Chapter |2| Making Eyes (UNEDITED DRAFT)


I lit the cigarette and closed the patio door. The sun was moving into the courtyard as another day began. I walked to the balcony railing which was more like a stone wall in appearance and I leaned on the massive ledge placing the cigarette between my lips. I looked at the floral scene before me the landscaping part of the reason why I decided that this place was home. It was the array of colors, yes, but the smell too. Finally spring the cold weather broke weeks ago leaving things damp, but alive for weeks. Recently, things started budding and blooming and assaulting the otherwise stale city air with fragrance life.  

I looked around at the other balconies facing mine in the courtyard each one decorated of its own accord. Some with plants and flowers hanging from hooks off the balcony above. Others had chairs or other garden furniture. My eyes ventured to the floor above mine still across the courtyard and locked eyes with a devilishly handsome man. My insides did that nervous swim thing and made me shift on my feet to steady myself enough to further investigate. His dark hair was cut low, his hairline peppered with grey and black, his beautiful, blue eyes seemed to glimmer in the light even in the shadow of the building. He leaned similar to the way I was on the banister of the balcony. A forgotten cigarette sat burning between his middle and pointer finger.

My insides jumped around again when I realized all his attention seemed to focus on me. Heat rushed to my cheeks as if I were a newly born babe.

Get a grip of yourself, Eva. I scolded myself before I gestured a greeting in his direction and he returned it with a slight lift of his chin. He altered his lean on the stone railing so he wasn't facing me directly. His silhouette exposed a long, slender nose and well-groomed eyebrows. His long fingers tapped the cigarette in an ashtray next to him.

I knew it was rude to stare, but I could hardly look away.

I laughed at myself. Oogling a man was not something I made a habit of. Being in the modeling world seeing humanity’s best made creatures wasn’t unusual. I suppose it was strange to find a stare-worthy specimen so close to home.

From the distance I saw silver hair along his hairline. His facial hair was peppered with silver. A shiver rolled through my body. There was something about silver hair blended with the dark hair that stirred something in me. A man in his prime, no longer a boy, thank god. Not old but settled and sure of who he is with room still for growth, teaching if needed.

I turn around my back resting on the stone railing and tapped my cigarette that'd been burning away while I stared at the man. The damned thing was the reason why I was out there in the first place and I’d forgotten all about it. I shouldn't let my mind go there. I had a man in my life who was handsome, well off, and had his shit together. That's who I should be daydreaming about.

My mind drifted to the previous evening and I glanced over my shoulder up at the man’s balcony. I wonder if he– nah. I know I saw his curtains move last night while I was about to fuck the shit out of Darcy.

I bit my bottom lip my mind going where it should have been all along. That man could fuck. I’ll give him that much. He knew how I liked it, a little dirty, a little rough. Darcy knew exactly what nasty ass thing to say to get my pussy wet.

I faced the courtyard again to put my cigarette out in the ashtray resting on the stone balcony wall. I tried to resist but failed and glanced up at my neighbor who sat in a metal chair, newspaper and coffee on the small bistro table in front of him.

His eyebrows were knit together as he read the paper. Without looking up from his paper his elegant hand reached out for the coffee. He took a sip turning the page before taking another sip.

I should have turned around and walked back in my apartment but he was mesmerizing and I could not stop my mind from conjuring up all the absurd things I might want to do to him. Things I might want to do to him if he were mine. I wondered if he’d like my tongue to run from his nut sack up his cock. I smirked at the thought. How would he react? Shocked? My eyes grazed over the man. No, he didn’t look like the shocked type of guy. Would his mouth fall open? Maybe. Would he clench his jaw? My face pulled up on the other side too. Yeah, I could see that.

I sucked on the cigarette and blew the smoke out taking the man in. He had well-shaped thighs I could see the shadow the muscle made pushing against the fabric of his pants. God damn, heaven made. I would straddle those thighs and rub my pussy up and down his pants knowing exactly what I’m doing to him. Making him want me, desire me. I’d run a hand over those broad shoulders and down that strong chest.

He placed the coffee back on the table, picked up the paper, and leaned back in the chair placing his ankle on his knee.

I tried to look away but could only imagine running my hands down those strong shoulders, leaning over to kiss those supple lips, rubbing up those thighs–

I broke myself from my thoughts when I saw bright, blue eyes peek over a turned down corner of the paper. I turned around quickly but the memory of his lips leaving trails up my thighs was forever etched in my memory.

A memory that doesn’t fucking exist, Eva. Get a grip.

The last thing I have time for was daydreaming about my neighbor. I had another shoot to get to for this damn photographer who was an arrogant prick on a good day. He, for reasons unknown to me, hated when people were late when he was just that all the fucking time.

I pushed myself off the balustrade and made my way inside not daring to look up even when I turned to close my balcony door behind me.



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