Chapter |1| The Mile (UNEDITED DRAFT)



Go the mile.

Max deleted the words and tapped his pointer finger on his lip.

Go the extra mile.

He deleted those words too. It was too generic and to be frank, just plain sucked. He needed something better.


The issue was he didn’t know shit about them. He didn’t use them. Living in the heart of Paris, he didn’t need a car. He walked or took public transit everywhere.

It didn’t matter what he did however, he was a representative of the brand: Deep Mile X669. Rough terrain tackling, hard landscape dominating, could pull a mansion up a steep slope if that’s what you wanted, that sort of truck.

He closed his laptop and stretched to his feet in defeat. He'd been working on the damn marketing strategy for days to pitch to new investors. He knew doing well could mean a much deserved promotion, but it was more than that. He left a promising career to pursue his creative passion and he couldn’t fail.

It was well into the wee hours of the morning and he was exhausted. He knew he needed sleep, but it felt like he was giving up. One thing he and the truck had in common was they didn’t give up.

He’d spent several days working on the graphic stuff and that all looked just the way he wanted it. All that was left was the tagline. It seemed like a small thing, but anybody in marketing knew the tagline was what the viewer would walk away with. Either they’ll remember it, or forget it. If they forgot it then he could forget that promotion, forget the validation he needed to justify taking the chance he did.

He wiped his hand down his face and headed toward his balcony to close the curtains. He was putting undue pressure on himself. He knew that, and it wasn’t helping any–

He paused when he saw his sexy neighbor facing the partially closed curtains in a black corset and fishnet stockings that hugged her slender figure. She was facing him, but her attention was on something– no, someone else.

Max rubbed his chest where it tightened as a pang of jealousy whizzed up his side.

He grimaced. He had no right being jealous he hadn't even met the woman– yet. She recently moved into the unit a floor below his across the courtyard.

She sauntered over to the man and placed one long, slender leg on either side of him. She bent her long swan’s neck to claim his mouth keeping her weight up on her knees. The man ran his hands along her arms, sides and over her hips, thighs back up her hips, around her waist and formed to her ass.

Max grumbled and pulled the curtains a little bit unable to take his eyes off the couple despite his frustration and growing erection. Being a peeping Tom was wrong he knew that, but he couldn’t look away.

He sighed. Look how graceful she was? Even from the distance he could tell she was a gem.

She ground her hips on her companion’s lap and let her head fall back. The man kissed that impossibly long neck. He freed one of her perky, well-formed breasts from the cage of the corset and sucked her nipple in his mouth. Her mouth opened. Max could imagine her whine at the pleasure.

He pulled the curtains closed abruptly when her heavy, lustful eyes landed on him.

He swallowed and looked down at a new problem that had also found his neighbor’s performance, an intriguing surprise to what would normally be the end to a long, stressful day.


He looked down and winced. He needed many distractions.

He washed the dishes, took his dog, Bailey, for a final potty break in the courtyard gardens before returning to his quiet apartment. He called himself clearing his head, but his head was still clouded. Not with work or the long list of things he had to get done the next day in preparation for his pitch in a few days, but of her.

He couldn’t get his neighbor out of his head. He growled and headed to the bathroom. Cold shower. Ice cold. The colder the better. A few minute later he was standing under the cold water as it bounced off his skin, down his face, over his shoulders. His arms were resting on the tiled shower wall, his head bowed as the cool liquid ran down his skin. He closed his eyes but it only made him see her more clear. He unclenched the fist at his side and just gave into the fantasy. He clasped his already growing penis in hand and stroked down the length.

He moaned as his mind conjured up that lusty look in her eyes when she looked at him across the way. He grew and solidified in his hand as each stroke called him closer to release. He twisted the knob in the shower turning up the hot water. There was no use any more in denying the fact that he wanted that woman stripped bare in front of him. Those long legs spread open displaying her perfection.

Would he take his time with her like the tenured gentleman he liked to think he was; or, would her take her hard and fast and dirty? Her on hands and knees that luscious ass facing him. He’d run a hand down her bottom and squeeze the juicy meat at the bottom. He bit his bottom lip the feeling of his orgasm pulling closer to the tip of his penis.

He rocked his hips back and forth imagining sliding between the hot, wet lips between her legs. Feeling with every lustful thrust, her tight, warm walls clasp him, welcome him as he impaled her to a constant rhythm of his own making.

She’d look over her shoulder back at him those dark eyes licking his body, caressing him with their intensity, watching him as he brought her pleasure as he brought her– release.

Coming down off the high of his completion he knew exactly what the tag line for his marketing pitch was going to be. It seemed the perfect set of words and he wasn’t sure why he couldn’t put them together several hours before.

Ride Rough. Ride Hard. Ride Deep.




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