Green Sleeves-3(UNEDITED DRAFT)




Just like the water droplets that assaulted his window in random intermittent bursts throughout the afternoon. He couldn’t formulate one clear thought so he gave up on work early afternoon and went to keeping himself busy.

He cursed when he dropped a pile of papers on the floor. For some ungodly reason he was back in his office this time pacing. A few moments before he dispatched his driver to pick Vivica up and bring her to his place.

He abandoned the pile of papers on the floor and ventured to the shower. He had tons of things to do to get himself ready for the evening. Staying on task and--

“Damn it!” He hollered when he knocked the shampoo bottle off the ledge and it clipped his toe. Why the hell was he being so clumsy for? He rubbed a soapy lather into his dark hair and cleaned his body thoroughly.

After he'd washed his hair and body, David stepped out of the shower and shaved his face, being extra careful not to cut himself. He’d really look like a buffoon then wouldn’t he?

He applied aftershave, deodorant and a little moisturizer, and patted himself dry.

Each task was painful and intentional when all he really wanted was to lay eyes on the beautiful woman. Would she still look the same when he saw her? It’s only been a few days, but in different lighting under different circumstances maybe she would look the same.

Who cares if she looked the same. He scolded himself.

He found a black shirt which he thought looked stylish yet smart, and pulled the three piece suite out of his closet that he bought long ago. It was the best investment he ever made he used it so often.

He found his favorite cuff links and put them on the dresser before he grabbed some underwear – ensuring it was also black to match – and dressed himself.

When he looked in the mirror he smiled: he felt confident and attractive for the first time in a while. It wasn't that he lacked self confidence, he was just--

Well, he was really confident in somethings. He knew his strengths and his appearance wasn’t really one of those things. He was average when it came to looks and he didn’t seem to mind unless a woman was in question. What woman wanted to be with someone who was average? Average and awkward. By goodness she was--

He started from his thoughts when his phone vibrated. He swallowed the lump in his throat. She’s right outside his door.

He took a deep breath trying to collect his thought. This was ridiculous. There wasn’t really a reason for him to be so nervous.

He grabbed his phone, wallet, keys and headed outside towards the black Lincoln town car. The chauffeur was already at the rear passenger side door and pulled it open.

He paused, leaned over one foot in the the other out, when he laid eyes on her.


Prettier than his memory to conjure. He wasn’t sure how that was possible.

She smiled lighting up the dank interior of the car. “It’s safe to come in.” She giggled. “I promise I showered and everything.”

He ignored the heat pushing up his face as he continued getting in the car.

“Good evening,” she said leaning forward to catch his gaze. He was telling himself not to stare and apparently he wasn’t looking at her at all.

“Hi.” He swallowed and cleared his throat holding the door when they pulled off. “Uh, you look really pretty.”

“Oh this old thing?” She smirked bringing his attention to her red and black cocktail dress with fuchsia accents.

“I didn’t notice.”

“Didn’t notice what?”

“That you were wearing a dress.”

“Oh, so were you imagining me naked?”

He met her eyes with a deep frown despite the humor on her face. “No, of course not.”

He eyebrows quaked. “I know. I wasn’t implying that you-- I was joking. Apparently my jokes aren’t really that funny.”

He exhaled. “No, you’re funny. I’m just nervous.” He started fidgeting with his sleeves.

“There’s nothing to--”

“Oh shit!” His eye widened he noticed he’d left the damn cuff links. He hung his head. Next to the envelop with her money.


He found her pretty brown eyes. Only a sliver of the color stood out in the ill-lit interior.

“I forgot your money, next my damn cuff links. We should turn around.”

She placed a hand over his. “We’ll be late with the traffic if we do that.” She separated their skin and started digging in her little clutch. “Ah ha! Thought I had some good old safety pins.”

“What’s that for?”

“When I’m done with it it’ll be the perfect little cuff link for you.”

She worked diligently bending the metal.

“Where there is a will there’s a way.” She took his hand and rested it on her lap which made his insides go crazy. Her light signature fragrance graced him and he searched her face while she worked the paper clip to do her will.

So pretty. Her dark hair was pulled up in a healthy bun on top her head with a few blue-black ringlets framing her face. He make-up was subdued but brought out the bronze color in her skin.

“It’s okay you know.”

He blinked out of his thoughts.


“To look at me.” She flashed a shy smile. “I mean, I am your date so it’s okay.” She took his other hand. “You know, you can talk without talking sometimes if your hold someone’s eyes.” Their eye met in that moment. He took that opportunity to commit her beauty to memory. If he only had this moment then he’d take advantage of it.

“There,” she said, taking pride in her hand work with a smile.

He examined the make shift adornment and found it sufficient. “It’ll work, but I still forgot your payment. I’m not trying to rip you off I promise--” He looked down at her hand that easily slid into his.

“You worry too much, David. Let’s enjoy this night and we’ll just stop at your place first after.”

He nodded and the silence filled the air. He felt like he needed to fill it. People that weren’t awkward could fill the space. He cleared his throat. “You’re a professor?” He winced. Asking questions that he already knew the answers to was lame.

“I am.” She said with a smile.

“What do you teach?” Better question.

“Anthropology. Basically the study of human societies. Culture and how it develops.”

“Hmm,” wasn’t too far off from what he did. “So you study human behaviors?”

“Yeah pretty much. It’s fascinating how different people are as individuals and when they are in a group setting.”

“Why do I have a feeling you’re talking about me?”

She laughed. “How can I. I don’t think I’ve seen you long enough in either atmosphere.”

He exhaled and looked out the window as they rolled up closer to the red carpet entrance. “Well you’re about to see a whole lot of me in a whole lot of one.”

She looped her arm around his. “I’m excited. Let’s play.”



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