| Damsel's Tattooed Temptation 
CHAPTER 4: Nuclear Fusion |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

James paced in a waiting area near the elevator.

Hey beautiful. I was wondering if you had some time to… No that was lame as fuck. Hey gorgeous. You look well… No dumb ass she’ll be tired as hell just getting off a double shift. Beautiful Damsel we should get togeth...uh...go to eat food… GAH!

Get a fuckin’ grip man!

He'd never been this nervous in his life especially when it came to asking a woman out. He checked the clock on his phone. He was discharged thirty minutes ago.

"Hey, you still waiting?"

James looked up to see nurse Cammie. He smiled. "Yeah."

Her face contorted in sympathy. "She works alot suga. I can tell her to call you."

James frowned and shook his head. "Nah, thank you though." This had to be in person he knew that.
"Aight boo if you say so." Cammie rested a hand on his shoulder. "She should be getting off soon. She's helping out in the ER again."

James nodded cracking his knuckles.

She smiled. "Hang in there. She's worth it."

I know. James nodded again his mouth suddenly dry. His phone vibrated.

It was Will... again.

Called himself a friend wanted to go "celebrate" James's recovery. All James wanted to do after he talked to his woman, was go home, shower, and fall under his silk sheets.

The elevator binged and James's chest tightened when he saw curly hair and smooth brown skin. He stuffed the phone in his pocket his palms sweaty for some obnoxious reason. Damsel's head was down her hand on the back of her neck. She rotated her neck, pushed off the back elevator railing and paused before stepping off the elevator when she saw James. She took a deep breath before picking up her stride.

"James." She said simply walking past him.

Everything that James was going to say, as terrible as it might have been, escaped his brain in that moment. "Damsel."

"What can I do for you James?" Damsel turned toward him so fast he almost ran into her.

"I know you're tired... can you… w-will you give me a minute?" Got damn woman! James left that last part off but he knew she was giving him an especially hard time like it wasn't hard enough!

Damsel threw a hand on her hip and looked up at him all attitude. "Yes, James I'm listening."

Not good. He already lost her and he never had her to begin with. How was he going to get around this attitude? "You don't scare me Damsel Kane." James lied.

She squared her shoulders one of her delicate eyebrows pulled up. She dropped her hands off her hip and let her head hang for a moment. When she looked at him again her expression was... soft. Wasn’t she beautiful.
He smirked ignoring his pounding heart and floating chest.

Damsel took a deep breath and exhaled. "I'm really listening." Her dark brown eyes met his.

"Good." James licked his lips and bit his lower one.

Her eyes fell from his eyes to his lips and hers parted. Good, a good sign.
"Now that I'm no longer your patient, we should... spend some time.” James scooped up Damsel’s slender hand in his. He had to touch her being so close. Her skin glowed like rays of sun dancing on the water. “Dinner?"

Her breath caught and her eyes widened. “I-I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” She swallowed pulling her hand back averting her gaze.

“Coffee? Cocktails? Anything to see you outside of this...place.” James looked around the last few days of utter discomfort, poking, prodding, tests and a diagnosis that was not to his liking all to eventually get to this point where he could really get to know his gorgeous nurse.

Damsel crossed her arms her eyes searching space as her brain processed. He could only imagine what was going on in there. Since she didn’t deny him out right he was taking this deep thought as a win. After a minute she spoke. "Let's... do... a picnic."

James calmed his soaring insides.

"I’m off tomorrow. At one, Grand Park, and don't be late." Damsel threw a smile his way, just enough to stun him, turned and walked off toward the nurses station.

James would have jumped up and down clapping like an over excited cheerleader, but he was too cool for that. He was so relieved that Damsel agreed to see him that…

James's phone rang. He rolled his eyes when Will's name popped up on the screen.

"I swear dude! Fuck you want?"

"We're waiting for you. Swing by Roger's."

James flexed his hand at his side. "I'm not going out with yall, man, got damn."

There was a pause. "Doesn't have anything to do with Nurse Kane does it?"

James clicked his cheek. "Shit man I just got my ass out the hospital because of some stupid shit and you trying to fuck my shit up already?"

"Got damn man!” Will laughed obnoxiously. “She got you so whipped."

"You’re not hearing me. Listen, I’m going to Exotica’s spot help her with some demo work like I promised a week ago."

"I've known you for how long Jay? When have you ever turned down a spur the fucking moment night to act an ass, drink, fuck chicks, and get high?”

“Let me think, since I ended up in the fucking hospital for a week that’s when.” James ignored his friend’s snickers.

“When are you taking Ms. Kane out?" WIll asked in a syrupy sweet voice.

"Got damn man." James ignored the heat that was rushing to his face. He knew he was too invested too soon, but he didn’t want to help it. He’d been waiting for a change. He certainly didn’t have a hospital in mind for the catalyst of that change, but he met Damsel. James rubbed the back of his neck heading toward the elevator. "I'm bout to get in this elevator." James smashed the call button.

"Evasive answer which means sometime soon.”

James couldn’t keep the stupid smile off his face. He was happy his friend wasn’t there to see him.

“She's going to eat you alive you know that right?” Will interrupted James’s thoughts. “I mean I see why you like her: she's beautiful, a welcome challenge, different from your norm as in smart and not trying to suck your dick the moment she met you. But the two of you are as different as night and day man."

"Look dude, I'm not trying to hear you."

Will laughed. "I know you sprung ass mother fucker. I’m just looking out for you."

“Uh huh.” James shoved his hands in his pockets his attention on his shoes. Did Will really think thoughts of doubt hadn’t already been fuckin’ his head up?

“Look man I’m on your team always will be. I hope you show her the gentleman that I know is in there somewhere.”

James laughed as the elevator doors opened. "Yeah sure you little fucker. We'll talk later."


“Uh uh. You know the rules you little punks. No fighting in my spot.” The petite platinum blonde woman let the boys’ ears go once they were outside of the concrete tunnel that led to her gaming center. “Come back tomorrow after you’ve cooled off, yeah?”

The boys nodded and walked through the parking lot pushing each other and arguing until they were out of site.

“James! Good to see you back in the world of the living.” James’s friend said.

“Exo.” James pulled her into a big hug her head coming just to his pecks even in her tall platformed shoes. “I missed you too.” James laughed kissing the top of her head.

“Ew boy germs.” She squealed pushing away from James.

“Oh come on girl you know you want me.”

Exotica laughed. “Sure, if you grew a pair of tits and lost the low hanging fruit.” They both laughed as Exotica led the way down the concrete tunnel to the interior.

“Some upgrades huh?”

“Hell yeah. It’s about time. My tech is phasing out.”

James chuckled. “The rest of the nation hasn’t even heard of half the stuff you have in this place.”

Exo strolled through the large open roll up doors. “This nation is wonderful in so many ways, but being up on advanced tech is not one of them.” They stepped into the large space and James looked around like it was the first time. He was always in awe at the mere size of the space. “I’m glad you were able to make it.” Exotica continued. “I need to push to get this old stuff knocked out before my shipment comes in tomorrow.”

“So I get to smash some shit up?”

Exotica smiled. “Fun right? Fuck Will, I’m the best friend you’ve ever had.”

“This I can hardly deny.”

Exotica led James into the large open space that was supposed to be a Nuclear Plant. Something to do with funds not falling into place so they only built one cooling tower. Exotica bought the land and turned it into a halfpipe, stunt and gaming facility aimed at redirecting troubled youth. Lots of government, private and public money went into her facility and paid for her nerdy techno-geek dream.

“So Exo? Uh… what would you bring say if you were going for a picnic?” James wasn't even sure Exotica would picnic didn’t really fit her style.

Exotica looked over at him before grabbing up the sledge hammers and making her way over to him. “For Ms. Damsel I wager?”

James frowned. “How the hell…?”

“Look, men gossip more than chicks. It’s rather annoying actually.”

James rubbed his hand down his face before taking a sledge hammer from her. “Big mouthed fuckers.” James mumbled. “Where can I direct my anger?”

“Follow me young Jedi.”

A couple hours later James wiped the sweat from his brow. Truth was he was exhausted, but he’d rather me smashing shit up than sitting in that stupid bed all awkward with his knees jammed up to his chest. He shook the thought and his attention focused back on his date with Damsel… Holy shit he actually had a date with her. He would be lying if he said he actually expected to get to this spot with her.

The real question was what the hell was he going to prepare for her. “Hey, uh Exo? You give any thought to my question?”

Exotica smashed the rest of the concrete block wall and stood up straight wiping her forehead. “Well, does she have any allergies?”

James’s eyes widened. “I have no fucking idea. Oh, shit! I’m already failing at this dating shit.”

“It’s cute seeing you so worked up.”

“And by cute you mean like a pussy.”

“I’d probably say pathetic like a limp dick but...” Exotica laughed strolling on the other side of the plastic mats used to section off the construction area so the rest of the facility was still functioning. The young people were scattered at the different games some on the half-pipe practicing stunts. “Not a big deal. Just stay away from foods that can irritate common allergies. What kind of foods does she like?”

James looked desperately at Exotica.

“Got damn boy do you know anything about this chick besides her bra size?”

“My lame ass doesn’t even know that.”

“Man Will was right. Something is off with you. Look, the only advice I can give to a hopeless case like you is to re-fuckin’-lax, and enjoy yourself. Keep in mind she wouldn’t have agreed if she didn’t see something...somewhere... deep... deep down inside you that she actually for some unknown reason... liked.”

James waved her off. “Forget all my friends. Yall are the worst.”

Exotica laughed. “Seriously though she’s feelin’ you so don’t fuck it up. Because I might not have met her but sounds like your ass is in the testing period. This whole picnic thing, a test.”

James grummbled. He hadn’t really thought about that. “Unfortunately for me, fuckin’ up is what I’m good at.”

They both caught each other’s eyes smiled, then laughed out loud. Exotica grabbed drinks from the mini fridge in the spacious lounge area and handed one to James.

“I’ve known you for how long?”

James shrugged. “High School.”

She nodded. “That’s a long fucking time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you like this.” She took a swig of her drink and glanced over at James from the corner of her eye. “Can’t fuckin’ wait to meet her.”
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