Chapter |6| Damsel & Knight (UNEDITED DRAFT)


It truly amazed me how different I looked when I took my makeup off. I almost looked innocent, young, fresh. I was anything but and I knew that. I scrutinized my reflection in the mirror while I towel dried my hair then wrapped the towel around my body. The light coming in from my handsome neighbor’s window brought me wandering from the bathroom into the living space.

The corner of my lips pulled up when I saw him pinning a dark-haired woman to the wall and pressing his body into hers. His blinds were wide open. He must have forgotten to close them when he left some time during the day. I wondered what he did for a living? Where did he go when he wasn’t there across the courtyard, sitting on his balcony  drinking coffee with his cute dog?

I brought my attention back to the events unfolding across the way. They were quickly removing each other’s clothes and I missed it. I missed the warmth of a man’s body, the rumble of their voice in my ear, the attentive gaze.

Attention whore? Maybe. I wouldn’t deny the truth when it was presented to me so plainly.

I gnawed on my bottom lip making my way outside. Not to get  a better view of course but to smoke. I pulled a cigarette from the pack not taking my eyes off the pare. If I couldn’t be naked in his arms, then what was the harm in watching someone else enjoy the splendor of his muscled physique. The feel of his lips on my throat.

The woman was filled out, far from fat however. She had voluptuous curves and he pawed all of them. He grabbed a handful of her ass pulling her up in his arms. His pants were gathered at his ankles and she wrapped her legs around him. He was quickly putting on a condom then plunged into the woman. Both of their mouths fell open and heads fell back as he started flexing his hips diving deeper into her.

My eyes devoured the intimacy, the man’s strong, tanned ass flexing, grinding, plowing in the woman’s pussy.

I was jealous and aroused. I sucked on the cigaret like it could bring me that kind of pleasure, knowing it couldn’t. I turned away from them annoyed at my own jealousy. I wasn’t sure what I jealous about. I spoke what? Ten words to the man, but I poured my soul out on his sweater while he consoled me. I got to be held in those arms and I wanted, despite my state at the time, to have him slide inside me. Him naked under my hands, my lips wrapped around his penis, pressed to his chest, anything, everything.

I turned back to the courtyard and my eyes found the couple on the couch. He was sitting there and the woman was riding him arching her breasts toward his face. He suckled her nipple into his mouth and her head fell back. I could imagine the sound, the moan, the pleasure, the sensational blending with all the others adding to the inevitable end.

I laid on my couch and my freehand parted the towel wrapped around my body and my hand drifted between my legs. I was horny and alone and this was better than porn anyway. I sighed at the pleasant, familiar sensation my fingers were delivering. I sucked on the cigarette and massaged my swelling sex. My eyes drifted back up to the open window.

He picked the woman up and held her there. They were still connected physically and he gnawed on her lip before moving her up and down his length. She was grabbing at his chest, neck her face contorted in what might look like a grimace might look like discomfort or pain, but I knew better.

He thrust into her in fast succession until he paused deep inside her. His muscles were flexed the veins thick lacing under his tanned skin.

I rubbed my pussy with more vigor, more passion, more purpose hurrying to match his pace. I could imagine perspiration developing on his body a sheen coating the entire magnificent surface. I was too far away to see that much detail. Would I ever be close enough to him again to see that much detail? It’d been so long I’d forgotten things about him like his eye color or what he looked like when he smiled. Had I ever seen him smile? He seemed serious especially when he was fucking. I bit my lower lip at that thought. Humor was well-received, but serious while fucking was sexy as hell.

My head fell back with on self-induced pleasure started sending repeated stimulation to my brain. I moaned before sucking on the cigarette.

Oh, shit. I whispered in my head right when my orgasm wracked my body. I arched toward the sky and shivered letting the endorphins coat my brain. Slowly, I returned to the current time.

My attention went up to the window again in time to see the woman slap my neighbor across the face.

My attention was fully on the scene, my eyebrows furrow. What was wrong with the wretched creature hitting my-- neighbor in anger. It wasn’t my business really, but I still felt frustrated about it.

The woman stormed to the door grabbed her cloths and turned back to him yelling. She combed her fingers through her hair after she stuffed the dress over her head and wiggled it down. She was saying something intense, but I couldn’t make it all out. She turned and stormed out his apartment slamming the door behind her. He let his head hang on his chest while his hands rested on his narrow hips. He stood like that for a long moment before pulling his fingers through his overgrown locs and turned. He paused when our eyes met across the courtyard. He was still fully nude and didn’t make any moves to shield himself.

I smashed the cigarette on the balustrade just realizing I’d gotten off the couch and looked up again to find his closed curtains moving slightly.



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