Chapter One:Steam


Sommer pealed the leather jacket from the tall, handsome man's broad shoulders.
"No strings attached means: no sleeping overnight, no toothbrushes, and no morning coffee."
The man smiled revealing a beautiful set of white teeth that caught the light of the moon trickling in from the large bay window in Sommer's high rise condo. "I get it." He stalked towards her as she backed up. "Gone before sun rise." Her back hit the wall a primal desire and fear fought with each other in the pit of her stomach. "No sweet morning text messages." Sommer held out her hand and his bare chest made contact with her palm. Solid muscle, solid, un-giving provoking her insides to dance a little jig muscle.
"Definitely no morning text messages. Unless..." He brought his face down to consume hers picking her up by her butt cheeks pressing her comparatively lithe body against his as he ravished her mouth.
"Unless what?" He carried her to the bedroom throwing her on the bed.
Sommer laughed maliciously not being able to remember how long it's been since she'd had so much fun with a lover. Between the dry spells and the mundane boring mock relationships she was convinced that relationships were societies way of torturing her.
Sommer scooted back in the bed as her predatorial companion crawled towards her. "Unless you're telling me how good it's going to feel when you enter my sweet femininity."
The handsome man laughed his jade green eyes sparkling mischievously in the light of the full moon. Sommer couldn't remember the last time she felt so... so aroused. So in desperate need of what this man was giving her.
Sommer gasped as he pulled her lace panties off with his teeth amusement dancing in his eyes at her reaction. The throbbing between her legs grew more intense. Her back hit the head board but he kept stalking toward her. She shrunk down into her pile of pillows as he loomed over her like an ominous force.
He swooped his head down grazing her cheek with his nose.
He licked her ear and with a low dark baritone said, "I'm going to devour you."
He gasped and knew that terror and anticipation found her surprised face. He parted her legs with a nudge of one lean thigh. "Playing hard to conquer I see."
"Wouldn't be fun if it were easy." His gently masculinity won in the end or it could be blamed on her flagrant, wanton curiosity. He stroked her wet entrance with the solid heated mass of his sex, teasing, taunting her into a moaning mass of damp curls. Her inside burst into her mind and cool release coated her brain. He thrust into her eliciting a gasp. She threw her arms around his neck pulling him on top of her. A low primal sound of amusement wrapped around her insides and he laughed at her. In measured movements he pushed in and out of her.
She tried to muffle the gasps of unexpected pleasure but failed each time he found her sensitivity. Wave after wave of warm serenity washed over her brain, over her body. She could barely stand the pleasure that seemed like it would never stop.
Her companion slowed sweat developing on his strong chest. She licked her lips bringing a sinister smile to his shadowed features. He pulled her up with him as he kneeled on the bed she set on his thighs his throbbing length still filling her. With his sinewy arms he moved her up and down on him gritting his teeth each time her round bottom drew down his length and landed solidly in his thighs. Fast he pulled he up and let gravity take her down on him. He full breast bouncing with her measured motion.
She bit her bottom lip and through her head back. Her chestnut locks brushing her backside sending tickling sensations up her spin. He breath hitched as another violate orgasm took her. She pushed on his chest the sensations almost too much to bear but he wouldn't slow. He forced her to feel every singling thrust every throb of his sex every drop of cum that coated his shaft proof of his ability to satisfy her lust.
She felt his sex convulse inside of her. His breathing labored, legs shake, arms tense. His eyes opened lazily as he gradually recovered from their bought of sexual stimulation. Exhausted they both collapsed on the bed their labored breathing the only sound in the space.
Sommer didn't even realize that she was sleeping until she felt the rustling of the sheets pulling her groggy mind back to consciousness. In the faint light of the moon she saw strong shoulders pulling up pants, then shimming into a shirt. She didn't even remember him having a shirt on. She smiled noticing the blurred outline of a tattoo across his strong back. She started to feel the tingling of arousal wind its way through her insides.
Sommers heavy lids brought he eyes closed as his back disappeared out the room. The solid click of the front door verified his departure. Sommer exhaled stretching her delightfully sore limbs the previous night's events playing like a hazy dream in the back of her mind.
The phone rang abruptly forcing Sommer from her day dream. "Yes?" Sommer barely recognized her raspy force still horse from her night of passion.
"So, how did it go?"
"Uh duh who else would be calling from my phone?"
Sommer exhaled turning on her back to examine her ceiling. "How did what go?"
"Gosh really Sommer? The date!" Mellissa's voice raised ten ovtives illiciting a slight throb behind Sommer's eyes.
Date? Sommer rolled her eyes. Oh yeah the date that she cancelled on. "Oh went okay."
"You going to see him again? I promise he gets much more interesting when you get to know him."
"He's a IT guy right?" Sommer ran a hand over her body feeling unnaturally attractive. She stretched like a cat yawn and all as she rolled on her side.
"No, an accountant." Sommer could already tell Melissa was disappointed. Melissa really had other things to worry about rather than focusing on making Sommer's life miserable.
"Oh yeah." Sommer wasn't at all interested in whoever her friend was trying to set her up with from her boring job. "Look honey, I'm fine being single you know. There's no need to force some sort of love connection. I recently got out of my relationship with Dustin..."
"Again." Mellissa mummbled but SOmmer heard her. "Recently Sommer? That was two years ago."
"Well technically the first time we broke up maybe but, we were together a long time..." Sommer grabbed a handful of sheets the man's scent still clung to them. "I'm just not ready."
Melissa sighed. "You'll never be ready if I know you like I think I do."
"Stop raggin' on me it's Sunday finally a day off."
"Yeah," Sommer cringed at the low sadness in her friend's voice.
"Come on Mel don't be that way. I'll find a guy and all that jazz. I'm just not in a rush." Sommer propped herself up on the bed resting her head on the palm of her free hand.
"Well your ovaries aren't getting any younger, and my son wants someone to play with."
"Why don't you have another kid then?"
"What's the point of having a best friend if our kids can't do play dates?"
Sommer clasped her forehead massaging her temples. "Okay enough of this. I'll call you later." She didn't even give Melissa a chance to react she already knew what her friend would say and frankly, she wasn't in the mood. Sommer rolled over in her bed and burried her face in the sheets again inhaling the delightful masculine fragrance that lingered there. Intimate memories started to yet again flood her mind. The feel of his body on top of hers, moving to a sweet rhythmic song that made up of the rasped moans and groans and heavy breathing and thighs hitting ass hitting thighs sucking on breasts. How she felt vulnerable yet powerful and beautiful, seductive.
Sommer pulled the sheets down smiling up at her ceiling. She was dead serious of her no strings attached rule but she prayed that wouldn't be a one night stand. Sommer wasn't sure how it would be possible to forget the way he brought he to climax more times than she could remember. It seemed like one glorious moment of completion to the point her mind was still hazy.
Sommer's alarm started buzzing bringing her out of that nights blissful remembrance and back to the reality that was her life.
She had a date set up for later that week which she wasn't really looking forward to. Melissa bothered her so much that Sommer gave in. Her Thursday date was with a man Sommer met at the fabric store while picking out finishes for a client's furniture set that she was reupholstering.
Sommer pushed herself up in the bed and decided she might as well get the day going because apparently it wasn't going to start itself.


"Wow, Melissa totally underestimated how hot you are."
Sommer looked up from her plate for the first time truly hearing what the man across from her was saying. Sommer presented a toothless smile and nodded. "Thanks, I think."
"I know I'm not the type of guy you usually date and I can see that you're totally bored so desert and then I take you home?"
Sommer looked at the man for the first time. Well, she saw him, but she didn't really spend too much time taking notes because if she was luck y she would never have to see him again. He was plain as they come. Smart but not too good in social settings. He had a great job and took her to an amazing restaurant to eat, but he was, for lack of a better word: boring. Mind numbingly, excruciatingly boring.
Sommer was glad that he kept to his word without trying to push up on her because she would have had to hurt his feelings. She kicked off her shoes and strolled into her bedroom and flopped face up on the bed. She had a long week and all she really wanted was a good lay. She had a few potentials but they were only mediocre except one. She pulled his number up on her phone and stared at it deep in thought. There were so many reasons why she shouldn't and only a couple why she should. One reason why she should is because why settle for mediocre when you had the chance to get it done right? She'd only had the one encounter with him and wasn't sure if it was too desperate to call him after only four days. Yes she was counting.
Well, there was only one way to find out. Either he could say no and she'd be right where she was, or he could venture into the lion's den.
SUB-CATEGORIES: Erotic-Romance
WORD COUNT: 40,000