A Beast’s Posession - 8 (UNEDITED DRAFT)



She felt him kissing up her body, lingering at her nipples, his hands rubbing up and down her sides. She couldn’t drag her mind back down to the real world.

Her high was falling, slowly, taking it’s time like molasses from a glass container. It was a blissful and frustrating experience because she wanted to tune back into his efforts.

He made it back up to her mouth and pulled her bottom lip between his teeth then released it and pressed their mouth’s together. She linked her wobbly, leaden arms around his shoulders then pulled her fingers into the soft hairs at the back of his neck.

She moaned into his mouth when he flexed his pelvis against hers pressing his erection to her sensitive sex.

She pulled away from him claiming his concerned gaze. “I want to taste you.” She confessed eliciting a smirk from him. He pulled laid on his back pulling her on top of him where she set one leg on either side of his thighs.

She racked her fingertips over his bare chest, down to his abs and back up again. She leaned down and claimed his mouth then settled to one side of him. She examined him in the dim waning moonlit, pleased with his sleek erection. She cocked her head to the side taking the heavy organ into her hands. She’d felt him, inside her, but she’d never done a thorough examination before.

She swallowed and licked her lips before briefly glancing up to see his heavy eyes barely open. His mouth was partly open, his lips glistening from her kiss. One hand was under his head the other at his side.



A sinister little monster inside her seemed to take immense pleasure in his current position. She admired his body, lean and strong. Lithe muscles hugged his form in a non threatening way.

She stroked up and down his length with her hand and watched his eyes close. She licked the tip of his penis first before wrapped her lips over the head and descending upon him.

He moaned and arched his hips toward her mouth.

She gasped distracted for a moment when she felt his fingers tease one of her nipples. She wanted to smack his hand away from her clit as the clever digits mindlessly played with her sex, but it felt too good.

She brought her attention to her task trying not to focus on the flicking play from his fingers. He flexed his hips to the rhythm of her up and down motion over his penis.

His fingers tangled in her mass of curls while she suckled him. She rolled her tongue over the head of his penis lappng the liquid that seeped from the slit at the tip.

“Ahh!” She rocked back and forth over his fingers that toyed with her sex. She was struggling between the battle to bring him pleasure and the pending eruption building behind her head. She stayed on task in deliberate jerky motions focuses more on her hand moving up and down the length and twisting at the same time. She sucked the head of his penis noticing the strain in her jaw. She liked it. She pain was a blissful torture knowing she was filling him with pleasure. She could hear his heavy breathing and quiet moans in the dark room.


Delicious, terrible greed wrapped her at her desire to have him weak at her will.

She increased her efforts and so did he seeming to try to pull her away from her task so he wouldn’t have to submit to her. She’d have her way she would before it was all said and done.

He pulled her away from his penis by her hair and brought their mouth’s together.

She whimpered into his mouth and the cry got caught in her throat when she tummbled over the rushing waterfall in her mind.



Nah, slippery, wet, slick.

He rummaged around the night table until his hands landed on the foil wrappers there. He pulled her to straddle him. She took the condom from him, ripped it open and rolled it over his penis.

Hot and moist.

No, hot and slipper.

He let his breath catch when she slowly pushed him inside her oasis. He hands were clasped on her butt cheeks helping to guide her down when all he wanted to do was thrust into her, deep, far inside. He let her lead the pace until he was fully submerged. She started lifted her body over him and letting the weight fall.

He grumbled at the sensation. She was panting and moaning. She grabbed one of her slinging breasts so he did too. He massaged the giving flesh in his palm his fingers easily finding the hard little dark nipples even in the dim lighting. He didn't need light, in fact his eyes were closed. He cracked them open enough to catch glimpse of her perfect silhouette of curves bouncing over him.

He grabbed her waist and held her up enough so just the head of his cock was inside her, then thrust after thrust he pounded into her. Each upward motion of his hips whispered to the rolling heat that collected at the back of his head, stroking his mind, pulling him closer to a place of perfect peace.

“Ooohh.” She whined, biting her lower lip. Her mouth feel open when he used one hand to tease her clit. She grabbed a bouncing breast and licked the nipple.

Fuck! Her heavy lidded eyes met his and he held them pumping harder inside her. He wanted to feel her grip him, feel the pulsing her sex while she was wrapped around him.

She leaned forward and pressed her palms against his chest. He could feel her inner walls pushing against his intrusion before the deep hard pulses of orgasm gripped and release him.

He grimaced as the sensation was too much to hold back the final call.



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