|:|PART 4|:| Bad Girl Tendencies |

She wasn’t expecting the excitement. Her expectations for the date had been the lowest they’d ever been. She had been certain she’d spend the entire night scolding or arguing with the man. But once she had seen him all cleaned up in a suit that fit him like a second skin, she couldn’t stop her mind from venturing to the moment they were now in. 

She gasped when he pressed her against the door to her apartment. Her keys jangled as they hit the floor. His warm breath made her insides squirm when he whispered in her ear. “Not what I expected.” He grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up to her thigh. His other hand slid up the front of her dress and cupped her breast. He moved the top of the dress aside, exposing her bare skin. “You come across reserved and controlled, when in reality--”

She groaned when his venturing hand stopped at the inside of her upper thigh. “When in reality what?”

He grabbed her hand and placed it on the front of his pants. “When in reality you just want this. Why didn’t you say so?”

“I--” She braced herself against the door when he stroked her pussy through her panties. “Oh shit,” she whispered, struggling to decipher what she was feeling as her mind and body teemed with life, energy, anticipation, and a growing need for the man behind her to touch her anywhere, everywhere.

She rubbed him through his pants, enjoying his sensual moan that slipped past his lips so close to her ear. He took her ear between his teeth and pulled. She glanced back at him over her shoulder and and smirked, rather liking the mischief that danced in the depth of his green eyes.  

He trapped her bottom lip between his teeth and pulled. “You’re kind of bad, aren’t you?” He kissed the corner of her mouth and she angled her face up to his, granting him better access.

She shrugged, pushing her hips back to meet the bulge in his pants. “I have bad girl tendencies at times--” she gasped when he pushed two fingers inside her. She lifted her leg to allow deeper penetration and propped her foot on the door. 

Her mind was already heavy, swimming with a myriad of sensations that her brain was interpreting as pleasurable even though she couldn’t quite decipher one from the other. She let her head rest back on his chest as he continued his delicious play inside her while using his thumb to stroke her clit. 

She was no stranger to carnal pleasures. Perhaps it had just been so long that she had forgotten how damn good it felt to be surrounded by the heat, the passion, the pleasures, the sounds, the--

“Oh fu--” Her muffled cries were trapped in the hand he had clasped over her mouth as pleasure consumed her mind.

“Shhh.” She heard the mischief in his voice and it made her want to devour him. “You don’t want to be one of those neighbors that disturbs everyone, do you?” 


Everything about her was working against him. They finally pushed inside the apartment. He didn’t want there to be any space between their bodies, between his mouth and her skin. He closed the door with his foot and maneuvered them over to an island counter. She leaned over the surface, splaying her fingers out. 

Hunger was the only word he could use to describe how he felt. He was comfortable with this. Sex was something he had had no problem falling back into after Beth died. Fulfilling a need, it was human instinct. 

This, however, what he felt looking at the woman’s round ass  waiting to be consumed, was more a desire than a need. Tasting her would be satiating that desire. Pressing her pussy lips against his mouth, his tongue-- 

He stopped the thought and moved into acting. He was painfully hard, ready to plunge into her, but there were so many other things he wanted to do as well and he wanted it all at once, which was frustrating and impossible. 

He helped her on top of the counter so her  ass faced him and spread her legs, her pussy conveniently close to his mouth. He moved her panties aside, wet from his earlier play, and ran his finger up the slick folds of her sex. He bit his lower lip. He found the craftsmanship of her pussysomething to behold. Everything was so tight. He consumed her sex from behind, teasing her clit with his lips and tongue.

She ground out a whine and some curses, combing her fingers through his hair as he worked diligently on his task. He spread her cheeks to gain better access, taking note of the soft, pliable meat gripped in his hands. He smacked her ass and watched the skin ripple. 

Gorgeous, he mused in his head. 

When he had seen the pretty woman standing on his doorstep the day before with his daughter, he was shaken. Shaken by his own longing for her despite the fire that came out of her mouth. He figured his current position was an excellent time to get her back. 

He grabbed her thighs when she tried to squirm away. He could tell she was about to come again as the protruding flesh between her pussy lips strained on the verge, on the cusp.

A shiver wracked her body and she closed her legs abruptly, barely giving him time to move out of the way. 

She turned to sit on the counter, put the ball of her heel on his chest and pushed him away from her. It gave him a rather nice vantage point to stare at his handiwork. Her curls were a bit distraught, one tit pulled from the fabric of her fitted black dress. Her dress was hiked up, exposing her panties, which were pushed over to reveal part of her pretty pussy.

She waited to speak until his eyes finally found hers.

She smirked and licked her full, symmetrical lips. “Now it’s my turn.”




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