| Damsel's Tattooed Temptation 
CHAPTER 20: Thing 1 Meets Thing 2… Again |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

Damsel helps Cammie get ready for an outing with Will her first dinner type of date and seeing an opera for the first time… She talks with Cammie about James giving her a key. After Cammie leaves for date, Damsel video chats with James while he’s in studio Damsel semi strips to get his attention and asks about his stunt stuff. He’s organizing some things for the Youth Fundraiser Stunt Event asks her opinion on a few things He confirms she’s still planning to go.
(Damsel confront James about his racing so he invites her to one of his street races/ car shows…)

“How do I look?”

Damsel smirked up at a wild eyed Cammie. “You look fine.”

Cammie frowned. “Fine? FINE! I can’t look fine. I need to look fine, but not too fine.”

Damsel propped her head on the palm of her hand from her laying position on Cammie’s bed.

According to Cammie, it was a friend emergency and she needed Damsel to get over to Cammie’s apartment stat. Damsel yawned. It had already been a long day but it was just starting for studying must get done.

“You look great Cammie.” Damsel giggled watching her friend fuss with the floor length gown.

Cammie glared at Damsel. “Good to see your sense of humor still has terrible timing, chuckles.”

“Good to see that you can be neurotic and it’s not just me.”

“Look, if you hadn’t punked out you would be able to give me tips right now.” Damsel rolled her eyes watching Cammie spread the deep red lipstick on her lips and pierced them together. Not this again. She should have never told her James invited Damsel to meet his mama. “The type of guys I date don’t take me on formal gown outings to meet their mom.”

Damsel rolled on her back and looked up at the hideous popcorn ceiling. “Because you were dating lames girl. Will is a sweet guy...a mostly sweet.”

Cammie smirked over at her friend. “Oh, they’d never last long if they didn’t have a little bitter to them.”

The two women laughed. Cammie perched on the bed next to Damsel and exhaled her eyes focused on hands that were in her lap. “Do you think she’ll like me?”

Wow, she’d never seen Cammie nervous. The woman seemed to live her life carefree; in fact, the world waited on her. The level headed one, that was Cammie. It was strange to say the least to see the roles reversed. Damsel cupped her friend’s cheeks. “She’d be a fool not to. I doubt Ms. Jackson is a fool considering she raised two fabulous young men, on her own mind you.”

A smile pulled up the corners of Cammie’s mouth. “Thanks girl, you always know what to say. You must have a really good best friend that got you through some things.”

Damsel laughed shaking her head. “She’s meddlesome, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything.”

“That’s good to hear.” Cammie inserted the earrings and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

Damsel’s mind had been spinning since girls night a couple days before. She been putting James off trying to come to grips with her own inner turmoil. She couldn’t shake the way she felt about him not telling her what he was doing. “Cam?”

“Yeah boo?”

“If you were dating a guy…”

“Okaaay, so we’re going to pretend you’re not talking about James. Fine, if some random guy…”

Damsel glared at her friend. “If you were dating a guy who didn’t tell you something, but he didn’t lie, but he didn’t openly share information, would you feel a certain way about it?”

“Well it depends on said information. If he failed to mention that he was fucking some random chick, I’d be livid, might even have to bust the windows out his car or some crazy shit, but if he didn’t tell me that his dog farted at midnight on a saturday, I could careless.”

“You’re so dramatic you know that right?”

“It’s a gift.”

“How do I know if I’m being petty?”

“Look, if it bothers you, it’s better to address it. Truth is, he has no freaking idea what the hell you’re thinking. Our simple minded counterparts are clueless like that. Plus, you’re hard to read when it comes to James. You’re so hot and cold. If you want him girl you better claim him.”

Damsel scooted off the bed and leaned on the door frame as Cammie completed her look.

Cammie giggled when Will honked the horn outside. “Thanks for coming over.” Cammie kissed Damsel on the cheek and they both made their way outside.

Damsel groaned when she opened the door to her apartment and saw study material spread all over the couch and coffee table. She closed the door, placed her keys on a hook by the door and walked over to a bar stool where she perched. She should study, but she didn’t want to. Now that she didn’t have Cammie’s problems to worry about, all she could think about was all her thoughts surrounding James and his trip.

Damsel placed her head into the palm of her hand then massaged her temples.


She needed to relax and a nice hot shower always did that.

Under the steaming hot water she came to the conclusion that, surprise, surprise, she was blowing this whole thing out of proportion like she normally did. Cammie was right. All she needed to do was talk to James.

She got out the shower, put on her Thing 1 onesie that she got for a Dr. Seuss party a few years ago that she went to with Cammie who dressed as Thing 2. She wandered out to the couch and set in the middle of all her study material. She stared at the words in the text, but none of them were coming into focus. This was ridiculous. She was too wired she needed to be doing something.

Maybe she should pick up a shift at the hospital. They never said no to her and always needed the help. Or… maybe she could…

“Hey baby.” James said his distorted image popped up on her screen as her phone struggled to catch up with the video feed. “A pleasant surprise.”

Damsel smiled, all her insecurities evaporated when she saw his handsome face.

James frowned and knocked on the glass that separated the studio recording booth from the engineering room. “Uh huh. You need to redo…” James paused when a voice started yelling back. Damsel couldn’t make out what the person was saying. James’s eyebrows pulled together. “No, no, no, not in post production. Get it right, now!” More yelling. “Do you need a break?” There was a scuffle. “Sorry baby give me a minute.” He brought his attention back to the chaos around him as the room erupted in indecipherable talking, yelling even some laughing.

“Eh, eh it’s cool James. Talk to your girl, I’ll handle this.” Damsel recognized the man’s island accent, Clyde.

“If he’s still pissed off about Roger, he can go. We don’t have time for the bullshit.”

“Look, cool down let me handle it, okay?”

James came back into Damsel’s view as he set in the chair. His attention was toward the door however as he watched Clyde try to settle whatever argument was going on.

“James?” She didn’t like seeing him distressed, but the way his hazel eyes were churning and his jaw was clenching was kind of... sexy.

“Yeah babe?” He didn’t look at the screen.

Damsel unzipped her super sexy Thing one onesie and pushed the fabric over her shoulder exposing her bare skin. She lowered her voice, a siren’s song. “James?” She sang his name.

His eyes flashed quickly to the screen then back to the fray around him. He frowned and turned all his attention to his phone. “Yes baby?” A smile was tugging the corner of his mouth.

“Tell me how your weekend went?”

He leaned forward on the countertop. “It went well.”

She looked down for a minute and frowned. “Why...why didn’t you tell me you were in Rio? That you race?”

He frowned. “I-I told you I was out of town. You didn’t ask, so I didn’t think you cared to know.”

She cocked her head to the side pushing her pajamas over her other shoulder. James bit his lower lip. “Of course I want to know where my man is and what he’s up to.”

James paused and his face pulled into a roguish smirk. “Your man, baby?”

Damsel felt her face heat up. “If you’re up for the task. I’ve heard I can be difficult.”

He licked his lips. “I can do difficult. Baby, what are you wearing?” His eyebrows quirked up in amusement. “Is that a…” He laughed. “Is that an other onesie?”

Heat returned to Damsel’s face and she nodded. “Uh huh. Thing One to be precise.”

James smiled. “Want to meet Thing Two?”

She pointed her phone to the ground showing her bare legs stepping out of the pajamas. Then back to her face. “If I recall, they live their best life when they’re cause mischief together.” A naughty smile pulled her lips at one corner as James’s jaw clenched and it wasn’t out of anger.

“Hey Clyde.” James was on the move. “Let’s break and meet up later tonight.”

“Okay man. Probably for the best things got a little heated in the hallway. Tell Miss Kane we said hi.”

Damsel watched James dap Clyde and then she saw the bright sun when he stepped outside. “You know I’m coming for you, right?”

She shivered.  She was counting on it.


James was cruising down the shoulder of the highway not giving a fuck about the angry horns and obscene cursing from the rule following ass holes that had the mind to sit in traffic. He hated fucking traffic especially when he was a man on a mission. Damsel’s proclamation had him on cloud nine. The bullshit, which was the aftermath of  nuclear bomb Roger, had no place in his mind at that moment.

He was grateful for the distraction but more than that his patience finally provided him with a fruitful outcome. It’d been strange the past several weeks trying to read her, trying to figure Damsel out because he knew she wanted him. At least sexually anyway. He wouldn’t have cared much even welcomed it had it been any other female. He’d been waiting for her to say what she did today even if part of him thought she never would.

James knocked on her door hearing movement inside.

She pulled the door open a thin satin robe wrapped loosely around her body. He slid his hand inside the robe and pulled her to him claiming her mouth. She moaned wrapping her arms around his neck and pushing on her tip toes.

Her skin was so soft and warm under his finger tips he couldn’t stop touching her, running his palms up and down her sides, lower back, forming to the curve of her ass. One of her hands left his neck and ran down the length of his pants. She moaned into his mouth when she found his arousal pressing against the fabric of his jeans. James pushed the robe over her shoulders the silky material floating to the ground at her feet while she worked the button to his jeans.

Before she could reach into his jeans and free him he grabbed her up by her ass and wrapped her legs around his waist. He nibbled kisses along her jaw and her neck, while he carried her to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and straddled her. Kneeling over her he took her nudity in with his greedy eyes.

“You are so fucking beautiful baby.” He traced her collarbone, down to the valley of her breasts. He cupped them then drew his fingers to her nipples.

She arched into his touch with a whimper and rolled her hips under him. “James.” She whispered his name sending a chill up the back of his head.

He ran his hands down her smooth brown skin, further to the cusp of her sex. He leaned down and nibbled her ear. “Touch your man baby. Show me how much you want me.” He pulled away and caught the lustful spark in her eyes. She pushed his jeans and boxers over his hips freeing his sex, erect and ready to dive in.

She pushed him off her and straddled him. She massaged his lips with her mouth and traced kisses down his jaw and neck, chest, over his flat stomach. She cupped his balls and found his eyes from under her lashes. He groaned as she let time create suspense. He knew that she knew what he was waiting for and the anticipation was driving him crazy. He wanted her mouth wrapped around him a precursor to him sliding inside her: he shivered just thinking about her slick hot pussy closing around him, buried deep, so fucking deep inside her, his woman.

He strained against his skin needing her to stop playing fucking games. But loving the heated look in her eyes. He reached between her legs slipping his fingers between her pussy lips. “Oh god you’re so wet for me babe.” James’s breath caught when Damsel descended on him taking his length deep into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around him, tongue swirled around his head. She stroked her hands down to the base of his sex and up when her lips moved up. She rolled her tongue around the crown of his penis. “Oh shit.” His head fell back and his eyes closed the feeling more intense as his brain focused on her skill as she worked him. He could feel the stir of his orgasm start tingling the back of his skull, distant, but growing closer, even closer, pushing to that edge, that place of perfect suspension.

Damsel rolled a condom on him and lowered herself onto his straining flesh. Her breathing was staggered interrupted with gasps as she took him in. James ground his teeth the close walls of her pussy squeezing him in such a blissful way it was almost painful. He held her waist helping her down his length waiting patiently while she adjusted to his intrusive member. Her breasts raised and fell with her deep breaths. James leaned forward and sucked her nipple in his mouth. Damsel gasped her head fell back. He moved her up and down his length eliciting strained moans and indiscernible mumbling. She placed her hands on his chest and used him to bounce up and down his length. She grabbed one of her breasts her eyes closed lost deep in the pleasure that their colliding bodies offered her. James stroked her hard swollen clit and she screamed her sex pulsing around him violently.

Dark eyes and furrowed brows met his and held them as Damsel’s orgasm wracked through her. He turned her on her stomach and pulled her ass back to him sliding back home inside her.

Yes! He loved the way her ass felt slapping against his lower abs, the way her flesh rippled with the force of his thrusts. Heat, desire, the need to release was a mind numbing vibration in his head. He didn’t want to yet. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to ever if that meant leaving the warmth of her body. Leaving the urgent strokes of her touch. He reached around her thighs and rotated her clit desperate to feel her clench around him. Wanting to hear her strained voice declare her release.

Damsel put a hand on his stomach making him stop. She maneuvered herself so she was on her back looking at him without him leaving her pussy. She pulled him deeper inside of her by the small of his back and wrapped her legs high on his hips. His insides floated around as he gazed down at her flawless face. He leaned down and tasted her mouth ran his tongue along her bottom lip and they parted granting his tongue entry to explore. Slowly, he rocked his hips pushing deep inside her then out and back in again. She was so hot, and wet, slick and snug.

She gasped and moaned into his kisses lacing her arms around his neck pressing her soft breasts into his chest.

He picked up the pace unable to hold his pleasure at bay any longer. He needed to fulfill the screaming urge in his mind. Damsel grabbed his ass encouraging him to go deep inside her, harder thrusts, longer strokes.

“Oh shit baby.” James hit his orgasm a cool releasing suspension from reality powerful but light as air.

Several minutes later he was laying on his side with Damsel’s ass nestled into his groin. She was stroking his arm that was hanging over her hip making lazy circles on the smooth skin of her thigh.

“I’m racing at a car show on thursday and I want you to ride with me.” He was nervous as shit about what she would think about his racing. Something he held onto from his past that he found immense amounts of pleasure in doing. He had no intention of stopping. He had no fucking idea what he would do if Damsel disapproved.

Damsel looked over her shoulder at him a smile pulling up the corner of her pretty lips. “I’d like that.”
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