| La Mano  Part 2 |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

Arillion scrolled through the article on his phone before taking a sip of his tea. There was something about France that he absolutely loved. The calm spring air was pleasant as he sat in the warm late morning sunshine. After his encounter with La Mano he couldn’t stop following the goings on in the criminal world. He always kept an ear to the ground it was best professional practice, but part of him was waiting to read about the beautiful woman mastermind that ran up most of the drug trade in Columbia. Arillion wasn’t sure how she managed to keep her name out of the papers but he admired that about her.

Arillion frowned setting his tea down adjusting the knitted sweater that hugged his neck as he glanced around the rather lively cafe`. He felt eyes on him. In his line of work feeling eyes was never a good thing. Arillion caught the server as she strolled by to get his bill. In a past life he might have shrugged it off, but being in his line of work instincts were all you had most times in matters of life and death. Arillion masked the fight or flight jolt that shot through him when a handsomely dressed man slid into the chair across from him.

"Don't move." His voice was calm and measured. He had some kind of accent Arillion couldn’t pick it up. Truth was it was probably a hybrid from a life on the move. From the life of someone like him or worst.

Arillion met the man’s silver gaze and picked up his tea his ankle still resting on his leg. “I beg your pardon sir?” Arillion sipped his tea coaxing his hand to stay steady. Playing dumb was always a good ploy.

The man sat expressionless before Arillion. “We’re going to leave this cafe` with no problems, right?”

Arillion cocked his head. What the hell was this? “Well that certainly depends on with whom I’m speaking.

“A collector.”

Arillion glanced quickly around the outdoor cafe` fenced in by a low iron fence. He could jump it if he needed to.

"If I wanted you dead I would have killed you, but my employer wants you very much alive." The waitress tentatively laid the bill on the table and the man picked it up without hesitation then laid a substantial amount of money on top of the bill and closed the black case it was harbored in. "You have two choices. I give you a sleeping pill, or you come quietly."

Arillion’s blood started pumping through his veins. He hated the game of cat and mouse. He rather prefered to get in and get out. "Where exactly will I be coming quietly to?"

Arillion could not tell what the man was thinking his gaze was calm and unemotional but his mouth turned up and the ends. "It's a long way to see my employer. You've met. She went through a great deal and effort to find you."

"She?" Arillion didn’t need to search his memory long to pull up the image of the woman he suspected had come for him. Arillion clearly saw her beautiful dark features and sexy curves as if she were standing before him. Arillion held his excitement at bay, it'd been over a year and there were only a handful of days that went by that he didn't think about her. It took great effort for him to forget about her. His interest was peaked. If this man worked for who Arillion thought he worked for the man was correct he would be dead already if that was her will. Why didn't she want him dead? Wait she probably wanted him alive and well so she could deal the punishment herself. She did admit to enjoying the torture. "There's always another way."

"You could run, then I would have to chase you and eventually someone would get hurt. The jet I have waiting is quite comfortable. It would be a shame to waste the entire tide in an unconscious slumber all the way to Columbia."

Arillion had guessed correctly. There was only one Colombian woman with pull to find him. "How did she find me?"

"She didn't. She hired me, and I found you.” The man rapped his fingers on the table. “She asked me if I could find a ghost."

"Arillion was known to many for his discretion. Hardly anyone ever knew that he had robbed them until it was far too late. He kept an intensive list of those he stole from careful not to take job offers from such people as it would most certainly be a trap. Surely La Mano wanted something from him, maybe something besides his head on a platter for stealing from her. That pang of guilt rushed through him again. There was no use denying that he was intrigued and that despite his better judgement he wanted to hold he in his gaze again. "When does the plane leave?"

The man acrossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. "Now."

Part of Arillion was terrified of what grisly fate she had in store for him. Whatever it was however, he hoped it involved her straddling him again. The other part of him was desperate to see her again. Desperate to be in her heavy presence. He could still remember the floral scent that clung to her hair and the pretty almond swirls in her dark eyes.  Arillion had noticed a large burly fellow on the other side of the French cafe` patio gate not looking directly at him. In fact, he looked more like club security. Arillion recognized him as La Mano’s giant sized juggernaut bodyguard. He had a blank expression on his wide face same expression he had a year back when he was carrying out his mistress's wishes. He was the opposite of the Devilish woman. Big, tall and sturdy, blank faced, simple in appearance.

Arillion stood from his chair, pushed it in politely and headed toward the cafe` gate followed closely by the La Mano’s tracker.  

The slender man had under exaggerated the luxury of the jet they were riding in. Arillion had expected luxury but it was over the top. Lavish and opulent and he loved it. He didn't mind being treated like a king until he was face to face with his dark exotic deadly queen. Even with all the luxury the ride to her was far too long.

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