| Damsel's Tattooed Temptation 
CHAPTER 13: Snake Oil |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

“Hey, beautiful. Thanks for coming through. I know you’re tired. I hope this will be quick so we can get you to bed.” James pulled Damsel to him by the small of her back and placed a simple yet spine tingling kiss to her lips.

He was right. She was exhausted. She traded a shift so she could have this afternoon off to help James with something with his movie score. She didn’t understand why he called on her since he had a team of some of the best creative minds in music either working with him or a call away. On the other side of things, she was delighted that he wanted to share this part of him with her.

She looked around the space that James moved aside to let her into. It was all black with a long counter attached to the wall. On it set a large board that held knobs and sliders, a computer, speakers and an assortment of other things like pens and paper, sheets of music and the like. There was a large window in front of this set up that looked into a room that had dense lumpy black padding on the walls, and ceiling, a microphone and a set of thick sound cancelling earphones inside.

The space was smaller than she would have thought considering how much time he spent in this place with so many people. He shut the door behind them and offered her a chair near the computer.

“So what’s the crisis?” She rubbed her hands down her scrubs as she lowered herself in the chair.

James laughed making his way to the chair next to her right in front of the computer. “So, most of the challenge with this piece is that it’s for the M.C.’s romantic time together.”

She frowned. She thought James would be well verse in the art of romance, setting moods, peeling off panties. “What are you struggling with?”

“It’s got to be the best part of the sound track. No fucking pressure, right. I’m just not in love with anything we’ve come up with yet and wanted a new set of ears.”

Damsel nodded. “Alright. Let’s hear what you have so far.”

James clicked through a couple things on the screen before the track played. Smooth, slow, dark violins started playing quiet at first then grew louder into a hypnotizing beat. Damsel closed her eyes and allowed the music to soak into her brain. She enjoyed what was going on but when the track ended she agreed with him there something was missing.

“Can I listen to the track before this one?”

James nodded clicking until another track started playing.

She closed her eyes letting the rhythms flood through her being. “Hmm. Yeah I really like this one.”

“Me too.” He agreed.

“That.” She opened her eyes to find confused hazel green eyes gazing at her.


“That… those arabic influences are what’s missing in the ballad. Something subtle will do the trick I think.”

James turned toward the screen and did some clicking around before he played the ballad this time some influences from the other song. The corner of James’s mouth pulled up as he bobbed his head to the new improved track. “Yeah, I like that.” He stopped the track clicked a few other buttons and replayed it again. A full on smile spread across his delicious mouth bringing her eyes there. He licked his lips and bit his bottom lip. “That’s just what it was missing.”

“Do you have lyrics yet?”

“Nah. Couldn’t get past the track not feeling right.”

Damsel nodded enjoying the music as James kept tweaking it. Eventually he stopped making changes and just let the track play.

Damsel found herself humming something mumbling words and sometimes just sounds. She was completely at peace in this place. The sounds of the music and the energy from the creative process feeding the depths of her being.

Damsel started when she felt her chair jolt. She opened her eyes to find two wonderfully marbled mischievous hazel eyes gazing at her as James pulled her chair closer toward him. Damsel’s insides clenched together the closer her got. She licked her lips and his eyes settled on her mouth. He scooped her off the chair and onto his lap bringing them so close she could see the distinct burst of colors that made up his eyes.

“James.” She whispered grazing the hairs on the nape of his neck. He moaned a shiver rolled through his body as he closed his eyes. His breathing deepened and his lips parted. She untangled one of her hands from his hair and stroked his bottom lip. She leaned in and pressed her lips to his jaw, down his neck her hands traced his collar bone.

“Mmmm, baby…” He adjusted Damsel so her legs were on either side of him. He grabbed her butt and pulled her closer to him. “I think you missed your calling Doctor.” He pulled her bottom lip with his teeth.

“As much as I love music it’s not medi…” Her breath caught when he touched her sex through the flimsy fabric of her scrubs and underwear. Her head fell back as erotic memories floated past her mind’s eye. She rocked her hips desperate to be closer to him desperate to feel him inside her. He kissed her chin, neck, collar bone. The v neck of her clothes was a barrier to go any lower; so, he slipped a hand under the shirt. He glided his hand down the back of her pants feeling the smooth skin of her butt. He reached his long arms and fingers to her sex from behind and rubbed her through the lace of her panties. She moaned. He moved her panties aside to stroke the hot yearning flesh between her legs. Her breathing was staggered and deliberate as she tried to control wild feelings starting at the back of her head.

“Damn baby you’re so wet for me.” He slid his fingers between her lower lips back and forth with mind bending skill that stoked the fire burning. The flames licked the back of her spine and curled through her body. She shivered for reasons unknown she was so incredibly ...hot...she wanted what was coming but there was something she wanted more.

“J-James I-I...Mmm...I w-want…”

“Yeah, baby what do you want?” He whispered in her ear his hot breath sending chills down her spine. Heat floating up her spine. The wild sensation of her pending completion was almost too much was almost too… The room erupted around her in a blur of colors and heat followed by a cool chill as her mind floated down from the high of her orgasm.

He started placing kisses to her skin the sensation of his lips on her sensitive flesh was almost too much. “Tell me beautiful. Tell me what you want?” His hand massaged the meat of her butt and she felt his desire through his jeans.

Damsel ran her hands down his shirt and over the bulge in his pants and met his eyes under her lashes. “I want you.”

A smirk pulled up the corner of his mouth.

She jumped when the door to the studio burst open and a string of loud men came pouring in talking about basketball and who was going to make it to the playoffs.

“Fuck are yall doing here?” James inquired without taking his gaze from her face or his hands out of her pants.

They all stopped silence filling the space as they finally seemed to notice Damsel and James in the room.

“Well got damn. You said meet in an hour.” A loud rambunctious man said. He was short maybe and inch or two taller that Damsel. He was clean shaven and was wearing nice black jeans and a designer shirt.

“It’s only been thirty minutes.” James finally met eyes with the loud man who had a silly smirk on his face. James stood up letting his hand slip out of Damsel’s pants as he lowered her to the ground. She adjusted her scrubs feeling...rather...exposed. “When in the past three decades of me knowing you has your ass ever been on time much rather early?”

The man shrugged. “There’s a first time for everything, I suppose.” He presented a Grinch-like grin before turning his attention to Damsel. “And who do we have here?”

“None of your got damn business. Here listen to this.” James played the track they were working on as the others filed in and took seats around the room. James paused the track. “Yeah?”

“That’s dope. I like the incorporation from the previous track it works.” A man, with locks pulled up into a large knot on top his head and dark shades on his eyes, said. He seemed to have some sort of accent from the caribbean Islands maybe.

James smirked finding Damsel’s eyes.

“This is Damsel. Damsel this is everyone.”

“Oh, you must be Nurse Kane. The man with the locks and sunshades said. “We’ve heard so much about you, good to finally meet.” He offered a hand that Damsel shook. “Name’s Clyde.”

“Nice to meet you.” Damsel ignored the heat that pushed up her face. HEard so much about  her? James talked about her? Gosh what would he tell them? Her mind drifted back to her rather absurd behavior during their first date at the park. She found James’s eyes again. She ignored the first man’s stares that made her uncomfortable. “I should probably get home.” The room was overcrowded, and as much as she wanted James alone she knew he had work to do and she had sheep to chase down.

“I’ll walk you…” James paused when his phone rang. “Shit. I’ve got to take this. Wait for me it’ll just be a second.”

Damsel nodded watching James slip out the door his phone pressed to his ear.  

The man who James was saying is never on time strolled up to her his eyes eating her up. She shifted folding her arms over her chest but holding his eyes.

Predator, beware. He mind screamed. She had her fair share of predators considering that was Cammie’s type. This man reeked of charming snake oil.

“Nurse Kane.” He cooed stopping a few feet from her. Too close for her liking though. “James hasn’t been able to talk about anything but.”

Damsel swallowed evening out her stance. There was a wall behind her and the only exit was on the other side of this man. Fight was the only option and she was sure she could take him. The other men didn’t seem to notice them at all as they played the track back a number of times going over what they liked and tweaks they were going to suggest to James once he returned.

“He doesn’t want to see it, but I see you.” Damsel brought her attention back to the man in front of her. “Women like you think they’re too good for guys like us. All you can think about is how he can fit into your world.” He laughed. “When the reality is, you have no place in ours. You might think you’re making him better, but you’re just a weed that chokes him out, holds him back keeps him trapped. You’re the shackles around his ankles keeping him bound, but guys like James need their freedom. Need the rush, the high of life.” The man stepped closer to her and she stepped back feeling the wall behind her. “And guys like James,” he continued with his little monologue. “Always find it. Some way or another.” He ran a finger down her arm and without thinking she slapped him across the face then folded her arms over her chest. He smiled adjusting his jaw and said, “Truth is, you’re not enough. Not spontaneous enough, not sexy enough, not wild enough, not willing enough. You’ll keep applying pressure until he changes into someone he can’t stand anymore.”

“I don't want to change him. I just want to see who he is.”

The man smirked. “And yet you'll only see the part he wants his sweet Nurse Kane to see.”

“Dame?” Damsel looked beyond the man standing in front of her to James his head peeking inside the door the rest of his body in the hallway. He was glaring daggers into the back of the snake-ish man’s head. “Come on baby, I’ll walk you to your car.”

The man turned to the side letting Damsel pass. She finally took a breath when James closed the studio door behind them. He put his hand on her lower back pulling her into his heat. “Don’t mind Roger. He’s a prick and proud of it.” James took her umbrella, opened it and held it over them as the clopping noise of rain bounced off the taut surface.

As much as she hated to admit it the man, Roger, was right. She was none of the things James was and she honestly didn’t understand how he saw her in his life. She wasn’t sexy and spontaneous and wild. In fact, she was quite the opposite. She was terrified of those things, of the unknown, of just letting things happen and adapting. Planning, figuring out all the pitfalls before even beginning. That was where she was comfortable, but she didn’t want James to get bored of her. Roger was right, eventually he would crave the things that brought his life such excitement and she feared she won’t be able to give him what he needs.

James placed himself between her and her car, leaning on the door. She met his eyes. He pulled her to him with his free hand. “Thanks for coming and helping me push through my creative block.”

Damsel smiled up at him. She stroked his cheek tenderly. Could she imagine never seeing this man again? Could she stand around and allow her fear and boring nature to let him slip through her fingers? Would she have a choice? Or, could she act? Could she show him she’s not a stick in the mud, that she can be free, and open, and exciting?
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