Chapter |9| Dessert First (UNEDITED DRAFT)


Good lord this couldn't really be happening. Max had fantasized about this moment for months her perfect body displayed in front of him, an offering. His tongue ran across his lips as he took her in.
Perky full breasts,flat stomach, a long lean torso,slim waist. Her pussy was gorgeous and her skin. He could never quite get the smooth creamy feel of her skin right. Soft didn't begin to explain the consistency.
Eva sat before him her beautiful pussy displayed for his hungry eyes. A curious hand stroked her clit and he could hold back no more. He wrapped his lips around her straining flesh and suckled her. She gasped her long fingers diving into the sheets grabbing them with all he might.
"Max!" She ground out a near scream.

Max played with her clit rolling his tongue back and forth over the nub. Eva arched her body into his face. Her long tresses splayed across his pillows. She looked like some wild goddess and he a mere mortal caught under her spell, a slave to her every wish and desire.

She rotated her him and ran her hand down his head. “Oh I fucking want you Max. I fucking need you inside me.” She let out a deep groan that started at the base of her stomach and escaped her gasping lips. She was moaning and gyrating her hips. He clit was so thick and swollen he could tell she was close. Close to erupting, losing all her senses, passing from this life into another one.

He would bring her to this place so many more times in all the ways he knew how. Her body trembled under his tongue and he mouth belted out a string of indiscernible curses. She started panting and trying to squirm away from him her pussy now a throbbing sensitive bundle of raw nerve endings.

She turned on her stomach retreating to the head of the bed. Max licked his lips as memories of fantasy’s started playing through his mind. As vivid as they were, they weren’t this. She looked back at him over her shoulder her beautiful face made his breath catch. She smacked her ass drawing his eyes there. She slapped it again the skin jiggling from the force. A hand print shown vaguely on the surface of her cream colored skin. Her ass was beautiful. Her sex glistened with her arousal from behind making his cock twitch.

“Max?” He found her face displaying a saucy partial smile.

“Hm?” He grunted.

“Fuck me. I want your cock to drive into me hard. Don’t fucking hold back you hear me?”

He nodded, grabbed a condom and climbed on the bed eager to fulfill his mistress's needs. He licked up her sex and she gasped a moan.

“Oh fuck.” She whispered gripping the sheets. He slapped her ass and she gritted her teeth. “That’s right punish me Max. I’ve been a naughty girl. Watching you pleasure yourself.” He paused. “Wishing your hand was mine, that I could wrap my lips around your cock.” Max swallowed. What was she confessing? Was she saying she was watching him same as he was watching her? For some absurd reason that realization turn him on knowing that she desired him near as much as he longed for her. She looked back at him again laying on the pillow a hand between her legs stroking herself. “Imaging the taste of your come. The feel on the back of my throat when you came in my mouth.” She bit her lower lip, reached between her legs and grabbed his cock. She stroked down the length of him pulling him closer to her hot wet, ready, pussy. “I want to know how much you want me. Show me.”

Max rubbed the head of his penis on her swollen clit then slipped inside her. He grimaced when the strong feeling of pleasure shot through his body feeling her tight pussy spread for him inch by excruciating inch.

“Oh, fucking shit.” She moaned smashing her face in the pillow.

Deeper, deeper until he was buried to the hilt inside of her. He started pumping his hips, slow at first lost in the sensation the feel of how fucking good she felt surrounding him. He picked up the pace the sensation of completion closing in on him. He wanted to feel her orgasm around him. He wanted to feel her sex pulsed around his. He wrapped an arm around her thigh and started stroking circles around her plump spread clit.

She yelled out the coupled sensation taking hold of her. “Oh, fucking shit fuck. Yeeeessssss. Mmmmmmm.” She moaned into the pillow.

Hold on he coaxed himself. As much as he wanted to let go to lose control he wanted her there too. He wanted to feel her reach that peak and know that he was responsible of bringing this woman pleasure. He didn’t want her fantasies of him to fall flat. No he had a high bar to reach he was sure and he planned on getting there.

“Come for me baby.” He whispered in her ear pounding her and stroking her.

She shivered her moans ceasing for a moment before her pussy clenched around him with a strong force sending him tumbling over the abyss. There screams and grunts of pleasure and release commingled.  Following was the silence of the night air filled only with their heavy breathing.

After a moment of recovery Eva curled up to his side and he held her there with an arm draped over her shoulder. He kissed the top of her head feeling satisfied. She kissed his chest the sensation nudged his slack exhausted penis.


He looked down and found two dark eyes looking up at him. “Yes?” he brushed a few stray strands of hair out of his face.

Mischief danced in her dark pupils. “How long until we can go again?”

The corner of his mouth pulled up he didn’t need to know she was insatiable. “Not long.” He whispered.

She laid her head back on his chest. “Good. Because I’m going to fuck you all night.”



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