A Whole New World - 7 (UNEDITED DRAFT)



He wrapped his cape over her shoulders. “It always made no sense to me how Jasmine was always in that blue outfit with so much skin showing and Aladdin was fully clothed in the desert at night.”

“I’m surprised.”

“At what? That I’m aware that you’re cold? I’m not always a faithless heathen.”

She nudged into him as the walked casually along the boardwalk. “Surprised that you’ve seen the movie and paid that much attention to it.”

He shrugged. “I had a sister growing up you know.”

She frowned and let the silence fill the heavy space at mention of his sister.

“Still feels strange saying that: had.” he stopped walking. He was frowning deep in thought. “How can everyone else get it. Understand that she’s gone and it still doesn’t make sense to me?”

“Mourning is like love, it doesn’t always make sense but that doesn’t mean it’s not real.” She took a deep breath falling into her own thoughts. “It’s painful and it doesn’t make sense, but at least, eventually you’ll have closure.” She leaned on the railing.

She glanced over at him when he leaned on the rail next to her. “Closure? What do you mean?”

She swallowed. “My sister,” she took in a shaky breath. “She’s not dead.”

He frowned. “But I thought--”

“I know. She’s gone in so many ways so it’s easier to allow people to think she’s dead.”

“Well where is she if not dead?”

She glanced over at him noticing his stiff stance, folder arms and deep frown. “Sh-she’s in a medically induced coma. I-I found a cure but it’s so expensive I couldn’t afford it. That’s why I initially started this foundation. Why are you looking at me like that? Like I’m a monster.”

He exhaled and softened his facial expression. “I don’t think you’re a monster. I just don’t understand how you could give up on her when you have a chance.”

“The doctors said--”

“Fuck the doctors!”

His voice seemed to carry in the still late night air.

An overwhelming feeling of guilt washed over her pushing salty tears over her eyelids. “Isn’t it worse to hope?” She hung her head reliving the feelings of loss when she made the choice to keep her sister on ice. She looked up at Steven when he rested a hand over hers on the railing. He cupped her cheek and wiped the tears away with his thumb.

“All I speak from is my own perspective. If there was anything to keep Stacey here with me, I’d have done it with the expectation it’d keep her here.” He pulled her to his chest. She wrapped her arms around his waist and held onto him like he was life itself.

“I guess I’m the faithless wretch.”

The corner of his lips pulled up and he stroked her jaw. She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch.

“Hey Aladdin!” It was Lexington. “Genie wants to take a picture of you and Abu!”

Steven exhaled and hung his head making her giggle.

“Good to see you’re amused by all this.”

She rubbed her hand on his chest. “It sounds so silly doesn’t it?”

“Yep. It does.” He exhaled and pulled away taking her hand. “Walk with me inside?”

“Actually. I think I’m going to retire to the hotel.”

The corner of his mouth lifted and he rummaged in his pocket and pulled out his wallet then retrieved his room key and handed it to him.

She looked up from him under her lashes her mind quickly connecting the pieces to the puzzle that was unfolding.

She took the key. “You’re not going to try to kick me out again are you?”

He shoved his hands in the bagged pockets of the loose fitting pants. “It’s not like you’d actually leave even if I did.” He glanced up at her from under his lashes.

“Well, as long as you understand where this is headed I’ll consider your request.”



“Where the hell are you going, Black? I mean Prince Ali.”

Steven pushed Lex’s arm off his shoulders.

“I’ve had enough of the photo opps.”

“Enough? There's never enough opportunities to charm the public.” The man tossed his arm back over his friend’s shoulders in time for a flashing camera. “Come on this event is all about you.”

“You mean the sick little girls benefiting from the money raised?”

“No, I mean you. Come on look around. Skin and smiles and champagne. What more could a single man ask for?”

He grumbled tossing the man’s arm off his shoulders again.

“Unless...” His dark eyes cast a knowing glance at Steven. The man’s face broke out into a full on smile. When Lex smiled it radiated from his being.

Steven grumbled and rolled his eyes and the pending onslaught of jokes and other banter that was bound to spew from the other man.

“I was wondering where our dear hostess had slipped off to. Now I get it. Have to say I never thought I’d see this.”

“Hey, I need you to do something for me.”

Lex’s humor sobered a bit before he brought his attention back on his friend. “Don’t tell me you did something dumb, again.”

Steven waived him off. “It’s not even really for me.”

The other man tapped his chin. “Now I’m intrigued.”

Over an hour later, Steven finally opened his hotel room door and peeked inside. He inhaled when he smelled the onslaught of familiar fragrances. He closed the door and found unpack bags on the small couch sitting in front of the television.

Had she moved in?

Her costume was draped over the back of the couch. He hoped she didn’t do anything silly like put on night clothes.

He laughed at the thought while he striped out of his clothes. He spent several minutes in the bathroom washing the eye-makeup away, he jumped in the shower, brushed his teeth. He exhaled when he saw the curves of her silhouette under the satin sheets. He curls were splayed on the pillow case fanned out like a halo around her head.

He peeled back the covers and slipped in behind her. Her smiled when his hands contacted bare skin. His appendages roamed over her smooth skin and pulled her back against him. He nuzzled his face in her neck when she groaned and moved at his interruption.

He slipped his hand between her legs with practiced ease and found the little nub that nestled between her lower lips.

She gasped tracing his between her legs. She turned back to face him and stroked his jaw. He leaned down and kissed her. She turned on her back and he moved to lay between her legs.

He trapped her head between his arms then leaned down to claim her lips. He grazed his tongue along her bottom lip until she opened them allowing his tongue to enter. She arched her back toward him pressing her soft perfection against him.

He moaned at the wiggling sensation in his middle.

He kissed down her neck, over her collar bone, down the valley between her breasts, circled his tongue around the outline of her belly button.


More heat.

She combed her fingers in his hair when her ass fit to the curve of his hand. His mouth had long ago started to salivate. A lot had happened that day. Somewhere along that journey relief found him. Somewhere along his path the reality of his loss has finally found some kind of sense in his head.

That, was neither here nor there. He thought kiss trails along her inner thigh. In that moment trapped between night and day he was ravenous to succumb to a desire that set bitter on his tongue from the moment he saw her in his meeting room a couple weeks before.

She groaned and arched into his mouth when he slid in tongue down her sex and sucked the tender flesh in his mouth.

“Oh fuck,” she whispered into the darkness.

He pulled his mouth away from her swollen clit and barely pressed his lips to her before whispering his intention.

She gripped his hair at the roots and whined. “What the hell are you doing?”

He found her dark eyes from under his lashes. “Telling her what I plan to do to her.”

She whined and let her head fall back against the pillow. “You’re driving me crazy.”

The corner of his mouth lifted. “Good.” He slid a finger inside her before she could say anything else. He curved his finger against the front wall of her vagina as if to coax the pleasure from her.

“Oh god.” She whispered into the silence. She moaned and started panting. Her clit under his tongue was straining, begging for freedom, for release. He flicked his tongue in rapid succession over her wanting the same thing she was craving.

Sweet oblivion. 



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