| Damsel's Tattooed Temptation 
CHAPTER 22: Into Overdrive |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

James pulled off the interstate a few exits up and backed into an alley facing the highway. He cut the engine and set there in the silence. It was almost dark just a few colors hanging on the horizon.

James chanced a tentative glance toward Damsel. She was still gripping her seat sight, shoulders tense. Her eyes were wide, breathing labored. She almost looked like someone dumped a cold bucket of water on her head. She was staring straight ahead. Her mind was churning he knew she had so much to say. It was driving him crazy that she wouldn’t just come out and say it. The dense heavy silence hung in the still air.

Damsel gasped and started when three police cars went flying by on the highway.

“It’s okay. Everything will cool dow…”

She pulled away from his reach. “James are you crazy!” She unbuckled her seatbelt and faced him. Her eyes were wild and dark he could see her pulse in the vein in her neck. “Running from the police like some common criminal!”

He couldn’t tell if she was firecracker mad, or just reeling from the high of the chase. “Baby....”

“Don't baby me! A number of horrible things could have happened! What do you think you're on Fast and the Furious Fifty-Nine?” Firecracker mad it is.


Damsel snatched her hand from his grasp. “Uh uh.”

James rolled his eyes bringing his focus out the front window. “You wanted a taste of my racing life and you got it. Police come with the territory…” James's words choked back in his mouth when Damsel dove on him smashing their mouths together. Once he got over the shock, he pulled her into his lap. Heat rushed through his body and settled in his pants.

Her greedy hands were desperately working at his jeans. She unhooked the button, unzipped, and parted the jeans enough to reach in and pull him out.

“Damn girl…” James broke off when Damsel wiggled onto her knees to get back in her chair, to bend over and take him into her mouth. His hips flexed and his confused mind settled into a familiar place of pleasure as she worked her mouth and hand up and down his  length twirling her tongue around the head of his cock the back of her throat vibrating with her moan of pleasure. “Awe shit girl.” Fire cracked horny as fuck! He was okay with angry passionate ass sexual healing.

James leaned his head bank on the headrest, eyes closed, mind in heaven. Her perfume, and hair product mixed with her body wash and deodorant wrapping around his senses. He licked his lips wanting her pussy in his face. “Come here.” He demanded dropping his seat back,  grabbing her hips and pulling one leg on either side of his face. She kneeled on the small seat behind them not allowing her lips to leave his penis.

He was grateful for the millionth time for her short jean skirt as he effortlessly pushed the fabric out of the way exposing her cotton panties.  

He licked his lips his mouth watering when her sweet musky scent found his olfactory nerves.  

Damsel groaned,vibrating his cock when he moved her panties aside and flicked her clit with his tongue. He sucked her sensitive flesh between his lips then swirled her around with his tongue. He lapped her pussy, slipping his rough taste buds over her swelling flesh. She was moaning and grinding her hips against him. He slid a finger inside her. Oh shit! She was so fucking wet and ready for him he almost lost it.

Damsel stopped pleasuring him her mouth stuck open her hips rotating, while she rubbed her sex on his tongue. She was riding him, using him to draw her pleasure to the surface! Oh yeah, baby use your man!

She pulled him back into her mouth and was working him vigorously, determined for some got damn reason to make him explode and it took everything in him to hold the screaming desire in the back of his head at bay.

“Oh…” She gasped. She moaned popping his stiff flesh out of her mouth. “Shit baby, mmm.” He grabbed her ass when she tried to wiggle away and kept moving her over his tongue. Her clit was straining against her skin she was so close...

James moaned when a shiver wracked her body and she shouted. Her voice muffled when she buried her face in the fabric of his shirt. Her muscles clenched in a pulsing rhythm for a couple minutes until she finally unburied her face from his shirt.

He fucking loved making her scream. It was just as thrilling as racing if not more. She was so responsive to his touch, his kiss.

James helped her move to straddle his hips, sheath him, and sink down on his cock. He moaned letting his eyes close. The feeling never ceased to feel damn good every single fucking time.

Damsel pulled his shirt up and rubbed up his bare skin. He watched her silhouette work up and down his sex the falling sun a background of deep red, purple, and dark blue behind her.

“Yeah girl. All this crazy fast shit get you off?”

Damsel moaned. He slid a hand up her shirt and cupped her supple breast. How was she so fucking soft? He pinched her nipple between his forefinger and thumb and rolled the sensitive bud.

Damsel yelled out and her body clenched around him. The pulsing, slick walls of her pussy was enough to propel him to completion but he held back. He wasn't done with her ass yet.

Damsel leaned forward her hands planted on his chest, until her arms gave out and she collapsed on him. She started laughing, low and quiet at first, but eventually got louder.  She grabbed a fist full of his shirt and buried her laughing face in his chest where she proceeded to scream and giggle into him.

James was puzzled, but filled the space with his confused laughter. She was so fucking cute. She looked crazy as all hell, but wild and beautiful and free. He twirled one of her curls around his finger.

“That was… was… crazy!” She shrieked. “The zoom from the start line,” She motioned with her hands. James’s eyebrows quirked with amusement watching Damsel ramble animatedly. “Then skerrrt around corners, and weaving in traffic, winning! Hell-O! and the cops like fucking pussys in the wake of this powerful machine.” Damsel stroked the roof. “And you,” She brought her attention to him. Even though he couldn't see her face clear in the growing darkness, he could imagine her beautiful brown skin and big brown eyes gazing down at him. She rubbed her hands from his belly to his chest, neck and cupped his face. “The way you handled it, all calm and sexy just makes me want to grrrr!” She growled her strokes more aggressive nails scraping his skin. James’s insides floated around. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! If he’d have known how racing turned her into a fucking animal he would have done it sooner. “I want to fuck you.” Her voice was low dripping with desire, with need... for him.

Well got damn. What the fuck was he supposed to say to that? Wait a minute. Did she call the police pussys? James laughed inside. He had a delightful feeling that he was becoming a very bad influence on her and it turned him on.



“I’m off sunday a-and want to take you up on your previous offer for Sunday dinner.”

James pulled away his lust filled mind sobering enough to meet her dark eyes. Well the timing was fucking weird as shit, but Damsel often made no sense to him. Their brains were obviously wired differently and he liked that. It was refreshing to have a different point of view. The people he hung out with were so single minded. Focused on the same shit that he was. “Why now, baby?” He brushed her hair away from her face, cupping her cheek.

“I want to see you the way you want me to.” Her hand ventured down his chest curved over his obliques and she squeezed his sides. Her thumbs rubbed up and down the skin over his pelvic bone and it was fucking distracting. But he was okay with distractions from her. She rocked her hips sending his mind back to that familiar hazy blood rushing pure animalistic place. “I want to see more of you.” She bit her bottom lip her eyes swirling with desire.

She leaned down and gently pressed their lips together stirring his need for her a new. Is was euphoric that she got excited from him racing. Him doing something that he fucking loved so much. Damsel rocked her hips and like a good boy his cock started to harden again. He slid his hands over her hips and formed them to her ass the feel of her smooth skin pushing heat from his gut to his groin.

“Baby?” James said when Damsel pulled his bottom lip between her teeth.


“I want to see more of you, fucking me.”

The corner of Damsel’s pretty mouth pulled up mischief in her eyes as she obliged him.
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