Rude & Uncouth - 1 (UNEDITED DRAFT)


“Get out.” Steven rubbed down his face before answering the call. He nudged the sleeping woman on the other side of the bed. She must not have heard him. “Hey, get out.” He grumbled when he saw who was calling him.  “Better be good.”

“Uh, yeah, it’s one o’clock in the afternoon and you’re not in the office. Fuck are you doing?”

He turned behind him when he heard someone grumble under the sheets. “Hey, hey,” he shook the woman. “Hey, did you hear me? Get the fuck out of here.”

She rumbled and turned on her back with an arm draped over her face. “It’s too early.”

He growled and push up off the edge of the bed collecting her clothes. He tossed them on the bed on top of her. “Get dressed and get the hell out.” She set up with a look a distaste settled on her sleepy features.

“The fuck is wrong with you?”


“Goddamn man who the hell are you talkin’ to?”

He grumbled instead of answering his friend’s question as he dragged his feet to the bathroom.

“You’ve got to stop doin’ this shit man. You’re too old for this.”

More growling.

“Don’t do that bulldog shit with me. I don’t know whose child you were talkin’ to just a minute ago, but don’t bring that bullshit over here.”

“Okay mom.” Steven thought his pee made it in the toilet. It was hard to tell.

“Look, you better not be late for this meeting in twenty.”


Lex grumbled. “Don’t be a fucking douche. I went out on the limb for you Black. The charity fundraiser for the girls with cancer?”

“Oh, that long drawn out commit that you signed me up for?”

“Yes, that long drawn out commitment is the only thing that kept your punk ass out of jail.”

Oh, that.

“If you’re going to fuckin’ bail then let me know now.”

“Nah nah nah. Stop the nagging. I’ll be there okay. I’ll be at the meeting. Just give me, uh, give me some time to pull myself together.”

“You better not come smelling like a dirty jockstrap. I’ll cancel this shit--”

“Nah nah nah. I’m getting in the shower.” He turned the water on for emphasis.”

“Hurry the hell up man. I’m not playin’ with you.”

He hung up the phone and got under the water feeling it washing away the stench of sex and the previous night’s excessive dilution.

Feeling every single droplet of water made him close his eyes. He wasn’t sure whose life he was living. Save for the past year he hadn’t drank like that since college which was a decade past now.

He washed and got out the shower not wanting to go down that line of thinking. The ride to the office was filling with loud music to keep his thoughts from wandering. He didn’t like going back to that place.

“Holy shit you’re just in time.” Lex stopped Steven and adjusted his tie and smooth down the planes of his coat jacket.

“Stop fussing over me like a chick.”

The man frowned at him. “I’ll have you know you’re not just representing yourself, but me as well. I disown sloppy ass people Steve.” He kept fussing for a bit longer before he deemed the man presentable.

He put on a big smile and opened the conference room door. “Ms. Silver what a pleasure seeing you again.” Lex kissed the woman on the check after shaking her hand.

Steven swallowed when his eyes racked over the rather well put together female. She had pale skin, but a wide nose, full lips and hazel green eyes. She shook his hand and presented a smile. “Mr. Black it’s a pleasure. My foundation was really moved by your story and insisted I meet you.”

“A small foundation.”

Her eyebrows quirked but she kept her smile. “Growing but yes it’s newer.”

“Why just little girls? Don’t boys get cancer too?”

She frowned but held his gaze. “The more specific you are the better you can promote, market and get money. Plenty of women based organizations have already contributed finances to the vision. They thought the approach was fresh and different.” She adjusted her stance. “I say all that to say; it’s not that my organization doesn’t care about little boys or adults with cancer, we just focus on girls as a tribute to my sister.”

The series of interrogative questions dissolved in his mind and he searched her rather becoming facial features.

Lexington laughed uncomfortably. “Please let’s all have a seat around the table and go over details.

He leaned back in the chair at the head of the table Lex on his right the woman on his left and let them comb through the papers with images scattered out on the table. He was more interested in the cleavage on display. When she leaned over the table to emphasize something on a sheet he got a peak of the dark purple lace bra under the white glossy fabric of her blouse. A nice round ass and a small waist being hugged tight by the high-waist pencil skirt.

“So, what do you think?” He blinked and found two big hazel eyes looking at him.

“Princes and princesses? Tell me you’re not dumb enough to believe in that horse shit.”

She took a deep breath and frowned. Her painted lips pierced together almost forming a leer.

“This entire thing has nothing to do with me--”

“It’s quite--”

“Or you,” she said, standing up over him forcing his gaze to rise. She leaned on the table in his direction and he could see the frustration in the back of her eyes. “I’ll tell you what, I’m certainly not dumb enough to think a man who’s arrested for lewd behavior, disturbing the peace and any thing else I left out just ups and changes overnight.”

“Mourning--” He moved his neck backward when her finger appeared in his face.

“I know men like you Steven Black. You’re a dime a dozen, but the board has spoken and they chose you with the help of your charming friend sitting next to you.” She stood up right towering over him in her black pumps. “God only knows why.” She mumbled under her breath then brought her attention back to Lexington. “I appreciate your time Mr. Law. If you could please get Mr. Black up to speed on what we discussed since it seems my cleavage was more important than actually listening to what’s coming out my mouth.” She crossed her arms and glared back at him.

“Well if--”

“Nah!” She interrupted. “You don’t talk to me. Listen to him.” She pointed to Lexington who had a glare on his face directed at Steven. “I’ll see you in a few days.”

She grabbed her brief case leaving the images they talked through on the table and walked out with Lex leading her out the door.

The door closed capturing Steven’s attention. He looked up and saw his friend with pierced eyebrows looked like smoke was coming out his nostril like a bull.

“You’re a cock for that shit.” He approached his friend. “What part of you need this do you not understand? This behavior has to stop or it's going to tank your business, ruin your legacy.”

“You don’t understand!” He shot up out of the chair and started pacing. He loosened the damn restricting tie around his neck like a noose.

Lex exhaled and hung his head. “You’re right, I don’t, but that doesn’t change the validity of what I said.” He adjusted his stance and placed his hand on his hip. “Look, if you’re not up for it, I’ll do it.”

He met his friend’s gaze and held it for a long while. Lexington Law was a gifted businessman and far more intelligent in product creation than anyone Steven knew. The man was far from emotional, but he was empathetic.  “No, no, I’ll do it. You’re right.”

He looked up and found the man’s look of empathy morph into a look of mischief. “I don’t think I heard that last part clearly. Would you mind saying it again, a little louder for the people in the back?”



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