| Damsel's Tattooed Temptation 
CHAPTER 16: Riding Dirty |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

James closed his phone and bit his bottom lip. Damsel just sent him a photo of her making dinner in his kitchen. He smirked. The thought of going home to his woman at the end of long day was surprisingly... orgasmic.

It’d been three days too long of not holding her, and kissing her. He didn’t lie. He wasn’t sure what the hell to do with her most of the time, but he’d rather sort through his uncertainty with her by his side. Giving up a key to his home, to any place he laid his head, was a big fucking step for him especially. Females hadn’t held that much importance to him. They were always transient and he prefered it that way. Even Will questioned him about it later that night, but he didn’t hesitate when he gave her the key and he didn’t feel bad about it after. She was right where she belonged.

James flipped the shield down on his helmet and revved his engine as the slender blonde woman in tight latex booty shorts with a matching bralet took her place in front of the line of bikes.

He had tuned out the crowd that was hollering behind him in the parking lot of an old tin factory. He loved street races they were invigorating, dangerous, and highly illegal. A winning combination if he didn’t say so himself. Never failed to get his blood pumping, push his adrenaline to the max. He looked to either side of him. If these rookies thought they were going to beat him they were sorely mistaken. He loved the competition though always managed to stroke his ego a little bit. He seemed born to school these fools.

James took off when the woman brought the raised flag down to her sides. Muscle memory pulled him into first place around the first curve as the ranks were formed. There were only a couple racers he thought might make him sweat a little. He felt them on his heals. They all hit the first jump. He let his feet off their home on the bike. The next couple jumps would lend for better tricks there wasn't enough height on these first few. Warm ups really. James could see the crowd, but couldn't hear their cheers over the roaring of his engine. He loved feeling the power underneath him when he road. It made him for some reason feel so out of control even though he was in control. There was always something that could happen that was the nature of what he was doing. He wasn't sure why that comforted him.

He hit a large jump and pushed his body off the bike only holding the handlebars before quickly pulling the bike back under him landing smoothly. He took a corner sharp his leg almost touch the ground. He saw a bike wipe out in his side mirror. He smiled and powered on to a thirty degree curve. He smashed the breaks  feet before hitting the brick wall, stuck his leg out and whipped his bike around the turn and powered on. A disorganized pile up happened at the wall but there were still a number of bike still in the running.

James saw the flashing construction cones signaling a jump coming. He crouched lower pushing on to the next jump. He was feeling lucky or arrogant what was the difference when his bike rumbled between his legs. He hit the next jump getting good air. He pushed his body off the bike and removed his hands completely free of the vehicle. He saw camera flashes before he gained control of the bike again and landed powering over the finish line around the next curve. Crossing the finish line did mean something during these things, but the stunts and video and images were more important. Many of his stunts had already gone viral on the net. It was all exotica’s idea to go online. He didn’t care about the fame as much as he enjoyed doing it.  

The crowd couldn't see under the helmet but he was smiling ear to ear. He love and lived for this shit! He pulled his bike into a stopped position and popped out the kickstand. He got off the bike and joined the cheering crowd which included some familiar faces as he took off his helmet. One of the scantily clad women grabbed him by the neck and pulled him down to her height so a friend could take a picture.

Will slapped James on the back of the head and shouted. “You’re a fucking beast man!” He  held the back of James’s head and touched their foreheads together. “Beast mode!” Will let go of a laughing James. “That’s my brother right there!” Will continued his show boats to the rabid crowd.

Beyond the crowd of unfamiliar faces James saw Roger leaning against his red sports car talking on his phone. The man nodded in James’s direction and kept talking.

James didn’t like being at odds with any of his friends, but if he was at odds with any of them it was Roger. The man was crude, an ignorant ass son of a bitch on a good day and didn’t give a fuck about it. This hot, fast, dirty ass life was what he wanted nothing else. James thought eventually they’d all grow out of it, but Roger? No way. It was like drugs to him. The attention, the cars, women, anything he wanted he could have… anything accept something with substance. After the fandom calmed down a bit, James headed back to his bike ready to get home and kiss all on his girl.

He paused before putting on his helmet when Roger honked his horn. “We’re going out to celebrate drop your bike at your pad downtown let’s go!” The man shouted.

“Nah man I’m heading home.”

Roger frowned cocking his head to the side. “Fuck you mean superstar? You just won. That means you celebrate with your boys.”

James stuffed the helmet on his head. “Just because we’re on talking terms fucker doesn’t mean you’re authorized to make demands. Last time my ass celebrated with you, I was in a hospital bed for a week.”

Roger smirked recalling that night. “Yeah, that was some crazy shit. Look you can keep it PG tonight. Pussy, stick to beers, hookah.”

James straddled the bike. “I’m going home man.”

“Ain’t got nothin’ to do with that stuck up little nurse does it?”

James frowned the adrenaline starting to pump again through his bloodstream. “Do you really want to do this right now?”

“Is her pussy really that wet and tight she got you dissin’ your boys?”

“Look Roger man let’s just go. James will roll with us next time.” Will said, but Roger kept holding eye contact with James. Is this fucker challenging him, seriously?

James took a deep breath trying to remember he knew this man since they were in diapers. “Look dude, don’t fucking talk about her like that.”

“And how should I talk about her then? How fucking blind is your ass to not see she’s got you so whipped. You’re a fucking puppy to her and once she’s done with you she’s going to leave your ass out in the fucking cold man. I’m the only fucking friend you got to tell you the fucking truth.”

“Rog man let’s just get out of here okay? This shit isn’t going to…”

“No Will, don’t play liasan let this ignorant ass mother fucker speak. He’s got shit to say let him fuckin’ say it. Tell us why you’re really pissed off.”

“Fuck you talking about man?”

“Flashy ass car, flashy ass watches, and shoes, and clothes. But what doesn’t Roger have? A fucking woman who’s going to care about his dumb ass after he’s broke and sorry and old.”

“Wait, wait, wait” Roger said pushing himself up to sit on the headrest of the car seat of his convertible. “You think I’M jealous... of you? Please man. How long is the longest relationship you’ve ever had with a woman? Can you name one? Oh wait, probably the one with Will’s ma.”

“Awe fuck man, come on, how you gonna bring my mom into this shit?” Will’s eyebrows pulled together.

James pulled off the helmet and set it on the handlebars getting off the bike. “Really? You’re going to talk about my mama dude? Get out the fucking car man.”

Roger’s eyebrows raised, a smug look still plastered on his face.

“GET OUT THE FUCKING CAR BITCH!” James yelled his muscles flexing under his shirt. He rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck.

Roger laughed. “Fuck you James. Go climb inside that wet pussy while it’s still around.” He pulled shades over his face, despite the moonlit night, and slipped back into his chair and smashed off leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

This fool could only run so far for so long. Roger always thought he had more clout than he actually had and that would be his downfall. Always had some fucking shit to say! Had he been hooking James up with connects for his music project? Sure, but James didn’t need his ass. James didn’t usually keep lists of things to do, but if he had one kicking Roger’s ass out of his music shit would be priority number one. Not over some petty shit like talking crazy about people that James cared about out of spite. It was about being able to trust the people he had on his team. He didn’t trust Roger to not do some vindictive ass stupid shit so he had to go, friend or no friend.

James climbed on his bike, secured his helmet and took off. Destination? Home.

James smiled as he inhaled when he walked through the front door. His stomach growled reminding him he hadn’t eaten in hours. He took the few steps down into the den unsnapping the buttons on his leather jacket. He paused when he saw Damsel splayed across the couch. He face was smashed on a pillow, one arm draped over the side of the couch, a pen still clutched in her fingertips. Papers and textbooks were on the floor, the couch, and on the coffee table beside her. Her pinned against the pillow as well.

Gosh she was so fucking beautiful. Even in the disaster she was in. He smiled untangling her from the mess that surrounded her, picked her up, and carried her up to his bedroom. He brushed a rogue curl away from her face and pulled the blankets over her securing her within. Man she slept sound as hell.

He made his way back down stairs to the kitchen. He rubbed his hands together before opening up pots.

“Got damn girl.” He whispered to himself his mouth watering. A few minutes later he was headed to the den with a plate piled up with meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans that were cooked with smoked ham hocks, cornbread, and there was a cake. He had plans to destroy that fucking cake in about ten minutes. He turned on the sports channel and set on the couch with his plate.

An hour later he was full, showered, and pulling back the covers on his side of the bed. He formed himself to Damsel's back appreciating the delicious rounded softness of her ass on his groan. He pulled her back to him, snug, safe. He smelled her mass of curls and closed his eyes.

Despite himself he couldn’t stop Roger’s voice from echoing in his head:

Once she’s done with you she’s going to leave your ass out in the fucking cold man.

Once she’s done with you

Once she’s done


Kept echoing in his head like a broken record. As if it were definite, as if it were inevitable.

Funny thing was, before he got admitted into the hospital this last time, Roger and James were close. He knew Roger even before he knew Will. They were thick as thieves literally partners in crime when they were youths. THey shared so much, junky moms, absent fathers, rough ass neighborhoods. Will was a pretty good guy, but when James wanted to get into some shit he’d call Roger. They pushed each other often in the worst of ways…

James’s train of thought broke when he felt Damsel rotate her hips and push back against him.

The following was all his body’s natural reaction to stimuli an unconscious reaction.

She moaned and reached back to touch him. “Mmm, when did you get home?” Her groggy voice wanted to know.

“Little over an hour ago.” James grabbed her hips as an attempt to still them but her interpretation was far more desireable. She rubbed her hands down the front of his boxers finding his desire. She gasped then groaned or growled it was difficult to tell.

“I want you.” She turned her head enough to find his steady gaze. “I missed you.”

James nuzzled his face into her neck, slipped a hand up her shirt and cupped her breast massaging the pliable flesh. How could he deny this woman even if meant he was a hopeless fool? Even if it meant he was giving her the power to destroy him. Did it terrify him? Hell fuckin’ yeah it did. He nibbled her earlobe a hand roaming down from her breast, to her stomach, to spread her legs.

He shivered when his finger found her soaking wet entrance ready, waiting for him. A smile pulled up the corner of his mouth. “I missed you too baby.”
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