So Many Frogs to Kiss - 2 (UNEDITED DRAFT)


She glanced over her shoulder at her reflection in the floor to ceiling mirror. THe seamstress was finishing up the final alterations on the multi-green shaded ball gown. She took a deep breath and let it go. She wasn’t sure why she was so nervous. She thinks it had less to do with the cameras and more to do with the wild card.

“Gem, are you ready? Everything is set up in the ballroom.”

She took one last glance then faced the producer with a sure nod and smile.

“Excellent. Camera three four and five take position!” The crew came to life scurrying into position. “Okay, walk towards me for a few seconds before reciting the lines. In three, two, one, action.”

She took a few rehearsed steps before saying, “Treatments can be like finding your prince. You might have to kiss a lot of frogs, but once you kiss the right one, that’s when the magic begins. Thank you for joining me on my date. Will I find my prince?”

Gem entered the ballroom with the rather lovely green ball dress on. She’d practiced the choreographed dance so many times, but not with cameras. Steven Black plagued her thoughts since her initial encounter with the brood pain in the ass near two weeks before. Looking at his profile, so clever curated by Lexington Law who she found out was very close friends with the reprobate, she was excited. Sure the recent black marks were mentioned, but given the circumstances of his recent loss she and the entire board were moved by his story. Upon meeting him he didn’t seem the least bit interested in redemption. He didn’t at all seem apologetic for his behavior.

He was the final dance partner of the evening and he conveniently couldn’t make any of the rehearsals. Good thing the entire thing wasn’t live. She could edit his ass out if need be.

She could hear the music souring in the spacing filling the hollow walls of the ballroom with life. The energy of the couples already engaged in the practiced steps allowed her to exit her thoughts and enter the magical world that sets, and costumes had created.



That was the message of her foundation was it not? Because with it came hope. That was what the little girls needed to find a little bit more to pull them through their struggle.


She swallowed that thought which almost sucked her into a vortex that took her months to escape.

She was pulled into the teeming waltz with her first partner. The music was an eclectic combination of walt and jazz as they were in the mecha of everything jazzy soulful and southern comfort, New Orleans. She loved the place dripping with history some painful some glamorous. These were her roots. Creole was her heritage even though she’d been removed from it growing up. Still never failed to feel like home though.

She was passed off to another man dressed in the same green and white outfit with fun green and purple decorated frog masks. Then onto another and another. She was in the final count when she saw glimpse of her final partner. He looked taller than she remembered. He was dressed in the green and white suite with the provided mask they only allowed her to see his eyes though they were mostly in shadow. THere was no forgetting those deep dark black eyes.

She felt the difference when she was handed off and his hand formed at her waist and he took her hand in his free one. He held a little closer, a little tighter and it made her stomach do somersaults.

With ease, he moved them into the dance. She had no reason to know which way he was taking her it wasn’t what was choreographed, but she felt light with his strong presence moving her with ease where he wished her to go. THe piece ended and brought her flowing to a stance before him. She swallowed and lifted the mask off his face searching his eyes. They fell to her mouth and hers to his. She linked her fingers around his neck closed her eyes as his face descended toward hers. She sighed when their lips touched near fell limp in his arms. She almost forgot the cameras were afoot until she heard the produced yell cut.

She opened her eyes when the sound of their lips pulling apart brought her back to reality. The roguish man was holding her close or she was leaning on him she couldn’t tell. A smirk marred his symmetrical facial features.

“That was a perfect shot the chemistry, the kiss was a dream come true. I have a good feeling about this entire project.” THe director smiled forcing Gem to regain her sense and senses. She wiggled out of the man’s light hold and faced the woman. “Well that’s all the filming for the day. See you in Vegas.”

She nodded feeling like she needed to get out of the dress and hair and the make-up. She just wanted a Hurricane and some good music.

“You staying the night?”

She brought her attention to Steven who was standing casually with his hands in his pant pockets.

“A couple days. I’d like to do some tours and stuff before off to--”

“Vegas, yeah.” He smiled and looked down at his shoes. “What do you say we get out of these stiff clothes and get a drink on Bourbon?”

SHe cocked her head to the side as if she’d forget how much of an obvious ass the man was during their first meeting.

He chuckled kicking at nothing on the ground. “I know how things started out and that’s my fault.” He looked up at her from under dark brows those dark eyes searching her face remorse quarked his brows.

She took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay. I’m all about second chances.”

His face pulled into an infectious smile that she found forced her to smile. She looked to the side and the silence settled there in the terse deep energy that flowed between them.

“Meet you in the lobby then.”

She nodded and they turned and went different directions to change cloths.



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