No strings, no coffee, no late evening strolls in the park, no emotions, no commitments, no obligations, no broken heart. Until a handsome stranger unravels the tether that holds her sanity together; shatters the fragile makings of her apprehension and fills her with more than pleasure, ecstasy and nights of passion: something straddling the line of love and LUST.
After being assaulted for a ham on Black Friday, Christopher Thomas interviews his assailant, Noel Jenkins, for an open position at his company. Moved by her beauty and dedication to the holidays and its traditions, Christopher strikes a deal, she brings him with her for Christmas and she gets her dream job.​
Arillion Darling, takes a job stealing from the infamous Colombian drug lord, La Mano de Diablo. To Arillion's surprise, La Mano de Diablo is a beautiful, bloodthirsty woman whose charming Spanish accent and tempting curves makes his blood stir. Over a year later, La Mano offers Arillion a job stealing Faust, a file of detailed information of criminal activities around the world....