| La Mano  Part 5 |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

"Let me do my job."

Elena growled and flopped backward on the bed. "You've been going through those files for a week now! I'm getting bored." She propped her head up on her elbow her curves in profile. A welcome distraction to Arillion's tired mind.

He turned to face her fully a slight smile pulling up the corner of her lips. "I know that's a long time for you to go without severing a limb but I'm developing a plan."

"Let's just go in there and do something, anything gah!"

Arillion stood up and made his way toward the bedroom of their corner suite. He really didn't understand her. They had this lovely room that overlooked the mediterranean, room service, lots of quaint little places to eat and shop and here she was bored. Honestly, he didn't understand the woman one bit. Actually, he understood her all too well and that disturbed him even more because he was, no matter her insanity, drawn to her. He leaned on the door frame meeting her eyes.

"I believe you already understand that you are acting like a child."

"I just don't understand-"

"And that's why you hired me. This isn't like swiping a candy bar from a convenience store, this is like breaking into Fort Knox, with one hand tied behind your back, blindfolded. I think I'm close to a viable plan, but I need peace and quiet to make sure I don't miss something that could get us killed. You know if you're really that homesick you can always fly back to Columbia. I'm sure your minions are missing you."

She scoffed. "I already told you this is too-"

"Too dangerous and sensitive to go in half cocked." Arillion hijacked her words.
"Arillion. If you cut me off one more time I'm going to break your arm."

Arillion crossed his arms over his chest. "Do you feel better now?"

She smirked. "A little." She scooted to the foot of the bed facing him and pushed herself up on her feet. Arillion shifted as she made her way toward him nothing but mischief in her eyes. Her hips swaying back and forth, a temptation. There was a reason she was the Devil's hand good God almighty. She placed her hand on his chest and pressed into him grazing his chin with her lips. "Tell me." She whispered near his ear then nibbled his earlobe. Arillion didn't tell his heart to start beating triple time but it did and all the blood rushed to his lower extremity.

He pulled away from her trying to give himself space to think straight.

Her eyebrows furrowed. "You don't seem to be attracted to me anymore. I mean we share a bed for god’s sake and you didn't even try anything."

"If I recall, you threatened to castrate me if i did." Arillion kept his arms secure, crossed in front of him. Elena was volatile, emotional, and violent and dear God her still wanted to touch her.  

She smiled biting her bottom lip. "Oh don't tell me you're scared of me."

"I'm terrified of you, and…” Arillion grabbed her roaming hands and pressed them to her side.  “I have a job to do."

Anger flashed through Elena's eyes. "Work, work, work, work, work that's all you think about. Plan, plan, plan. There is no way possible you can plan for every little thing!"

Arillion grabbed Elena and smashed his mouth the hers. He told himself he'd wait until their weekend. Transaction, business agreement, keep it uncomplicated, keep it prescriptive. There was nothing good that could come from this woman...then she ran her hands down the front of his pants.  He grabbed her legs wrapping them around his waist, unhooked her shirt. She was moaning into his mouth her chest heaving, hands running through his hair stroking the nape of his neck as she struggled to unbutton his shirt. After failing to do so quickly, she ripped it open the buttons popping everywhere. Her eyes lit up when they scanned his upper body laid bare before her. He laid her on the bed forming his hands over every smooth luscious curves of her bronzed body. He pulled her lace panties off; his breath catching at the shear perfection of her femininity.

He was more than willing to wait until they shared their weekend but it was quite obvious to him that, though she denied it, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Arillion trailed kisses from the valley of her breasts to her sex and paused there.

Air caught in Arillion's chest when he glanced into her eyes, intense and focused there was something altogether new there. Something that Arillion had spent many nights trying to imagine. There in the depths of her beautiful brown eyes was lust. Pure unadulterated lust: desire for him.

A smile pulled the corner of his lips before he tasted her sweet swollen lips. Arillion's penis throbbed when he ran a finger along her slit dripping wet, ready for him.

"Ahhh!" Elena moaned throwing her head back arching her body. She never allowed a man to pleasure her so intimately. She couldn't afford the distraction. Unlike men she couldn't just go around sexing everything. Honestly, she had no desire to be close in this way with any man.

Until Arillion.

Elena grabbed a handful of Arillion's hair bucking and moaning in the throws of passion as his clever tongue worked her into a heated mess. A pressure was growing behind her head pushing closer to something she wasn't sure what until her world exploded and her legs started shaking. After a few seconds she felt him start kissing up her body. She met his eyes hers glazed over her mind still in the dazed aftermath of her orgasm.

He flipped her over on her stomach pulling her hips back toward him stroking the curve of her ass to her waist, stomach, and cupped her full breast. He chased the length of her spine with kisses while his other hand positioned his penis at her entrance. She pulled away from him and turned to face him on the bed.

"I want to see you." She turned on her back and pushed herself toward the head of the bed then held out her arms to him. Arillion  obliged crawling toward her on the bed taking his place between her thighs.

Arillion was surprised. He would have guessed she'd want to be thrown around choked a little. He thought she would think he was weak if he was gentle with her.

He stroked her cheek then leaned down and grazed her lips with his before tasting her mouth.

He pushed into her tight opening struggling at first. "Relax, love let me in. I need to feel you wrapped around me."

Elena sighed and he felt her relax her sex then he slid inside her she grimaced and dug her nails into his back. Arillion frowned. She was a little too tight.

He pulled his face back to look into her eyes. "Have you ever been with a man?"

Elena looked up at him from under her lashes but said nothing. She didn't have to he knew. Why didn't he even think about it. Of course she wouldn't be sleeping around giving men an advantage over her, that was not La Mano. The woman that lay under him, Elena, was different. He found he rather liked this side of her too. "Why didn't you tell me?" He started to pull out of her but Elena tightened her legs around his hips and grabbed his glutes to keep him nestled part way inside her. Arillion took a deep breath caressing her cheek running his fingers through her tousled tresses. “Elena…”

She placed a finger over his lips.

“I-” She looked down for a second before finding his eyes again. “I want you.” She was swirling the hair on the nape of his neck in a distracting way.

Arillion talked a good talk but he could hardly deny this woman. Not while she was exposing her soft underbelly to him. Arillion brushed her wild strands away from her face and pressed a slow, tender kiss on her lips. "It's going to hurt at first." He pressed into her covering her mouth with his muffling her cries before he felt her innocence relieve her. She stopped digging her nails into his skin as her sex adjusted to his intrusive member.

Slow at first he pumped into her each time he filled her her breathing started to increase her lips parted, moans escaped her lips. Then something Arillion wasn’t expecting happened. She started rolling her hips meeting his thrusts. Her hands were roaming over his skin shivers running along his spin. He’d been with women before, but this. It never stopped it was a constant high. Everything she did, every movement every gasp that escaped her lips increased his temperature. He never wanted to be away from her heat, her passion.

He slowed his strokes desperate to keep the inevitable at bay for as long as he could so he could revel in her slick warmth. He laid on his side bringing Elena’s hips back to him. The delicious soft curve of her bottom made him groan. He entered her; his hands running up the front of her soft skin. Finding the soft delicate flesh of her breast and rolling the nipple between his fingers. It still struck him that she was so innocent in one way and so terribly devious in others.
Arillion was honored that he had the privilege of showing her the pleasures of sex. He tried not to think too much into it. He tried not to think about the fact that she had to trust him. Trust him enough to allow him to literally penetrate her defenses. He could only imagine the life she lived not only as La Mano but before. How she became the Devil’s Hand: vicious, ruthless, dealing pain and liking it.

“Elena.” Arillion whispered her name in her ear nibbling her lobe his mind rolling in the pleasure that was their bodies connecting. She was impossibly soft he turned her head and kissed those soft, supple lips. Elena reached her arm back touching his head, shoulder, arms. Forming her hand over his that was holding her close to him by her breast. Arillion opened her legs using his leg giving him a better angle inside of her. Elena gasped gripping the sheets as he increased his thrusts. He let one hand glide down her flat stomach and settle on the hard flesh between her legs.

She cried out when he started stroking her. Elena growled letting out a lagid string of curses in Spanish. “A dios mio Arillion you’re going to kill me.” Her voice was heavy and airy. She groaned low and long the sensation of her tight walls gripping him as her body convulsed with her release was making that pending pressure press on the back of his head until he could no longer keep it at bay.

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