|:|PART 3|:| Bad Touch, No Touch |

“We don’t have to do anything, you know.”

Dark green eyes met Tabetha’s. It had been quiet since they got in the cab. She wasn’t sure if it was because he was having second thoughts, or because he thought the entire thing was weird and awkward, which it was. She couldn’t even say she liked the man. Honestly, she might even go as far to say she didn’t like him. Then again, she didn’t really know him, but first impressions did mean something, right?

Even though she was confused about a number of things concerning Sebastian Quinn, she was certain that she wanted him ass-out naked between her legs. 

“Having second thoughts?” His deep voice brought her back to the backseat of the cab.

She raised an eyebrow, finding those lovely eyes in the dark interior before she placed a hand on his knee and slowly let it slide up toward his crotch. 

The corner of his mouth lifted slightly, revealing a dimple. “You’re just full of surprises aren’t y--” He gasped when she grabbed his growing arousal through the loose fabric of his dress pants. His dark emerald orbs found her under furrowed brows. “Careful.”

“Of what?” she cooed, making sure to keep her voice light, almost innocent.

He clasped the nape of her neck and claimed her mouth. Her instinct was to give in to melt into his heat, his urgency, his lust, but the cabbie clearing his throat startled her out the moment, breaking her trance. 

“I just got this thing cleaned. You mind? Ten minutes tops and you two can gag on each other’s tongues ‘til the sun comes up,” the man said, wiping sweat from his forehead.

She pressed a finger over Sebastian's mouth before he could respond to the cabbie, who was grumbling under his breath. Jade eyes met hers, his eyebrows still pulled together. 

“Maybe asking for a little respect can present a unique challenge,” she said with a smirk. It seemed second nature to taunt the man.

His eyebrows relaxed and he set back in the seat. “I’m listening.”

“Men can be so hands-on, but I wonder if you’re capable of making me come hands-free?”

He raised an eyebrow, still holding her in his gaze. “Quite the challenge, as women can be-- how to put it? Disconnected with their bodies, their desires. Touch stimulates, reminds us that we are, at our core, animals.”

Her insides moved, stealing her breath for a moment. She looked up at the ceiling of the cab in thought mostly to clear her mind to formulate a coherent remark. “Perhaps. However, I happen to know firsthand that for women, 70 percent of reaching ecstasy is mental. That is where the true stimulation comes from.”

“Maybe that’s the problem. Too many rules.”

“Nah, not a problem. A unique challenge.”

He frowned and focused his attention out the window. When he didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes she goaded him. “Hmm, I would have thought you’d at least try. Then again, you could be one of those guys who’s one-dimensional--” The look he tossed over at her made her following words catch in her throat. 

“I don’t want to make you come,” his low voice grumbled.

She frowned. 

“No, that’s too one-dimensional.” He looked out the window again. “I want to make every nerve in your body come alive.” He looked back at her, his face difficult to read. “Just at the thought of my touch.” The corner of his mouth lifted. “Just at the mention of my name.” He positioned himself closer to her. She could feel his body heat, his warm breath on her neck. She shivered. “Because when I do touch you, and I will get my hands on you, you will erupt from the inside. Open your legs.”

She looked over at him and her eyes fell to his mouth. She bit her lower lip, entranced, mesmerized by his words, by their implication. She did what he ordered. The challenge would be quite impossible if she didn’t cooperate, right? He grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up her legs, to her thighs. He moaned, closing his eyes. “You’re so hot. I can feel you. I bet you’re wet already.”

She tried to grumble but it came out as a moan instead. Why had she suggested this challenge? He was toying with her and she loved hating it. 

“Run your finger from your knee to your inner thigh. Ah, ah--” Jade eyes darkened. “Slowly.”

She did his bidding, somehow feeling every pore on her skin, smooth and familiar. She wanted him to touch her. She knew her hand, her body did too, but somehow under the circumstances it seemed like a new feeling. It didn’t stop her from wanting him. From wanting to touch him. 

“Do you feel the heat?”

She nodded.

“Touch your pussy. No, no,” he scolded. “Through your panties.” 

She gasped when her hand touched the hot, swollen lips of her flesh under the cover of her panties. Her underwear was damp with her arousal, with her want and growing need for the man so close to her. 

“Tell me it’s not about touch. Tell me that you don’t want my tongue to slide between your pussy lips and tease your clit. Your mind would have nothing to do without the other 30 percent sending it something to react to. I do believe your mind is involved, maybe even a key factor, but--”

“Alright,” the cab driver said, stopping the car abruptly in front of her apartment. “I only take cash.” Sebastian shoved the money through the money transfer flap in the plastic partition that separated the front from the back of the cab. He released his seat belt and hers and grabbed her waist, his body pressed to her back. She glanced back at him over her shoulder.

The moment seemed to last several minutes, even though it was probably seconds before he reached around her and pulled the handle to let her out. “Ladies first.” She held his jade eyes a bit longer before making her way out of the car.

What an incredible turn of events. Earlier that night she had been dreading this date. She was only here because of a stupid bet with a twelve-year-old. She gasped and paused at the door when a large warm hand circled her hip and slid down her thigh before moving higher and cupping her sex. She was grateful for his solidity behind her when she had to lean back from the unexpected zing of pleasure. She had no idea how much she needed the tension relieved, but instead of relief, instead of satiation, she wanted more. 

What had she gotten herself into? She had known he was trouble when she laid eyes on him at his front door. When she saw him at dinner, he might have looked like a gentleman in his tailored suit and Italian leather shoes, but she knew better. 

She moaned when his low, scratchy voice reverberated through her being, “Now, I’ll make you come.”




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