About 7 Days of Sinn

Hello Beauties!

Yes, I'm at it again...

Join me Feb. 7th- Feb 14th on my sexy, sensual, seductive countdown to the day of love (or shameless lust) which ever tickles your fancy this year ;)

I will be sharing behind the pages tidbits about what went into creating Sinnful (my newest published work). 

There will be trivia to test your memory on Lacey's Sinn and One Night of Sinn. 

A sensual evening make-up look that Lacey might wear to seduce her lusty Devlin. 

Sinnful Delights interior build-out. How I envisioned the space. 

A brand new sexy short story called: Her Stranger's Kiss for the naughty romantics and some blood boiling erotic one shots for those who like it quick and dirty!!

GIVEAWAYS to participants and more!

I'm excited to share this event and other stories coming 2019!!

If you're not yet FOLLOWING me on Instagram, aren't SUBSCRIBED to my Youtube channel, haven't LIKED my facebook page... WHAT YOU WAITING FOR, LOVIE!! 

-Always my best,


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