As the story unfolds...
...sit back and enjoy the ride.


Black Widow Presents is a series of novella/short stories navigating the unstable and treacherous waters of leadership in the international crime business. Does love, loyalty, and family have a place in the dangerous and dark world of drugs, money, and power? 
Arillion Darling, takes a job stealing from the infamous Colombian drug lord, La Mano de Diablo. To Arillion's surprise, La Mano de Diablo is a beautiful, bloodthirsty woman whose charming Spanish accent and tempting curves makes his blood stir. Over a year later, La Mano offers Arillion a job stealing Faust, a file of detailed information of criminal activities around the world. Faust is currently in the possession of the most powerful and terrifying criminal of their age, a charismatic Italian gangster, Giovanni Bianchi. Arillion's life should be payment enough to pull off the heist, but Arillion wants more from the passionate, unpredictable La Mano. Will the Devil's hand take him into her hold as a lover or unleash the flames of hell upon him?

"Under all the fire and brimstone, torture and blood, I'm just a woman."