| Damsel's Tattooed Temptation 
CHAPTER 2: Cheeky Trouble Child |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

“Scalp…” Dr. Mason hesitated his eyes meeting Damsel’s. He took the scalpel she’d been holding out to him. “Gau…” Damsel tapped his arm with the gauze in hand. “Thank you, nurse Kane why don’t you stitch him up?” Dr. Mason stepped to the side the unconscious man on the metal table’s chest was moving steadily up and down as Damsel sowed the bullet wound up making sure to focus all her attention on the task at hand. That way her mind didn’t wander. Damsel blinked when that smooth, raspy, low voice whispered in her subconscious mind.

STITCH! She yelled at herself.

Once that was done she backed away from the operating table and headed toward the sanitation chamber. Her ER shift was finally over. Another double under her belt. Once in the chamber there was nothing to occupy her tired mind.


No, brown.

Damsel laughed to herself. Suppose that’s why they called them hazel because they were a blend…

“Damsel? Hey, Damsel?”

Damsel blinked and met bright blue eyes. She cleared her throat. “Uh, yes Dr. Mason?”

The tall, lean man smiled down at her. “I said, you did an exceptional job today. I’m not sure why you’re not striving to be a surgeon you’ve got a steady hand, sound mind. Perfect for the… Damsel, are you, uh, are you okay?” Dr. Mason’s brown eyebrows creased with concern.

Damsel flashed a hesitant smile. “I’m fine. I might pursue surgery as a next step, but I wanted to get my MD first.” She took her place next to him at the sink after they were stripped of their surgical scrubs and sprayed down in the sanitation chamber.

“Yes,” He smiled the corner of his eye creasing with his amusement. “I was very pleased to learn you were pursuing a medical license. It’s your calling.”

Damsel smiled up at him, a genuine smile this time. He was a handsome man, established, steady, and... engaged, of course. Damsel watched as he put the ring on his newly washed hand. He frowned down at it.

“How’s LaRue?” Damsel asked her mind perked up after seeing his face.

His shaky glance made Damsel frown. “Uh, good. She’s real good.”

“The wedding plans going well?” Now she was just being nosey. She could hardly help herself. Especially since, Dr. Mason was… is her ideal mate. He checks off all the blocks on her list except for the whole unavailable thing, and also comes with some bonuses like being in her profession. He understands the long nights and the exam process.

He smiled with his mouth not his eyes this time. “It’s getting expensive, but with LaRue doing the planning I’m not at all surprised.”

Damsel laughed as they strolled into the hallway together. She met LaRue and knew the wedding would be amazing, in fact, if Damsel herself ever got married she’d want LaRue to be her planner. “I’m sure. It’ll be memorable.”

“If nothing else. Are you headed home?” He stopped walking and face her his white lab coat swishing around his form the open front exposing his dark pants and white t-shirt.

“Yeah. going to run upstairs and grab my stuff first.”

Dr. Mason nodded. “Good. I hope you get some rest. No studying tonight. Doctor’s orders.” He smiled a charming smile that melted Damsel’s young school girl heart before she stepped into the elevator.
Damsel exhaled letting the noise of the ER escape her mind. Her shifts in the ER were exhausting there was no doubt about that, but Dr. Mason treated her like she was a doctor already in her practicum rather than a nurse. He was always so supportive. Damsel smiled massaging the back of her neck as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened.

"Please Mr. Stevenson  you really shouldn't be out of bed." Damsel frowned hearing her coworker’s agitated voice.

"If I stay in that damn geriatric bed Imma lose my mind."

At the sound of distracting man’s voice, Damsel looked up her eye catching two muscular pale cheeks staring back at her twenty feet down the hall from the exposed back of his gown.

"You need to get back to your room." Karrie was smiling but Damsel knew her well enough to know she was reaching her boiling point not to mention the end of her shift.

"Look lady, I only take orders from my real nurse." He snatched the pole holding his drip from Karrie.

Damsel took the few steps until she was right behind James and crossed her arms clearing her throat. He turned to meet her tired eyes. She raised an eyebrow saying she knew he was up to no good.

“Hey beautiful.” He smiled a roguish half smile turning to face her.

"Back to your room Stevenson." With your fine ass. Damsel ignored her buoyant chest at the sound of his voice, the way her body tingled at his gaze. She was too tired to feel shame as she glanced at his exposed flesh from the back of his open gown while he walked back to his room quiet as a mouse.

Karrie looked at her with a raised eyebrow, smirked and headed back to the nurses station.

"I haven't seen you all day. And this is how you treat me?" James said perched on the edge of the bed.

Damsel scoffed. "Well, if you weren’t on your worst behavior we’d be having a different conversation." She helped him into bed and covered him with a sheet. Damsel made sure not to look into those mesmerizing eyes that twisted her mind. If she did, she could settle their color once and for all.

Damsel froze when a strong hand clasped her wrist gently. She glanced up at him from under her lashes. "You love scolding me don’t you, Damsel. God I love that name." James bit his bottom lip stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. His eyes held hers.

Damsel’s insides tumbled around itself. "Mr. Stevenson please let my hand go." She chastised herself for the airy quality of her voice. The man was impossible; yet, she couldn't help the increase in heart rate or the heat churning in her abdomen.

"You look tired sweetheart."

She blinked and broke eye contact. "Because I haven't been to sleep after working a double." She wiggled her hand from his hold.

James furrowed his eyebrows as if concerned. "Why the hell not? Are they overworking you, love?"

"You certainly are. Had you not been showing your ass, quite literally, I would be half way home by now." Damsel worked hard to get his blanket tucked in around him avoiding eye contact.

James’s eyebrows creased together with concern. "Well, I certainly don't want to be the cause of any distress sweetheart."

"I spoke to doctor Greggs,” Damsel ignored the shiver when he brushed her arm. “It seems you'll be here for a couple days under observation."

James smirked those eyes gazing at her. They truly were a remarkable marbling of grey, green, some blue, and speckles of honey brown.

"Mr. Stevenson, could you please be kind to my fellow nurses while I'm not here to answer your every beck and call?"

James took her hand and looked at her small wrist in his rather large long slender hands. He turned her hand over and traced the lines in her palm. Damsel's breathing deepened as her mind started to constructed a series of events that ended with them both showing their asses.

"I'll promise to be on my very best behavior if…” He looked up at her from under his lashes. Damsel swallowed. Her mind started rattling off all the inappropriate absurd things he could suggest that she would, despite her more sound mind, gladly acquiesce to. “You call me James."

Damsel hid her disappointment with an exhale. "Deal" She said pulling her arm out of his reach away from his touch. "Have a good evening, James. I'll see you bright and early."
James smiled crossing those long strong arms across his chest. "I look forward to it. Goodnight, beautiful."

Damsel hurried out of the room, waved farewell to her coworkers, scooped up her belongings and headed home.


James basked in the aftermath of a sweet almond, cherry blend of his nurse's fine scent. He was being the most he knew it, but he could hardly help himself. Sitting still for two days was cruel and unusual punishment. He was better and he wanted to go home. Well, that was only partly true. He wanted to go home if he could take sweet Damsel Kane with him. She was a spitfire for sure, but he liked a little fire in his lady.

James brought his attention to his phone as it vibrated on the table next to his bed. He grumbled before picking up the phone.

“Stromburg. Long time no hear from.” James drawled purposely lacking enthusiasm.

“Always with the wit. How are you?”

“Bad, Rob, I’m in the fucking hospital.” Jame fiddled with the remote that adjusted his bed.

The other man laughed bringing a smile to James’s face. “Kind of what I figured.”

“I know you’re not just calling to check on me so what do you want old man?”

“Good to know you didn’t lose any of those rough edges either. Thought this bout would humble you a little bit.”

“Humble? Fear? Dickheads that don’t get to the point? Not really my style. You’re calling about that score again aren’t you?”

The man laughed again. “Well you wouldn’t be listening if it didn’t at least peak your interest now would you? It’ll be a challenge for you, but you’ve a creative mind. Put it to good use rather than wasting it away on dumb shit.”

James sighed. “I’ll give it some thought.”

“Fair enough. Call me with the good news when you get your ass out of that sling.”

“Alright old man.”

James ended the call and exhaled leaning his head back on the bed. Truth was he was a pussy. This whole gig, writing an entire full feature length music score was WAY out of his comfort zone. Jump off a cliff on top of a semi? No problem. Deep sea dive with no air tank? Dumb, but sure why the hell not. Put your heart and soul into something and put it out into the world for everyone to tear to shreds….?

What else was he going to occupy his time with? His mind drifted to nurse Kane.

James ran his hand down his face. He had no problem filling his days and nights with his, “Damsel…” He whispered her name to himself. Is that a bomb ass name or what? Get a fucking grip James, got damn you thirsty ass little girl. He had to be honest with himself. He held up the IV running from his arm to the drip at his bedside. Wouldn’t she be a fool if she wasted her time on him? He was shit and he knew it. He didn’t deserve her, true, but got damn he wanted her.

James glanced over at his phone and raised an eyebrow. He wasn’t sure if he could ever deserve someone so well put together, focused, and pristine like Ms. Damsel Kane but he could make a little more of himself. James exhaled again.

What if his score sucked ass and he bombed out hard?


...what if it didn’t?

He wondered how his Damsel would look if she gazed on him with pride and adoration. He wasn’t sure why, but he wanted that. He wanted to see that side of her. He wanted to see any side of her. You’re setting yourself up James. You know she’d have to be a fool to want you.

From what he saw she was far from that; yet, he was hoping she had a little fool in her.
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