Riff Raff - 4 (UNEDITED DRAFT)



Birds? She yawned but stayed under the covers afraid that the chirping reprobates were a sign that the sun would blind her if she emerged from her warm pocket under the thick down comforter. She snuggled in deeper enjoying the tingling ache all over her body from the previous evenings exertions.

She stretched with a smile pulling up the corner of her lips.



“You need to work on your flexibility.”

She frowned and opened an eye pulling her foggy mind from the sweet oblivion it was settled into.

“Your legs should be able to go back to your head.”

The pleasant was slipping out her hands like fine silk.

She set up and turned around to face the man. There was no way he was talking to her. She even looked around to see if some how some other woman had joined in their sexual play. Nope just the two of them. “You must be used to sleeping with acrobats or something.”

His eyes were closed and he tossed a roguish grin at her. “No, you’re just abnormally inflexible.”

What the ever-loving hell was happening? She was plummeting from the high, the pure unadulterated enjoyment of her sexual fulfillment then the man opened his got damn mouth. “Oh, and you’re just a lover’s dream with your dripping sweat. And guttural, bestial groans right before you--”

There was humor in his voice when he cut her off. “Don’t be mad--”

“I’m not mad. I’m irritated that whenever you open your mouth only bullshit comes out.” She rubbed her heavy eyes. “Why don’t we just not talk.”

He frowned and rested on an elbow. “Or, you can get the hell out of my room.”

Ha! She thought.

“Fuck you! You get out.” He was sorely mistaken if he thought he was going to treat her like some paid cock sucking wench.

“Did you miss the part about it being my room?”


“Nope,” she flopped back down on the pillow and adjusted the covers to fit over her shoulders. “I just don’t give a sh-- eek!” She squealed when he ripped the covers off her. He turned her on her back and she put her foot on his chest when he tried to lay between her legs. “I don’t like you.” In that moment right before she saw the mischief and desire laced in the depths of his dark eyes.


His roguish grin made her insides churn with excitement. She could feel her nipples start to draw together. She released a whining moan when his fingers slid inside her and his thumb started rolling circles around her clit.

Her legs fell to the side and he took a lying position between them still torturing her with his deft digits.

“If you don’t like me, then why are you so wet for me?”

She moaned when he pressed his thumb on her clit and curved his fingers to press against the walls of her vagina. He didn’t seem to be exerting a lot of energy but he was driving her crazy. She combed her fingers over his chest and abs. “I want you.”

“Hmm?” He said, leaning down and pressing his lips to her neck. “I didn’t hear you.” She growled at the humor in his voice. He pulled her ear between his teeth. “Say it louder for the people in the back.”

“Fuck you, Black.”

His dark laughter rang through her ears. “In due time. Don’t be so hasty. I want to feel you come first.” He traced the outline of her ear with his lips. The feel of his warm breath on her neck, what his fingers were doing, his skin grazing her straining nipples, it was all too much for her to hold together.

“Mmmmm, yes. I feel you.” He nibbled on her ear and his fingers slowed but still moved over her sensitive places.

She took a few deep breaths arching into him. She wrapped her arms around his and grazed her nails along his back, down until she reached his buttocks. She grabbed him and pressed him toward her. “Now.”

He leaned back on his heels while she felt around the bed for the pack of condoms. Where the hell did those damn things go? She filled with giddy excitement when she heard the distinct ripping of a foil packet. He grabbed her legs and pushed them toward her until her knees rested on her chest. Then she felt the weight of his penis resting on her labia, slip between the lips to brush her clit which made her gasp. Then down her sex and pushed into her opening.

She heard his moan and felt him pushing, stretching filling her. When he was full emerged he spoke through staggered breaths. “We’re going to work on your flexibility.”

“We?” She gasped and moaned when he pulled out then slowly pushed back in.

“Mhm. Team effort.” He picked up the rhythm of his hips before he toyed with her clit.

She gasped and arched toward him her mind taking dizzying drops and rises as if she were on a plane experiencing turbulence.

She grabbed for the man, but her hands couldn’t find him so she grabbed a handful of the sheets instead.

Her head moved side to side as the overwhelming feeling of orgasm licked, teased the back of her neck.

Yes, she thought.

The obnoxious buzzing on the bedside table jerked her for a moment from the pending promise of her bliss.

His hands stopped teasing her clit, his thrusts slowed.

“Shit.” He whispered speeding up until his movements became jerky. He exhaled and dislodged reaching for the phone. “Got damn it.” He answered the call.



What the ever loving fuck!

Wasn’t like it was a surprise, not really. The man was obviously a selfish, inconsiderate prick. For a phone call! REALLY?!

She wasted no time scooting off the bed, shoving on the clothes she could find, and hustling out the room.


She felt cheap and stupid. What the hell was her problem as if she didn’t already know who the creation was to begin with. She set herself up for the walk of shame.

The worst part among all the parts that were rat shit was blue balls. Yep, she had blue balls. It wasn’t like she’d never NOT had an orgasm during sex before, she’d had at least two the night before so she knew the elusive prize could be won and then BAM! Just snatch away from her moments before she got to it.


It was frustrating. Over a got damn phone call? What could have been so important?



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