in flawless bronzed makeup and a dark plum lip color.

He quickly looked down into his drink when she glanced up at him again. She was gorgeous and gorgeous women didn’t pay attention to him. He was used to being invisible and though Lex thought it was a horrible existence, David didn’t mind it one bit.

He started when a big hand smashed on his back making some of his drink spill out on the counter.

“Dave man what are you doin’? The party’s in the back.” Lex flagged down the bartender. “I’m talking to this pretty lawyer and she’s got a friend.”

At the mention of the fairer sex, he looked up at the woman across the bar drawing his friend’s attention to her as well.

“Oh no man. She’s trouble. A woman sitting at the bar by herself at this hour is one of two things, after your money or waiting for another man.”

He looked at his friend with a raised eyebrow. “I do need a date to the Broadminds Gayla this weekend. Besides, it can’t just be those two things.”

“Five shots of top shelf tequila.” Lex said, to the bartender before clapping David on the back. “I’m afraid so, man.” He perched on the bar stool next to his friend. “Look, I know you’re knew to this game. Congrats on your company hitting one hundred million by the way.”

“Thanks,” Dave felt the heat rushing to his face. He didn’t need the attention it made him uncomfortable.

“You should work that shy card with Stacey’s friend. She’s cute and would look real cute in a cocktail dress.” Lex faced the back of the establishment and presented his famous smirk to the waiting audience.

“Naw. I’m going to finish my drink and go home.” Truth was the woman his friend was referring to wasn’t his type. David might not do a lot of talking, but that meant he was doing a lot of listening and watching and there was a reason why the woman was playing friend.

The man let out a long exhale. “Alright, if you insist.” He clapped David on the shoulder again, took his drinks and walked back to his new expectant comrades.

Dave faced forward and swirled his drink looking into the liquor before taking a sip. He never thought of himself having a type per say, but he noticed he’d been more scrutinizing. More willing to just be alone.

He liked being alone. It was soothing to him. He glanced across the bar and his chest sank when the space the pretty woman was occupying was empty.

That was another issue with him. He didn’t pull the trigger. Not when it came to women. Solving complicated algorithms and processing statistical data on human behavior that was easy. He developed algorithms for social media platforms and improved them of course to maximize the most valuable content.

“Excuse me.”

Dave’s mind started out of work mode and found familiar caramel brown eyes. His insides moved around each other and pooled a sense of longing in his chest. Her soft perfume found his olfactory senses and forced heat to flow through him making him shift uncomfortably in his chair.

“Sorry if I startled you. I couldn’t help but overhear you talking with your friend about needing a date this weekend.” She laid a card on the counter. “I hope you give me a call. For that, or whatever.” She touched his arm briefly before turning and walking away. The simple motion left his arm burning with her warm. Her fragrance stayed in his space kept her solid on his mind. He exhaled and brought his attention back to the drink eyeing the business card she placed on the counter.

His drink splashed when Lex smacked him on the back with a big laugh as he pointed to his new group of friends at the back of the lounge. “Oh my gosh man you should come back. Come on Dave you look like an alcoholic sitting here by yourself--” He broke off when his keen eye found the card on the bar top. He picked it up and examined it. “From your pretty bar-mate I take it.”

David shrugged. “Yeah, so?”

“You do realize that Sapphire Roses  is not a jeweler or florist right?”

He frowned up at his friend. He hadn’t paid much attention to the information on the card except for the woman’s number anyway.

“She’s an escort smart one. At least she’s really high end. I mean really high end.” He picked up the card and flipped it around. It was a thick card, sturdy.

“So what? Maybe an escort is what I need for the Gayla.”

Lex shook his head signaling he wanted another round of drinks to the bartender. “You do realize that escort is just a fancy word for prostitute, right? I mean as long as you know that, you’re an adult, do what you want.” He set the card down in front of his friend and look the drinks. “Like I said man. One of two things.”



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  • Normally we have an Alpha male as the Protagonist in the books I’ve read about CEO’s and so forth. This is refreshing a more conservative man whom is not very good dealing with the opposite sex. I’m intrigued to find out how his character is going to develop once this woman takes part in his life and those that surround him.


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