When her sister isn't able to pick up her fiance's niece, Abigail, Tabetha Knight volunteers to do it. She gets herself into a precarious situation when she runs into an old crush and feels pressured into saying the little girl is hers. Abigail agrees to go along with the rouse but nothing is free. When Tabetha drops the little girl off, she has a hostile encounter with Abigail's father and to add insult to injury Abby wants Tabetha to go on a date with her father. There is tension during dinner, but it's not the kind Tabetha was expecting.


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****This is an unedited draft which means there will be mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage ETC. I post these drafts for feed back and to gauge interest in the story line and characters. ****Ye've been warned!****


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