Chapter |5| Over Yonder (UNEDITED DRAFT)


I stared up at the star speckled night sky. It was late enough that the lights in the courtyard were out save for two. It’s dark and the air heavy with a pending storm. A smile pulled up the corner of my lips. This time of night was my favorite. I lit my cigarette and took a sip of the dark liquid swirling in the glass in my other hand.

I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the serenity, my mind was heavy with lose. I spent most of the night trying to drown my sorrows with friends in a loud nightclub. VIP to whole works. Being a model had its perks. In the people rich environment I still felt alone. I shivered thinking about how mental loneliness was worse than its counterpart. It was all in my head. How the hell, why the hell did I give that bastard so much power?

My mind wandered to a few weeks back. The day Darcy left me in an emotional spiral of anger, accusations and threats. How could he know I was thinking about someone else when I was sucking his dick?

My mind wandered to that face I saw at my door that same night. Hand poised to knock. My insides twisted around itself, my chest gripped my heart. I looked terrible, I knew it; yet his serious blue eyes gazed at me with such concern. He wasn’t looking at how pretty or ugly I was, he was looking into me. He was looking into me at the pain that assaulted my innermost being. He saw that pain. That pain that I was so good at covering up with a smile.

My thoughts of Darcy vanished. I even forgot that I was going to go after him. I was going to drive to Darcy’s house and fall to my knees because I was a desperate twit. I forgot who I was without him. My sexy neighbor showed me someone else could care for me. I could care for someone else too. A smile pulled at the corner of my lips at that thought.

He pulled me into his strong arms unprompted. Had to be out of pure pity. It made no sense how he could fill me with such comfort. He was a stranger but it didn’t feel like he was at that point in time.

I took a long hard drag from the cigarette. What a fucking mess Eva! A pathetic, puffy-eyed, pansy who couldn’t keep a man. How fucking embarrassing that he to have heard the disaster that went down. My pussy still tingled from Darcy’s work before he walked out the fucking door. I wanted him to wrap his fucking hands around my neck and punish me for my impure thoughts of another man. For a man that was so close yet so far from ever being mine.

After that display who could fucking blame him? Got fucking damn. I could still smell the clean fresh smell of my neighbor’s body wash and aftershave. Even though his face was scruffy.

How could I have been wanting to taste his shapely lips moments after the man I loved walked out the door for-fucking-ever?

I sat on the couch on my balcony, legs draping over the arm. Feeling sorry for myself. I put the cigarette to my lips and froze when I saw skin moving behind the lit window across the courtyard. God it was glorious skin not a stitch of clothing shielding my eyes.

My neighbor walked with all the confidence of a man in his prime, a man that knows exactly who he is knows exactly what he's doing. He walked up to his bed. When he turned around to pull back the covers I saw well toned glues, nice calves, dimples in his lower back where it dipped in before spreading up and out to form his toned back.

He turned to face my gaze his manhood slack dangling from his groin. He sat on the edge of the bed and picked his legs up turning his back against the headboard.

He grabbed up a book that is sitting on the night table, opened it, and set glasses on his face.
A man that reads. I licked my lips bringing myself to an upright position. Are you fucking kidding me sexy neighbor across the expanse of dead air between us? God he looked so fuckable reading the damn book exercising his mind, broadening his perspective, consuming the written word was like fuck at first sight for me. That’s partially why I enjoyed the company of older men. Something about a man that didn’t spend all his fucking time thinking about how to bust a nut was a turn on. I didn’t just want to ride this man’s dick now, I wanted to pick apart his brain, I wanted to know his life story, the places he’d been the places he wanted to go, the things he’d seen, the people he’d met.

He adjusted his balls and the way he sat nudging the pillow behind him a bit higher. His hand lingered on his penis.

He let his fingers dance across the head then he takes the flesh into his grasp. Slack at first he starts stroking down the length of it. With every motion it starts to grow in length in width the veins straining against skin. Maybe I was just imagining some of the details along with the feel of its weight in my grasp the taste.
He closed his eyes steadily working the length. His mouth fell open the veins in his neck start to thicken. I can tell he's approaching that precipice so close that he can see the jagged rocks below but he can't stop; he won't stop not until—

I jumped when the cigarette burned my fingers.
When I looked back up to his window he's reaching for the light on the night table.

Damn! I scolded myself for missing the look on his face when he reached the brink.

Then, all was dark.

I lean my head back on the couch and close my eyes. The only thing I saw is a handsome man standing before me his muscled body a delight, an offering to my greedy eyes. Those  bright blue eyes seemed to fade to a dark background, the silhouette of his smirking lips a welcome still frame in my mind.



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