Gold From Coal - 10 (UNEDITED DRAFT)



She pressed her palm against her unsettled middle when she saw the finished look that her glam squad had been working toward for the past several hours. She should have been rehearsing the lines that she was expected to resight. The final conclusive message that the past month or so had culminated in. It was supposed to be hopeful and encouraging. It was supposed to be uplifting and courageous. But she was nervous.  

It’s been well over a week since she’d seen or heard from Steven. She only replied to the message he sent her right after the reading of his sister’s will. She figured he needed to time to process the entire thing. She gave him that, but she was worried. He’d gone off the deep end when he found out she was sick. So sick no one could do anything. Three months to live and those medical brains were right.

Someone you knew all your life and then they’re gone like that, pfff. Like magic but not the good kind, the kind that rattles you down to your core.

This was the first time she was giddy excited to see the man, to hold him, to be under the weight of his gaze.

Foolish, probably, but her mind couldn’t abandon the moments they’d had. Did he feel the way she did?

Probably not. If the man she first met was the man that still lived inside Steven, which of course he was, who knows what she’d get when she saw him in a few minutes.

Marcy peaked in the room. “Are you ready?”

She smiled and nodded.

She heard one of the co producers shout action and she was signaled to walk around the corner.

Her breath caught when she saw him on the other side of the massive stair taking steps to the staircase as well.

Damn. She thought eyeing him in the royal blue tailcoat over a white shirt gold vest and blue pants.

They stared at each other for an extended period of time when they came to the same stair until he offered his arm. She took it casting her shy smile down to her feet before looking up at him from under her lashes. The music crescendoed and the party of people below started spinning into dance.

“Gold suites you.” He said leading them down the stair.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. He placed at hand on her upper back and took her hand when she rested the other on his shoulder. He then started them into a whirling waltz.

She pulled closer to him when the giddy joy of flight filled her from the inside out.

“What?” He whispered in her ear. “Do you feel like flying again?”

She broke into fits of giggles when he lifted her into the air and spun her around before placing her back on her feet.

Around and round they went until the song came to an end and she ended in a deep courtesy and he bent at the waist. She looked up at him from under lashes and felt it.


He offered a hand that she took to stand on her feet.


“Yes please.”

The party happened all around them once all the scripted pieces were completed. Being the final piece to the experience the decorations were a bit overdone, but it would film perfectly. She’d long ago lost Steven to admirers and friends. She interrupted him from a conversation when she was sent on a mission to get all the character together for a photo opp.

“Final photo of the night.” She said loud so the others would hear. “Where’s Lex? He’s supposed to be the got damn candlestick.”

“Oh he won’t be available for a while.”

“Well we can’t have a group photo without the candlestick. Where the hell is he? He’s been mia like all night.”

“It was something that couldn’t wait. We'll have to photo edit him in.”

She rolled her eyes exhaustion settling in from the past couple of months weigh ing on her. She needed to be done with all the hullabaloo.

“Can you call him or something?”

“You’re way too stressed out. We got so much video and photos earlier in the night.” He offered his arm which she took with little thought after her tucked a tablet her was carrying under his arm. He led her to the balcony. She exhaled the evening air felt good against her face on her skin. She exhaled feeling her shoulders relax a bit.

“Today was really good and best part is you’re all done with it.”

“Yeah with filming, but it still has to be edited.”

His face frowned up. “You hired someone for that right?”

“Yeah, but. I mean I still have to make sure the vision comes to life.”

“You mean micromanage?”

She bumped his with her hip and leaned on the railing in front of them. “No, I mean make sure the story is being otld. What do you know about it anyway?”

“I’m a business owner. When you assign someone a task that you hired and vetted and therefore should trust, then let me do their job.”

“Gah!” She rolled her eyes and smirked over at him. “So tell me what is Lex doing that was worth putting some salt in my evening?”

The corner of the man’s mouth pulled up and he pulled the tablet from under his arm. “I’ll do you one better. I’ll show you.”

She frowned and stood up crossing her arms.

Her eyes grew to the size of saucers when she laid eyes on her little sister.

“I can’t stay long it’s late, but the doctors made a little exception.”


She grabbed the tablet before wiping the tears on her shoulder. “Hannah! Oh my god. How are you? How is this--- Are you-- What happened to--”

The little girl giggled but exhaustion was obvious in her heavy eyes.

Gem pressed her fingertips to the screen.

“You’re not making any sense Geminie.”

She gasped at the familiar nickname.

“Is that your prince charming?” The little girl perked up a little when Steven came into the corner of the camera.

She glanced back at him over her shoulder. “That might be a reach. Listen get some rest I’ll be there first thing in the morning.”

“Okay. Love you Gem.”

“Love you too.”

She placed the tablet on the balustrade and hung her head for a long while her mind racing. She finally looked up at Steven, took in a deep breath and released it. “If I’d have not called. If I’d have given up--”

“But you didn’t.” He slid a hand around her waist and pulled her toward him. He cupped her cheek. “You could have, but you didn’t.”

“Thank you.” She rested her head on his chest. “Do I even need to ask where the monies came from?”

He shrugged. “I’m an ass to a lot people, but I still have powerful and wealthy connections.”

She laughed. “Yeah through Lex.”

“He might have helped… a little.”





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