| Damsel's Tattooed Temptation 
CHAPTER 8: Moon’s Siren Song |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

Damsel surprised James seemed at every turn. He didn’t know how to interpret her desire to spend so much time with him but it had to be a good thing, right? He certainly wasn't expecting his Damsel to be in his bed and his arms so soon.

She was snuggled next to him under his silk sheets right where she was supposed to be. He had to contain the excitement in his chest. This was the longest amount of time that he spent with any female besides, Exotica, and wasn’t slowly dying inside praying the woman would leave him in peace.  

He wasn’t expecting her to be so alive at night. There was a point in their evening when she came alive and made him look like stranger in a place he spent so much time. He was exhausted his rambling thoughts lulling his mind closer to unconsciousness. Truth was he’d stay up a thousand days to see her playing that piano again.

He was on the phone with his agent when he heard her getting acquainted with the keys before launching into one of his favorite songs. James had to cut the conversation short just so he could witness the spectacle. He truly saw her in that moment with her guard down no one to impress nothing to prove. No one’s balls to smash under foot. It was a breath of fresh air to find something they shared…

James broke from his thoughts when he felt a hand running up his chest.


"Hmm?" Her voice sounded so innocent, but that hand.

"What are you doing baby?" James looked down to the top of her dark curls as filtered moonlight caught some of the lighter brown strands making this glow a bit.

She looked up at him. "Nothing..." She pushed herself up on her elbow and tossed her hair to her other shoulder it falling in disarray around her face and shoulders. "Yet." A sinister smile pulled the corner of her beautiful full lips.

Shit! "Damsel..."

She silenced him with a finger over his lips, then pushed up on hands and knees. She brought a leg on the other side of him and rested her bottom on his lap.

Got damn it woman what was she doing to him? The damn broke cracked inside of him. He took a long steady breath to calm himself. Well isn’t that a bitch! Here he was trying to be in control and patient because he really liked this woman. He wanted her to respect him and take him serious. That morning he told himself he wasn't going to make any sudden moves. The last thing he was expecting was her pussy so got damn close to his cock. Good Jesus! Was this some kind of got damn test or something? He could never tell with her.  

"I'm fully aware of what I said to you." Damsel kissed his jaw and then his neck. James gripped the sheets trying desperately to keep his hands to himself. She was having a momentary lapse in judgement. It was the bubbles from the champagne even though she only drank half the glass. It was late, really late maybe it was sleep deprivation. "James?"

"Hmm?" He didn't trust his voice to form words.

"Touch me."

Look at the fucking situation she put him in!

If he heeded her request, he'd be the heathen she thought he was. If he didn't, she'd think he didn't want her butt ass naked, limbs contorted in every fucking position he knew and a few others he'd make up in the heat of the moment. "Damsel,  I don't-"

Damsel took his hand and formed it around one of her breasts. Damsel groaned, her head fell back, and she rocked her hips on him. James’s fingers instinctively started rolling her nipple between thumb and pointer even as his confused brain tried to find words. It was muscle memory! He didn’t tell them to do it! Instincts!

Damsel gasped then moaned his name.

Well fuck me sideways.

James groaned his hips taking on a mind of their own. She was so soft and hot above him. Her silhouette a shadowed temptation in the dark room. The only light from the hazy moon struggling through the curtains.

That voice that had been coaching all day whispered in his mind causing him to still his lower body. He wrapped a hand around her hips to still them and sat up face inches from her neck. "What changed?" James rasped. It took everything in James to keep from pressing his lips to her neck her clean fresh smell washing over him, to push through the blood rushing from his head to his groin, to give her what she was begging for. Good got damn she was a wild tempting siren and the way her hips moved he could barely formulate coherent thoughts.

There was a haze clouding his rational mind and the animal instincts he was working hard all day to suppress were pushing against his skin wanting to burst out. He held them at bay. He needed her to answer. It would tell him if she was testing him or genuinely unable to keep her hands to herself, a more desireable motive to be sure. James reluctantly removed his hand from her breast and used it to help still her hips.

"James, what's wrong?" Damsel met his eyes her slender fingers running along his hairline near his spine.

James shivered and took a few breaths to steady himself. It was a lot easier to do with her not moving but his cock missed her motion. "You…” He stopped to lick his lips and find words. “...made it very clear when this date started where you stood with sex. I want to know what changed your mind?"

Her lustful eyes sobered a bit as she traced the outline of his jaw and her eyes searched his face. "I was... scared."

"You mentioned that. What are you scared of, beautiful? Me?"

"Not you... scared that I was going to be just another girl you've messed around with."

James frowned. He didn’t like the perception she had of him. He knew it was out there, that reputation and he never really gave it any thought until that moment. "And? ...You... don't think that any more?" James stroked her cheek with his thumb and she leaned into his hand closing her eyes. God her reaction made his inside boil over.

"It's irrational. I know, but it just feels right." Damsel pressed a kiss into his palm.

Got damn girl if you don't stop...

"You just feel right."

That did it!

James flipped Damsel off his lap onto her back and straddled her. She let her arms fall above her head her body an offering. He wanted her really bad, beyond bad, like crack head bad but he wasn't going to let her dismiss him like a bug under her shoe after this night. He wasn't going to let her off that easy. "I don't want you to regret anything, love." James looked down at the beautiful woman below him his arms itching at her sides.

Fuck are you doing James? She’s throwing the pussy at you and you're giving her a chance to renege? Dumb ass...! James ignored his sub conscious mind and listened to the side that was coaxing him to be patient.

Damsel held her arms up to him and that was all he needed.

Pace yourself! Take your time. The soft voice instructed. Memorize every got damn pore on her beautiful body.

James took her outstretched hands in his and kissed each palm before wrapping her arms around his waist. He leaned forward framing her face with his hands. Her lips parted so fucking... Got damn...mmmm... Shit. James pulled Damsel’s bottom lip with his teeth and she arched into him a moan slipping past her lips.

His chest tightened. Her reaction was intoxicating. He took his time bringing his face closer to hers gliding his hands down her sides tracing the gentle curves of her body before pressing his lips soft and sweet to hers. She groaned pushing into him pulling him down. He could feel her urgency her need and part of him wanted to match her quick, urgent, frenzy but the other part told him, warned him, to steady their pace.

Make her see you. Make her feel you. Make her remember you, your touch, your kisses. Make her yearn for you. Make her wait. Show her you can be patient, attentive.

James placed kisses along her jaw down her neck, down the valley of her breasts, traced her abs with his tongue. She tasted like she smelled her smooth skin forming goosebumps following the wake of his tongue. Damsel was rolling her hips now groaning. She grabbed a breast with one hand with the other she ran fingers through his hair. James almost lost it when he heard her whisper his name.

Good got damn.

He was going to be honest, he wasn't expecting her to be so passionate so wanton. He was halfway expecting to have to coax her, teach her, assure her that feeling out of control was okay even encouraged.

James lingered on her lower abdomen kissing her pelvic bone on each side before running his tongue along the skin just below her panty line.

"You're teasing me." Damsel whined.

James smiled and looked up at her from under his lashes then ran his hands from her hips to her waist and held her firm before kissing her through her panties.

Damsel curved her body toward his mouth, her head rolled back, her hips jutted forward. "Oh god!"

James smiled. He really loved seeing her free, open and uninhibited. He guessed it only took the right person to allow her to let loose. He smiled inside imagining that he was that person.

With his mouth James moved the cloth out the way enough so he could feast on the sweet flesh between her legs. Her hair was waxed except for a groomed strip down the center.

Damsel held her breath as he hovered over her sex his eyes capturing hers. Her eyebrows were pulled together body tense, waiting. “ James you…” She broke off when his tongue flicked over her clit. She smashed her head into the pillows, a growl escaped her mouth followed by a low moan as he worked her clit licking and suckling her swelling lower lips. Her breathing picked up as fluid strings of profanity filled the silence.

James peeled the panties over her smooth legs rubbing up their length. He left a trail of kisses from her toes all the way back to the juncture of her sex where he continued tasting her.

"Oh my ...!” Damsel growled a shiver wracking her body. “Shit...oh fuck…” She bit her lower lip her eyes devouring him. The intensity made his inside clench. “Oh god...fucking shit…” She started panting. “Fucking fucks!" Damsel's legs started shaking as liquid slipped from her pussy.

Holy fucking shit! James inserted a curious finger inside of her nearly coming undone by her arousal, satisfaction.

Damsel closed her legs a drunken satisfied smile caressed her face. James stood up at the foot of the bed watching Damsel roll over on all fours and make her way to him with a languid, cat-like crawl. She stretched her arms in front of her pushing her ass into the air her heavy lidded eyes focused on him. She finally got to him and grabbed the nape of his neck pulling his lips, still wet with her juices, to hers.

Good holy Christ he fucking loved her touch, her lips the way her body looked when she crawled toward him.

Damsel deepened their kiss pressing her bare breasts to his chest, pulling him close to her with her arms wrapped around his neck. He could taste her all day and night and still want more. Damsel made quick order of his clothes discarding them on the floor before pulling away from him her eyes taking him all in.

Damsel made a snide remark about his ink when they first met in the park which made him think she wasn’t a fan. In the current moment, however, James could see, even in the dim lighting, her eyes saw only something she liked.

She licked her lips. Her gaze made him want to grab her up and feel her soaking wet pussy close around his cock. Chill the fuck out. James scolded his anxious penis. Let her look her fill. Patients. She's not working tomorrow you've got all fucking night, and day if need be got damn you greedy impatient ass mother fucker. James brought his inner attention to Damsel. What he would pay to know what was going through her head. Whatever it was he liked it! James bit his bottom lips his mouth wanting to take her again. Take your time, sweetheart. Take a good look at cha man.

Damsel reached out and ran her fingers down his chest and arms tracing the lines of his tattoos. She bit her lip scooting closer to the edge of the bed, while he stood. Damsel inched closer to him her eyes raking his body, then stopped when her eyes found his growing member.

She frowned and met his eyes. Her concern made him smirk.

You're got damn right and you're going to feel every inch.

Damsel swallowed he could see her trying to figure out the logistics. He didn't want her to think too hard about it.


She looked at him again. “Hmm?”

"Touch me baby."

Her eyes melted at his command her small hands reaching out to acquiesce to his request. She started at his collar bone traced the outline of it the down over his chest. She placed a kiss with those unbelievably soft lips to his chest and James shivered his head feel back eyes closed.

She kept kissing down his body and hesitated before she reached his now fully erect penis. It hung out heavy between his legs thick and veiny ready like a fucking dog about to be taken out for a walk.

Don’t rush her let her explore you. See what she does. Follow her lead ...dick. James tempered his needy flesh.

Damsel looked up at him from under her lashes a mischievous smile pulling up the corner of her mouth. James arched an eyebrow. What the...

She cupped his balls with one hand, his penis with the other and descended on him.

He wasn’t ready!

He foolishly thought all his experience had prepared him for anything this woman could throw at him.

Well I'll be got damned! The sensation of the trilogy was more than he'd felt at once ever in his life. Where the hell did she learn that porn shit?

"Got damn baby that shit feels good."

Damsel moaned the vibrations sent a chill up James’s spine as heat swirled in his insides and up his back. His balls tightened while she continued to suckle stroke,and massage him. "Fucking sexy ass." James bit his bottom lips when her eyes met his. James pulled away not ready to cum just yet. Oh, no he wanted to be deep in that pussy when that happened.

Damsel grabbed his hips and pulled him back toward her placing kisses up his body lingering on his flat nipple then placing nibbles up his neck, along his jaw before she kissed his mouth.

James pulled her to him the feel of her soft, hot flesh on his made his mind sore. He laid he back on the bed settling between her legs not breaking the kiss. He stroked her pussy, sliding a finger inside of her and almost came at how fucking wet she was. James moaned pulling away from her long enough to put on a condom. He positioned himself at her opening.

James looked down at Damsel legs spread for him her hands mindlessly stroking her breast, hips rolling, arching toward him. Her eyes were closed as she bit her bottom lip in anticipation.

"Hmm?" She sang through the quiet air.

"Look at me baby."

She brought her heavy eyes open attention focused on him as he leaned forward hovering over her. He pressed his swollen head between her pussy lips. Damsel's breath caught she grabbed his arms her chest heaving.

"Good God James how-" James silenced her by covering her mouth with his as he slowly filled her with his entire length. She arched her back nails digging into his flesh. The pain sent James another burst of endorphins through his brain that made his mind sore.

After her body relaxed around him, James pumped into her slick opening their bodies creating tight slapping sounds to the beat of his thrusts.

"Fuck baby you feel so damn...mmm. So fucking sexy."

As a general rule James was against cannibalism, but he wanted to consume Damsel… eat her up whole, devour her. It was everything that was driving him to this rather disturbing conclusion. Her breasts slid up and down at the pace of his hips. Her open mouth, her moans, and groans fluctuating with the intensity of his drive.

James closed Damsel’s legs and kept stroking inside of her each pump sending shivers and chills through his body as the heat of completion tingled in the back of his head.

Not yet fucker stay back there.

He wanted to feel this forever. Her body, her energy the way her fingers touched his tats, his skin, his chest, arms, grabbed his balls.
James flipped her on her knees desperate for a position change or he’d lose control. James pulled her luscious, thick ass toward him by her small waist. He ran a hand over her ass first then slapped his dick on it before smacking it. Yes, he could look and feel this ass forever.

James slid his cock back home pushing into a gasping cursing Damsel. He wrapped his arms around her grabbing her breasts with one hand stroking her clit with the other.

"Oh shit James... I'm...mmmmm... gonna-" Damsel broke off as the walls of her pussy started convulsing around him. Her mouth was open but no sound came out.

"That's right baby ride that high." Damsel leaned back against him her head on his shoulder while he kept stroking her dripping wet pussy. He wanted to wring every last pleasure hormone that floated around in her mind.

When Damsel's orgasm finally subsided, James pulled out and maneuvered her so she was laying on her back again looking up at him.

He most definitely wanted to see her beautiful face when he came. She wrapped her shapely legs over his hips and wound her arms around his neck tasting his mouth. He slipped inside of her eliciting a gasp from her. He pulled out slow, steady then pushed back into her slippery sex. How was she SO wet? Good god. James kept going slow at first then picked up the pace as the pending release built up.

He looked down at the beautiful woman underneath him everything about her body, that flawless brown skin, full perky breasts bouncing with his strokes he grabbed one with his mouth, the curve of her hips just drove his mind insane. Damsel was biting her bottom lip, eyes half open drunk on him, high on him.

That made him feel all powerful to bring this woman such satisfaction.

He held onto the suspended high, that moment where the rushing blood silenced everything around him. Damsel's moans and groans, as sexy as they were, faded and the back of his head tingled in the silence the eye right before the...fucking...storm!


Damsel stretched her sore limbs her bare skin rubbing against silky soft sheets. One eye cracked open as the complete silence of morning settled in her mind. Her brain slowly made sense of her surroundings cast in the hazy blue of morning. The previous night's events rushed through her mind and heat rose to her cheeks.

Good Jesus she was a wanton hussy last night! Her mother would gasp in disapproval. Sex on the first date, no matter how long the date, was one of Damsel's golden rule no no’s if you ever wanted a man to see you as more than a pair of legs and an ass.

There was only one other time in Damsel's life that she made a rash decision to sleep with a guy and the next morning he wasn't as cute, he wasn't as mysterious, he ground his teeth when he slept, he hovered while she tried to get ready in the morning. It was an utter nightmare. Last night, however, was nothing like the desperate series of events that led her to that sad, disappointing mistake.

Damsel peeked over her shoulder to see if James had suddenly turned into an eyesore, but there was no James to speak of! Damsel set up in bed pulling her wild curls away from her face, the silk sheet held tight covering her chest and she looked around the rather spacious room. Damsel frowned pushing herself to the edge of the bed and standing. She stretched again a delightful ache throbbing in all her muscles.

Damsel ventured to a mirror in a walk-in closet off the bedroom and grimaced at her appearance. She was a hot mess. She couldn’t let him see her like th...

"Morning beautiful."

She brought her shocked eyes to a calm James leaning on the door frame to what appeared to be a balcony. He had a book clasped in his hand his appearance a disheveled morning superstar mess that he, to no surprise, wore so well. He was beautiful, all tousled hair and low eyes a smirk pulling up the corner of his delicious mouth. He laughed when she sighed cartoon hearts probably bursting from her eyes.

"James where are my clothes?" Damsel looked around by the bed but the plush white carpet was bare and the bed was empty.

"Not in this room." Mischief played in his hazel green eyes as he pushed off the door frame and strolled toward her tossing the book on a table by a chair near the large window that overlooked the backyard. Her insides turned over like a disturbed pool of lava. Damsel backed into the wall James still closing in on her. He clasped the nape of her neck and pulled her to him by the small of her back. "You're so fuckin' beautiful."

Damsel exhaled as James's lips descended toward hers. She never thought of herself as a vane person but hearing him verbalize his attraction to her beauty was a shocking turn on for her.

Damsel combed her fingers through the hair at the nape of James's neck and he shivered. She pulled his mouth to meet hers as he picked her up wrapping her legs around his waist.

James pressed her back against the wall trapping her hands above her head letting the silk sheets fall away from her body and pool on the floor beneath them. James pulled away just enough to take her in. "The things you do to me." James bit his bottom lip tracing the outline of her arms, then down her rib cage to her waist. She pushed her body into him with a low moan. She loved when he touched her, looked at her, kissed her, tasted her. She trembled recalling the previous night.

"James, I don’t want you to think I’m a flagrant hussy on the first d..."

He kissed her softly. “That’s not what I’m thinking at all.” The corner of his mouth pulled up mischief dancing in his hazel eyes. He kissed her again and carried her to his bed.

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