1. "Don't forget who you're talking to." The devilish woman said pressing her stilletto into his groin.

    "I could never."
  2. La Mano is about blah blah blah. Dangerous women that is irresistible to dumb thief dude. They do wild shit you know how the cookie crumbles.

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  1. Daddy's Home

    " Mr. James, where should I put my stuff?"

    Delaware closed his mouth  and brough his eyes to warm caramel brown ones.

    "My room, uh, I mean the room top of the stairs."

    Delaware James isn'y ready for the life a single dad. After high school sweet heart takes off with some wild drunk to the west coast he's stuck with the aftermath of three children all demanding something different from him. He hires Arsenal Dwa to help out and that's when things get complicated.
  2. DILF