Lead & Follow - 5 (UNEDITED DRAFT)



Steven growled. “Ow that hurt.” His mind was far away from the dance practice he tried to weasel out of. It’d been a few months since his sister’s-- his sister’s passing and it still didn’t seem real to him. The reading of her will, which he didn’t even know she had, was the call he got the night before. It was held up longer than normal pending some complicated something or another’s that he didn’t care to understand.

“Well, if you didn’t dance like you had two left feet we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

His attention was drawn to the tight lipped woman in his arms. “No, if you wouldn’t be trying to lead we wouldn’t be in this situation.” She was pretty normally, but in her obvious state of frustration she was even more tempting.

She let out a sound of disgust that made him look deep into her angry eyes.

Angry. She was pissed. He frowned. No, she was pissed at him. What had he done now? She seemed like the temperamental sort.

“I wouldn’t follow you if you were the last breathing organism on this planet!”


“Non! Non!” The pretty creole woman directing their lesson turned the music off and clapped her hands while walking toward them.

They released each other and turned their gaze away from the other. Gem crossed her arms waiting for the woman’s tongue lashing, again. THeir entire lesson would have made anyone who wasn’t around the day before think that they’d just met. Everything was off.

“What is this? Fairytale? NON! Catastrophe! Again!” She grabbed his hand and pushed him closer to Gem by the small of his back. The instructor placed his hand on Gem’s lower back. He rather liked the nook. It was like a secret that he only knew about. He made her shiver when he kissed up her spine.

Gem placed her hand on his shoulder still keeping her gaze away from him. He enhaled her heady scent that made his mouth water. He discovered from the night before that the intoxicating collabotation of smells was coming from her dense coils piled into a high ponytale on top of her head. They were a dusty brownish blonde color. He wondered if she had highlights or if it was a natural color.

She deepened her frown but glanced up at him.

She was so pretty but he couldn’t put his finger on the reason why. He searched her face to discover the truth behind the tightening of his chest and the tingleing of his hands. Memories of her smooth skin under his fingertips brought a pressing dicomfort in his pants.

“I don't care what’s going on between you two, but you need to leave it behind. Today, we dance!” She clapped her hands when they took each other’s hands without her forced instruction. Gem looked away from him. “Bien! Now he step forward with right, you back. Try once without music.”

He stepped on her foot when she tried to step forward with her right foot same time he did. She shoved him away. “You did that on purpose!”

“You didn’t move the correct foot.” He retorted.

More clapping. “Will not do.” The instructor mumbled under her breath looking around before a light bulb idea showed through her hazel eyes. “I know what we do.” She took off the colorful scarf around her neck and approached a frowning Gem. She wrapped the scarf around her face and talked over her protests. “You’re princess. I’m teacher. You listen. I talk.” The corner of his mouth lifted watching Gem protest in a brooding silence.

He heard a small gasp escape her lips when his hand slid around her waist and settled on her lower back. He could feel the heat from her body with her so close. She swallowed and turned her head toward their hands when he took hers. Her other other hand found his shoulder and nervous energy wound around inside him. She looked so vulnerable and her body was stiff under his touch.

She was scared.

That realization made him want to protect her, give her some sort of reassurance that she had nothing to worry over. He pulled her a little closer the him.

“Now,” the woman’s voice seemed more pungent the heavy French accent was sudden more pronounced. “You, my handsome prince, have the hardest job of all because you have to keep her trust. Princess feel where he guides you. Prince do not lead her amiss. Now without the music. On three…”

“Ow!” Gem squealed when on three she again tried to take the lead.

“You need to relax.” The woman said, pushing her closer to him. “Feel his body let him lead. Encore! Again! On three…”

Gem took a deep breath and somehow as if she knew when he was going to move she moved back when he moved forward and they whirled into the dance effortless.

“Okay, okay stop! Now with music.”

WHen the music started Gem held on tighter to him.

“On three. One two three.” She followed his start and he glided them thorugh the familliar movements with no hesitation.

The sound her her giddy laughter brought a curious smile to his face.

“Why are you laughing?”

She just giggled again  leaning closer to him. “I’m flying.” She whispered and he almost didn’t hear her over the music.

The corner of his mouth lifted and he raised her into a whirling spin above his head. She laughed out loud her eyes hidden under the scarf so he could see the joy in their depths, but he could imagine. He set her back on her feet and they continued dancing around the space.

“And now the ending!” The woman shouted over the music. He maneuvered her away and pulled her back to him where she sank into a deep curtsy at his feet. “Perfection!” The woman undid the blindfold with her still in her end pose and she looked up at him from under her lashes. Her eyes moved from his face to his extended hand that she took and twirled into his arms. “Excellent. We break for a few moments while I take call; then, AGAIN!” The woman shouted scurrying out the room speaking fast in French on her cell phone.

“So are you going to tell me why you’re so put off this afternoon?” He untied the scarf from around her face settling in the comfort of her pretty eyes. She took his extended hand and used it to help her come to a standing position before him.

“There’s really nothing to say.”

Interpretation: There’s plenty to say she just wants to make him guess.

“Are we really going to play childish guessing games?”

“Nope. I have nothing to say to you. I’m good on you.”

He frowned. “What the hell does that even mean?”

“It means I shouldn’t have to tell a grown ass man that takes phone calls in the middle of having sex is really just a boy wearing big man shoes.”

Ah, so that’s what this is all about. “You’re sour because you didn’t get off this morning.”

A look of disgust contorted her facial features and she crossed her hands over her chest. “I’m not that petty. It’s got more to do with--”

He grabbed the nape of her neck and pulled her lips to his. Her palms rested on his chest and her shocked lips started massaging his. A sensual moan slipped from her to him and she leaned into him.

She pulled away from him pushing his away forcing him to stumble backwards. She stared up at him with mixed emotions floating in her hazel eyes. She cleared the space between them with one step, grabbed the back of his neck and slanted his mouth over hers again tangling her fingers in his hair. Before he could secure his arms around her she pushed away from him again holding his gaze before turning and walking toward the door.

He frowned. As if he were going to just let her walk out. She slipped out on his that morning while he took the call about his sister’s will. He wasn’t planning on letting it happen again. Not until she got what she was after.

A started cry caught in the back of her throat when he turned her to face him and pinned her against the wall near the door. Her grabbed the nape of her neck with one hand, tilted her face up to meet his again and hiked her leg up over his hip with the other. His lips kept them connected but his hand abandoned her neck to slip into the spandex pants.

She sighed out a moan when he stroked her through her lace panties. SHe flexed her hips toward his finger that teased her through the thin fabric.

He pulled their mouths apart and rested his forehead against her. “Is this what you want?”

She moaned when he pulled the panties aside and stroked her damn smooth skin underneath.

“Why didn’t you just say this is what you wanted?”

He angled two fingers inside her and rolled his thumb over her clit. She exhaled and whined clinging to him arching her body to him. Her breasts were pressed against him a soft temptation.

He groaned feeling the desperate strain of his cock pressed against his pants. He wanted to be buried inside her feeling her clench around him.

Her breathing became labored and irregular before she pressed back against the wall with a defeated sigh.

He retracted his fingers resisting the design to taste them, to taste her. He rested his forehead back against her and she looped her arms around his shoulders. Her eyes were still closed her lips pulled up in sensual, tempting look of satisfaction. She pulled him down to kiss him, then put space between their faces enough to find his eyes then kissed him again. She pulled away that time with a saucy smirk on her face and said, “Again.”



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