Chapter |10| Night Cap (UNEDITED DRAFT)


Max grumbled and tossed his arm to the other side of the bed. His foggy mind caused him to frown when there was nothing there to touch. He opened an eye that protested at the sun bouncing into the space from off the building across the way.

He pushed himself up and saw not one sign of anyone or--

He frowned and looked to the foot of the bed. No Bailey either. She was probably on the couch.

He turned over and set up in the bed taking inventory of his person.

Naked and alone, again.

He really needed to stop doing this to himself. His dream about his neighbor was so vivid he swore it was real that time, but he’d sworn the same thing before only to wake to this.

He needed to see a therapist. He thought, letting his legs dangle over the edge of the bed. An over active imagination or just plane pathetic he couldn’t decide which but he needed to talk to someone about it.

He made a pit stop to the bathroom, the closet for some bottoms and then to the kitchen to start up a pot of coffee. He frowned when he didn’t see his dog on the couch either. He whistled for her, but she didn’t come.

Great, did she get out again?

He poured of cup of coffee and made his way out to the balcony out of habit, but looking across the courtyard? That was a new habit. With the sun shining on them it was too dark to see inside. Was she still sleep? The curtains to the bedroom were closed.

“Okay girl, sit.”

Max frowned and looked over his shoulder to find Bailey sitting nicely and--

He swallowed turning all his attention to the pretty woman wrapped in his robe unclipping his dog. Bailey came bounding outside and he pet her more out of habit because his eyes did not leave the woman and she kicked off his shoes and placed his keys on the hook next to the door.

His mind was short circuiting while a smile spread across his face.

If she was there then that meant-- and if that meant then he wasn’t--

“Oh thank God you made coffee.” She rolled up the over-sized sleeves only to have them fall back in her way. He watched contently as she searched the cabinets to find a coffee mug, pour herself a cup, go in the fridge to pull out milk. She finally turned toward him.

“Well are you going to keep watching me bumbling around like an idiot or tell me where the sugar is?”

“You’re not going to like my answer.”

She raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms eliciting a chuckle from him.

He pushed off the patio door frame and made his way into the kitchen to locate the sugar. He reached in the cabinet above the stove and froze when cool hands slid around his bare waist and her fingers grazed up his chest.

She rested her face against his back and held him. He breathed through the stirring heat in his innards and placed the sugar container on the counter.

“How did you expect me to find that?” She mumbled into his back.

He turned with her in his arms until she was facing him. She looked up at him allowing him to scan her face, to commit her beauty to his memory. He grazed her jaw cupping her face in his palm and slowly leaned down to kiss her lips.

He pulled away and watched her eyes open and meet his under her lashes.

So pretty.

She pulled away and went back to work on preparing her coffee.

He leaned on the counter facing her, watching her move.

“What do you do?”


“Oh so what like commercials or something?”

He nodded. Should he share his recent success or would that be bragging? He didn’t want her to think he was an arrogant prick.

“And you?”

“A model.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

She frowned over at him. “Well don’t sound so surprised.” She faced him stirring the coffee. “You know you don’t have to be the prettiest girl to be a model that’s what makeup is for.” She pushed away from the counter and headed toward the balcony.

“I am surprised but not because I don’t think you’re pretty enough.”

She glanced back at him from her lean on the balustrade. “Mkay. Because what then?”

He shrugged. “You just seem so, real.”

Her eyebrows quirked.

“Down to earth. Warm.”

She laughed. “Warm? I’ve never been described as warm.”

She squeaked when he pulled her close by the nape of her neck and kissed her lips. He slowed himself down to enjoy the feel of them against his. He slid his hands under his robe and sighed when he touched smooth skin. He clasped her waist and set her on the stone balcony wall. “You made me dinner, even brought wine, good conversation, good company. I’d say you’re wa--” He gasped when she pushed his hand down between her legs. “Y-you took bailey out.”

“I hope you didn’t mind,” her words were slurred eyes heavy as his thumb found her clit. “That I took her out, your dog.” She moaned and rolled her hips. “She woke me up. Probably because I was in her spot. Or--”

She trailed off on purpose capturing his attention with the pause in sound.

“Or what?” He kissed her jaw, neck. Now that he knew she was real and really with him the night before he couldn’t seem to keep his hands or lips off her.

“Or she tried to wake you and you were like a brick at the bottom of the ocean.”

He laughed. “I blame you.” He pulled apart the robe exposing her breasts. He palmed one gazing at it admiring its perfection. Then he leaned down and tasted her skin, slightly salty from their long and exhausting evening mating. She was insatiable.

She moaned and arched toward his mouth. “You shouldn’t do that unless you have the entire day off.”

He laughed. A real laugh mostly because he knew she was quite serious. He went to the other breast and did much the same thing.

He parted her legs and slid his fingers between her moist lower lips. “Are you promising me an entire day of tasting your naked body?” He met her eyes long enough to see the sinister play in their depths. He was playing with a hot stove he knew that and it made his insides swim and heat flooded his body.

“How much of that coffee did you drink?”

He smirked loving the low sound of her voice. “Enough.”

“Good,”she whispered into his ear before pulled the lobe between his teeth. Her hand slid down his bare chest and she reached into the gap of his boxers to grabbed his penis.

She grasped to already find his yearning for her. “I missed you this morning.” He nuzzled his face into her neck.

“Then show me.” She scooted to the edge of the island closer to him. “Then show me how much you missed me.”




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