| Damsel's Tattooed Temptation 
CHAPTER 19: An Adrenaline Junkie's Wet Dream |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

James waited at the starting line, foot planted on the hot earth, bike rumbling underneath him. A crowd of onlookers had collected outside the barriers of the roadway. Shops and houses in two or three story building flanked either side. The cheering and screams heard over the violent rumbles from the motorcycles lined up next to him filled him up with crazy energy, excitement. Something that he felt he needed as it verified he was alive, living, breathing, apart of something greater than himself.

When the flag girl started strolling out in front of the waiting bikes, James moved his kick stand back and rotated the hand grip, poised and ready to go.

The race was in Rio De Janeiro. . Each racer was representing a different orphanage and the winner’s proceeds would go to that orphanage. The air was hot and dense sun beating down on his covered head trapped in the well padded helmet.

James’s blood was pumping through his veins. The thrill right before a race. The back of his head was tingling with adrenaline every scent at its peak especially his sight and hearing. The nerves under his skin vibrated there sending his heart into an erratic beat. It reminded him of his nights with Damsel. Before her, racing was just as good as sex with far less complications.

James smashed the gas, dust from the dirt road puffed up behind him when the flag was raised. All the motorcycles roared from the start line engines growling. James knew better that this was not the place to try for the front of the group. The first turn was that place. All he had to be was in the first ten spots on that turn and he could coast for half the race then slowly make his way to the front.

James recalled the evening before, after he landed in Rio and settled into his room. He just got something to eat at the restaurant that he was blowing by at that moment. He’d stepped into the streets and crouched down touching the dirt ground. The warm packed down earth seemed to hold so many stories, such history, such laughter, pain, sorrow. He looked up at the buildings light on the upper units and the shops closed up below. Parents showing affection to their children while they set down to a meal together, an old couple nestled on the couch together each reading a book, a young couple that didn’t bother to close the curtains as they made quick order of their clothes.

James really enjoyed visiting other places with cultures divergent from his Los Angeles lifestyle. In his past life, the life before he was poked and prodded in the hospital for a week, he’d be with Will and Roger partying a little. He didn’t drink right before a race for obvious reasons but there were a lot of other things to get into. James didn’t tell Will that he was heading back to LA right after the race. Honestly, he didn’t know if he could trust himself. He had no desire to do many of things he did, but there was always temptation, muscle memory, and Roger. He just wanted to be back in his woman’s arms. Yep he sounded pathetic even in his own head. What the hell happened to you man?

James leaned into the first curve the pressure from the wind pressing against his body as he cut off several bikes pulling into eighth. Second and third jockeyed for position. It was way too early for that. He would save his fight for when it really mattered. James saw the first couple bikes turn into a tight alleyway which was not on the map for a route. When he saw the police stationed at the end of the road, he threw his leg out taking the sharp corner as well then hit the gas powering through the tight long space. If he reached his arms out he would be able to touch the sides of the buildings.

James pulled onto a parallel road now in fifth place as a couple of the bikes didn’t make the turn and had to deal with the cops. Cops were all apart of the thrill of street racing. He coasted behind the fourth place driver using them to block some of the wind’s effects. The group ahead ventured into a parking ramp and James followed excitement building inside of him. This was his favorite part of illegal races, the tricks. It was never just about the race it was about showing off your skills. This route wasn’t in the prescribed map, but improvisation was the best part and partly why he stayed back especially when out of town. Locals would coordinate with their crews where to have cameras set up so their stunts could get recorded or photographed. James had no doubt that this was one of those detours.

Once at the top of the parking deck, there was a ramp set up where all the motor bikes jump off of some of the drivers posing. James took the jump and pushed his body off the bike tossing up a middle finger to the camera.

He lived for this!

He wished Damsel was there to share in his love for racing for the fast, gritty, nature of it. Honestly, he had no idea what she would think of it, but he had a feeling she would animatedly detest it. It went against her practical nature to understand how doing something so reckless and dangerous could throw someone beyond enjoyment into a languid seductive high.

They landed on the red tiled roofs and jumped from rooftop to rooftop. From there they could see some of the other racers on the street below. James smiled. They thought they were in the lead. How cute. James dodged a bike that hit a weak section of roof and fell through putting James in fourth place. They navigated the roof system drawing closer to the other bikes in the distance. The second place Bike hit a clothesline his bike taking flight and almost knocking out the guy in third who slide to avoid the bike and drove off the roof into a tight alley below.

It was just James and number one on the roofs taking the lead on the racers on the street below. James pulled ahead of the first place bike seeing the finish line in the distance. He slowed his bike and jumped into an alley below the now second place biker bumped his bike nearly getting them stuck in the tight space. James maneuvered himself out of the alley pulling out right in front of the other bikers. He smashed his gas pedal leaning down low his body hugging his bike as he picked up speed down the hill.

He could see it in the distance the finish line the checkered flag waving at him. He was battling with another bike who stayed the road course for first place. James kept weaving back and forth in front of the bike keeping it behind him until he flew past the finish line.
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